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Mohammed Rafi Songs

Immortal Ghazals sung by Mohammad Rafi

Mohammed Rafi

Mohammad Rafi is a name which has galvanised the Indian firmament during golden age of Indian film music. As his dimension was as wide as the horizon of creative arts, various categories of his songs has been remembered by generations for the last 50 years, including ghazals, Hindustani classical songs, bhajans, folk songs, songs on the freedom movement of India, qawallis, najrul geeti and many more types of geet. Among them ghazal is one category where Rafi’s sweet voice has brought life into the sensational lyrics and outstanding music compositions of the Golden era.

The ghazal is a common song form in India and Pakistan today. There are different definitions of it, but simply it is a musical form, but having a poetic recitation. Today, however, it is commonly conceived of as an Urdu song, with prime importance given to the lyrics.In some modernized ghazals the poet's name is hidden somewhere in the last verse, usually between the front and end of a word.

In the 1950s and 60s, the song picturised on the different films were based on different moods of the characters depicted in the stories. As the lyrics of the ghazals were quite rich, having immense literary and poetic value they generally captured the pensive moods of the major characters of the stories.Most of the films had ghazal in one form or the other composed by the musical giants of the golden age.

Madanmohan used to be considered as the king of ghazals. His most outstanding creations were composed for Mohammad Rafi , including “Tumhari Zulfke sayeme sham karlunga, safar is umraka palme tamam karlunga” from the film Naunihal, 1967, “ Baad muddat ke yeh ghari aayi, aap aye to zindagi ayee”, from the film Zahanara, 1964, “kisiki yaad mai apna ko hai bhulaye hue”, from the film Zahanara, 1964, “ Rang aur noor ki barat tujhe pesh karu, in muradonki hassen raat tujhe pesh karoon,” from the film Ghazal, 1965, “Barbad muhobaat ka dua saath liye ja” from the film Laila Majnu, 1977, picturised on Rishi Kapoor (1).

There were very dignified ghazals composed by Roshan during that era. Some of them include “ jane who kaun hai kya naam hai in aankhoka” from the film Bheegi Raat, 1965, picturised on Pradeep kumar, “ Hum intezar karenge, tera kayamat tak, khuda kareki kayamat ho, aur tu aye,” from the film Bahu Begum, 1967, “ Aab kya misal doon mai tumhare shabab ki,” and “aapne yaad dilaya tha to mujhe yaad aya” from the film Aarti, 1963, picturised on Pradeep Kumar.Roshan composed one of the most evergreen hit titled “ Zindagi bhar nahin bhulenge woh barsaat ki raat,” from the film Barsaat ki raat, 1960, picturised on Bharat Bhushan.The legendary lyrics were written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi (2).

S. N. Tripathi composed few immortal ghazals based on the life of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. The songs included “ Na kisisi ki aankh ka noor hoon” and “lagta nahin yeh dil mera” from the film Lal Quila. Jaidev composed one of his master pieces, “ kabhi khud pe kabhi halaat pe rona aya, baat nikli to har ek baat pe rona aya” from the film Humdono, 1961.

Shankar Jaikishan
is known to create songs of diverse range of subjects.Even amongst his stylish western compositions the best ghazals were composed for Mohammad Rafi. Some of them include “unke khayal aaye to ate chale gaye” from the film Lal patthar,1971, picturised on Raajkumar, “ Chalke teri aankhose sharab aur ziaada” from the film Aarzoo,1965, picturised on Rajenderkumar, “O Mere Shahe Khuba, o meri Jan- e- jajana” from the film Love In Tokyo, 1965, written by Hasrat Jaipuri and picturised on Joy Mukherjee.

Ravi has composed few unforgettable tunes like “chaudavi ka chand ho yah aaftab ho, jobhi ho tum khuda ki kasam, lajawab ho” from the film Chaudavi ka chand, 1960, picturised on Gurudutt, also “Chulene do nazuk hoton ko, kuch aur nahin hai jaam hai yeh” and “yeh zulf agar khulke bikhar jaye to accha ho” from the film Kaajal, 1965, picturised on Raaj Kumar.

