Sunday, February 11, 2007

And the oscar goes to...the wrong movie !

And the oscar goes to...the wrong movie !

Its that time of the year again when scantly clad people come running and crying for the giveaways.No silly i am not speaking about the Somalians running after U.N food allotments,that happens all year around. this is about the showbizz.supposedly the 'olympics of movies' as some hindi fimmaker likes to call it(clue:he is bald,obviously likes cricket and one of his movies got into this 'olympics').

Well,the fact is that it aint no olympics and it certain as hell aint no nadir of movie quality.what it is,yes i am talking about the oscars or the academy awards as the guys in tails liked to call it originally, is a really cozy get together of the most glitzy personnel in the hollywood movie industry for the sole purpose of showing off their teeth and cleavages if you have any.movies is just about the last thing they have in mind.the proof? the movies themselves. look at those that got heavy 'tags' this year.

Martin scorsese has finally gone completeley mad and remade the hong kong flick into a slick hollywood version complete with jack nicholson in tux. well, maybe they are trying to redeem their past failure to notice the short in stature scorsese.but hey!guess what,this aint no church!this is an award ceremony that many look up to.a place for appreciating the best movies of the year and their creators.

But no matter which movie gets the high trophy this year,be it 'the departed' or 'babel' which incidentally had started the debate about whether the movie speaks four or is it five languages?,the wrong movie is going to win the oscar this year as well,as it has been like for the past few years.

The only reason for this is that the better movies of this year happened to be made not by heavy weight studios like 20th century 'hungry' fox or warner 'shuteye' brothers who are almost always blind to the good films. this year the better movies like 'inland empire' or 'driving lessons' are made by low key players and so they get sidelined.Oscars is not about the movies,its about the money and glamour. the higher the budget of a movie, the larger the number of oscars it gets.add in a really great director of the past like scorsese into the mix and u sure as hell would have more than a shot at that pretty knight.

I know there is not much point in telling any of this to you are all gonna watch this ridiculous corporate show all the same since hey! who can resist nicole kidman in that 'is it a see-through or is it not?' dress .

but then again...

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