Monday, February 5, 2007

Holy Cows

Holy Cows and Unholy Devotees !!!

Last week saw the inflation rests around 6% and Finance Minister frantically in search of scapegoats. The Hon. Minister found that the holy cows as the culprit as they were not producing enough milk to consume and export! And price of milk was sky rocketing to unaffordable levels. What immediately happened to our cows have they stopped producing milk altogether? Or has some ailments have caught hold of the poor Indian cows (like the mad cow disease). As usual the government resorted to a knee jerk reaction it banned the export of milk powder.

Indians consider cow as almost equal to his mother because mother breastfed him in the childhood and cow breastfeed him in the adulthood! He call her “Gomata” meaning cow-mother, adore her perform pooja bathe her during holydays, put sindhoor on her forehead and pray to her for prosperity of his family. Some detractors accuse Indians only perform pooja and not feeding their animals with good food. Poor villagers are no nutritionists and hence excused for feeding poor cows with only hay and water instead of five course dinners as westerners do.

There is no merit in boasting as an IT super power if some programming is not done to make our cow-mothers yield more milk from just hay and water. The poor villagers have nothing else to feed these animals they adore so much. The cow is described as “kamadhenu” by Indians -a cow owned by Devendra as per Indian mythology. (kama = wish, and dhenu = giver). That cow used to fulfill every wish of the owner –hence every cows are supposed to do so, if properly fed and taken care of.

During the post emergency period Indira Gandhi contested the election with cow and calf as her emblem. Then also these detractors were there with their foolish explanation that the cow stands for Indira and calf for Sanjay Gandhi, They also said that the milk is for the calf (Sanjay) and only dung for the other Indians! These silly detractors never seem to learn any lesson. Other so called “environmentalists” charge that the poor “gomatas” (cowmothers) pollute the atmosphere by belching methane and hence are culprits of air pollution (they argue that cows do pollute more than the vehicles –in fact these environmentalists belch more than the poor cowmothers). It is time the conspirators who tarnish the image of the gomatas should be brought to book.

These conspirators against our cowmothers should be compelled to undergo courses on RK Narayan’s cartoons, without one or two cows let loose to graze; Indian roads will look completely drained out of its life.

Holy cows like our Co Operative Departments, Public Sector Units, State Electricity Boards etc need to be allowed to roam free – like mobile roaming. Holy cows are “Kamadhenus” they fulfill each and every wish of the owners any restrictions imposed on holy cows are restrictions on the kamadhenus hurt our sentiments and simply not allowable.

The ban imposed on milk powder should be made applicable to all products derived from cow as the gomatas give it to her subjects to enjoy and prosper, never export and make profit out of that because profit itself is a very bad word. Never think, say or talk about export and profit.

If met with acute shortage milk products we can import because cow mother is mother only to Indians and not to Switzerland or Holland which consider cow as a mere animal but feed them well. If the present situation is progressing like this (feeding them with only hay and polluted water) we will have to import not only milk and milk products in future but cow mother herself!

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tarantinofan said...

well.......our government is full of brilliant ppl who come up with the most daring and innovative ideas rather than help the poor, clean up the general-state-of-messiness, etcetera