Naushad had done proper justice to each and every raaga he has used to compose his songs. His notable ghazals include “ Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam” and “ tumse ishar – e –haal kar baithe” from the film Mere Meheboob, 1963 picturised on Jubileekumar Rajender Kumar” written by Shakeel Badayani, “ koi sagar dil ko behlata nahin” from the film Dil Diya Dard liya,1966, and “aajki shaam mere dilki salaami lele, dilki salaami lele, kal tere bazm se diwana chala jayega, shamma rah jayegi, parwana chala jayega”, from the film Ram Aur Shyam,

1967, picturised on Tragedy king Dilip Kumar (3).

OP Nayyar had made a very unique use of the santoor with the sarangi, and he too while making his western blend thought about ghazals for Rafi. His best creations include “ aapke hasin rukh pe aaj naya nur hai, mera dil machal gaya to mera kya kusur hai” from the film Baharen phir bhi ayegi , 1966,picturised on Dharmender, and “Aachal se sajane lena dilko” and “Zulf ke chayon me chehere ka ujaala lekar”from the film Phir Wohi dil Laya Hoon, 1963, written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and picturised on Joy Mukherjee.

There were ghazalas from other Classical composers also like “Kahin bekhayal hoker yuhin chuliya unhiko,” and “ Aise to na dekho, ki humko nasha ho jaye” by SD Burman in the film Teen deviya, 1965, “Theheriye hosh me aaloon to chalejayiega” by Khayyam.As these songs are soft in nature, they create an everlasting impact on the souls of numerous music lovers of the country who find themselves associated with Rafi. It is very difficult to mention the notable ghazals sung by the maestro who has around 26000 songs in a span of 35 years.An archive should be created where Rafi’s creations are restored, categorised and preserved for future generations to know the noble hertitage of ghazals India had during the golden age.


(1) Noted and renouned Ghazal Singer, Ghulam Ali had said that Rafi’s songs had reflected the truth that the man possessed and the sweetness of the songs depict his generousness and kindness of heart.

(2) My father Ex Chief Public Prosecutor of Bankshall court, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court interviewed Monobendra Mukherjee, the Bengali Classical Singer composing Music for Bengali films Mayamrigo 1960, Joyjayanti,1970, Badhu,1962, and singing more than 1000 nazrul geeti, who said that he used to do the riyaaz everyday for several hours to do justice to his thumris, tappas and he is amazed about only one singer in India, Mohammad Rafi, whose voice floats like a river and the harkats in the songs are so accurate and effortlessly sung like the way clouds flow in the sky.

(3) Jagjit Singh, one of the most legendary ghazal singers of the present century, said some of the very melodious Ghazals were sung by Rafi during the Golden age, listeners heard them and appreciated them even sometimes not knowing that they are categorized as ghazals. Jagjit Singh composed music for noted film Saath Saath and TV serial Mirza Ghalib starring Nasir uddin Shah and directed by Gulzar.

Article By: Souvik Chatterji
Master of Law from Warwick University, UK and
Master of Law from Case Western Reserve University,USA.
Assistant Director, CUTS International
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Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

city of los angeles

Los Angeles image courtsey: people.ucsc.edu

The city that never sleeps.

A city for the wannabes.

Holly Wood a part of Los Angeles in the west-coast of the US is definitely the most familiar location for the film buffs as well as lovers of music. It is also a hot spot for glob trotters in search of some unadulterated fun. As the headquarters of world entertainment industry it has always been a destination to where the wannabes of the continents pack up and go to make it big, whether it in singing, acting, directing or weaving multicolor dreams with special effects, Los Angeles always was; and still is the place to make it real big! The rich and glamorous rub shoulders with the admirers who have flocked to get a glimpse of those who were so far seen so far only in the celluloid.

All big from airport to seaport.

LAX, the 3rd busiest airport in the United States.

LAX, the 3rd busiest airport in the United States.

With an area of 469 sq miles and a population of 3.8 million Los Angeles has the status as the most populated city in the state of California and second largest in US. It is a global city with all to qualify it to be so, like the major airport that serves as a hub for local flights, a seaport in the San Pedro Bay occupying a total area of 7500 acres with a 43 miles waterfront along with the adjoining port of Long Bridge. This port is the busiest and the third largest port in the world. To cap it all as the most happening city Los Angeles hosts most of the high profile ceremonies of entertainment industry. The city had opportunity to host Summer Olympics twice in its history.

