Monday, February 26, 2007

Radiohead-rise rise ears!

Screw the encyclopedias! There do exist such things as musicbuds, just like tastebuds reside on the tongue, the musicbuds are found inside those beautiful human organs called the ears through which we perceive slothing from guns n’ roses and super slothing from our bosses at work.

What I am driving at is that the musicbuds do need refreshments just as tastebuds need be stimulated using chick food. As any self respecting rock n’ roll fan would be my witness rock musicians of late have neglected the musicbuds of their dearly beloved audience.’Of late’, for some began right after the glam rock era and for others after the ascension to heaven of kurt Cobain in a bikini. Whatever be the precise time, the rock lover’s musicbuds have long since gone to a not by any means sweet slumber.

As we plead for someone or something to come and rise our dearly departed musicbuds, we can instead do the right thing by listening to ‘radiohead’. Arguably the greatest contemporary rock band. Listening to Radiohead is part fun and part superfun. And for those who likes ‘serious’ music, I would say this much-good luck boss!

Though shot to super rockstardom by their album ‘ok computer’ which also won them a coupla awards(read grammy) my favourite radiohead album is ‘kid a’ closely followed by ‘hail to the thief ’. ‘the bends’ , ‘ok computer’, ‘ amnesiac’ , those are all more than neat albums to own as well. Each radiohead song offers u a portal into another world which is much more real than this maya ridden world in which we reside in, though I do like the maya of root beer, and in the radiohead world root beer is free. What I mean to say is, their music is cool.

In India at least, radiohead is a terribly underrated and under listened band though they are popular elsewhere. Instead of ruining ur sensibilities and time listening to the girl with spears protruding out of her breasts or to the shack-era, both of whom actually offers far more to the eyes than to the ears, forget musicbuds dude!, just lay back and enter radiohead and see for urself how the simple sound of ‘bleep bleep blaap’ can reveal to you everything you ever wanted to know about your dearly beloved spouse.

And oh, I recently attented a funeral. That’s why the ‘dearly beloved..’ bit.


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