Not changing with time but changing the time.

Los Angeles had been America’s glamour spot for a long time, when mega film studios ruled roost in the Hollywood was their preferred place; then came the computer robbing of all physical presence and replacing them with virtual existence, Hollywood changed to the time it led the digital revolution from the front, old gargantuan studios with expensive sets got transformed in to high-tech digital labs and started minting dreams in multi-dimensions. Dinosaurs, pterodactyls, Mountain like apes all came back to thrill the entire world! Adults could not but join their kids in welcoming the weird beings with amazement. The story of Los Angeles is that of modern and resurging America and without Hollywood America will be deprived of most of its glamour.

Juan Crospi and 44 families.

The town originally inhabited by Native Indian tribes by name Tongva and Chumash was planned to be a colony by Juan Crospi a Franciscan Missionary who happened to be there as a part of his evangelic mission. As a first step he got settled 44 families there. This was just the beginning of the birth of great city that is Los Angeles today. These families were of different ethnic origin like Spanish, African, Mexican, Filipino as well as Native American. The town was founded on September 4, 1781 by Felipe de Neve a Spanish Governor.

A small pueblo with a big name.

The original name of the city was a bit long one; yet cannot be ignored, it was ‘El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles del Rio de Porciuncula’ meaning ‘village of our lady, the queen of the angels of Porciuncula’. The present Olvera Street carries the look of this Pueblo (a Latin American settlement). Formerly Los Angeles was part of Mexico and was annexed to US in an agreement signed in January 13, 1847 after the Mexican American war. Thereafter the City had only one direction; going up! Rail traffic was introduced in 1876 later in 1892 oil was discovered and in the early part of the 20th century a quarter of the world’s oil requirement was produced in this are.

War, immigration, earth quake and Aids!

In 1900 the population of the city crossed the landmark figure of one million. Both world wars have caused a lot of people immigrating and Los Angeles benefited from this as its population got a boost by absorbing the migrant European people. This city has one more first as the disease by name was first diagnosed here. It was in 1994 the North-bridge earth quake struck California

with an acceleration of 6.7 in the Richter scale; that robbed 72 lives and injured 11000 people along with damages of $13 billions. But the city never felt any speed breaker in its path it went on with the same velocity.

Center of Wisdom.

University of California and Los Angeles (UCLA)UCLA

Los Angeles is not just the place for entertainment but it is a center of excellence in education, science and technology also. There are three world renowned universities under the state government (University of California and Los Angeles (UCLA), California State University North Bridge (CSUN), University of Southern California) (USC) along with those private institutions offering higher education in cutting edge technologies Antioch University Los Angeles Campus, Loyola Mary-mount University (LML), St. Mary’s College, Occidental College (Oxy), Art Central College of Design (Art Center) Central Institute of Architecture are just some of them.

Entertainment Avenues.

Being the magnet that pulls in crowds from world over; there are always tourists some after the glitterati and most with kids for outright enjoyment for a lifetime. Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Boulevard walk of fame, Amoeba Theater, Getty Museum, the Universal Theater, the Disney world, Knott’s berry farm and etc are just some of them. A family determined to see the entire sights may have to return leaving many locations unexplored even after an ardent effort of a whole month.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater, A world famous theater built by Sid Grauman in 1927, one of the most sought out location of the area with a pagoda shaped front, a huge dragon and many images for a Chinese look. Presently owned by Paramount and Warner; it remains as a destination for fun to all age groups. Foot and hand prints of celebrities of the Hollywood imprinted on a block is a unique attraction. Many film premiers are held here. - Music in Los Angeles

Hollywood Boulevard.

Staples Center, one of the World's most famous arenas. Home to the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Sparks & Los Angeles Lakers.

Staples Center, one of the World's most famous arenas. Home to the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Sparks & Los Angeles Lakers.

This is one of the most visited places in the Hollywood; movie buffs can see locations of their favorite actor’s houses and places of significance associated with films. A walk along the boulevard itself is enough to see so many places of interest. During evenings there are latest and popular movies being played in nearby theaters.

Watts Towers, Nuestro Pueblo in Watts District consisting of 17 interconnected towers (two of them 99 feet in height (all made of materials like scrap metals, bed frames, ceramic pieces, and bottles etc collected from around) built by an Italian by name Simon Rodia.

Walk of Fame, a pavement along Boulevard and Vine Street with pink stars embedded with the name of celebrities is so innovative give pedestrians a very unique feel of nostalgia.

Los Angeles Central Library with more than six million books is some thing different for a group of book lovers yet offers a visible sight to pedestrians with its architectural excellence. It is the world’s largest public funded library.

The Hollywood Sign. Those bold white letters erected 50 feet high pedestals beside the hill is the most telling brand image of Hollywood, though originally made as a sign board it has become so popular and it is now maintained in its pristine shape bowing to the wish of the people.

Never ending nights!

City of Los AngelesCity of Los Angeles

Hollywood is known for its night-time hot spots like Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sun-set Strip, Disney Hall; etc the Disney Hall is home to Los Angeles Philharmonic, where as West Hollywood with local population of less than 40,000 becomes crowded during nights with about 80,000 to 100,000! That is the scale of celebrations where all nights are to be celebrated and all money are to be flaunted. For Los Angelenos night seems to be not to sleep but to celebrate, if Los Angelenos celebrate it why the people of other part of the world can’t join them, they too flock to the city that is in eternal enjoyment altogether making the arena a fun city! - LA nightlife guide

A bit of Holly Wood!

Those who have time or money to join the celebrations haven’t got to worry as a bit of Hollywood fashion reaches every town and every homes in the shape of discs minted in Amoeba, it may be Jazz, rock, or anything of fun, just join it as life is so short to waste on serous stuff as all end in same place serious or silly!. welcome to the City of Los Angeles - The City of Angels.

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Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai

Burj the dubai tower

Burj the dubai tower image coutsey: motherjones.com

Burj Dubai (The Dubai Tower)

A tower in Dubai that is building records.

If the height of the building gives its honor the credit as tall as the building then people of Dubai has a credit as tall as no other people in the world can attain in the near future. Burj Dubai being built in the Downtown of Dubai is already 1680 feet in height, how much it may measure when completed is a closely guarded secret and there are only rumors to quench our thirst to know it, as per the most popular the final height of this tower would be 2275 feet and a not so ‘unpopular’ source it would be 3005 feet! The fact which the Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Moktoum of Dubai alone knows!

Tallest by all measures!

Work for this super-stall sky-scraper began in 21st September, 2004 is progressing smoothly, so far 141 stories have been completed making the building the tallest building in the world with a height of 1680 feet over taking the Petronas tower of Taiwan’s Taipei 101 which is 1667 feet in height. The height of a structure is calculated in various standards, one for buildings, one for other free standing towers, and those which are supported by wires form a different category.

Jumping hurdles one by ones.

There is one more hurdle in Burj Dubai’s way to be tallest free standing manmade structure as the CN Tower of Toronto Canada is 1814 feet in height (it is the tallest free standing structure (not supported by stay-wires) in the world. There is a TV mast in Dakota the (KVLV TV mast) which stands assisted by the support of wires it is 2072 feet in height. These are no issue before Burj Dubai as record breaking has been a habit for it ever since it has started from the laying of its first brick! Even sky is not a limit to this one; which is growing vertically day by day.

Those behind the giant.

It is expected that this tower will be completed in 2008 itself and will be occupied by 2009. It is a part of the mega development project known as ‘first interchange’ or defense roundabout along the Sheik Zayed Road at Doha Street. The gargantuan tower belonging to the ‘Emar Group’ Dubai; is designed by Skidmore Owings and its structural and mechanical engineering works managed by Merrill & LP (SOM) of Chicago and its contractors are Samsung of South Korea.

TV mast v/s Towers!

There have always been disputes about the height of a building or a structure which are the categories to be avoided for comparison has always an issue, there are towers carrying TV antennae (with support of guy wire and free standing), there occupied buildings as well as unoccupied, there are completed as well as incomplete buildings, there are oil drilling platforms in the sea with major portion of its height below the sea, each one claiming as the highest in a particular category. The following are a mixture of all structures from all groups.

The Giants in buildings and structures.

Burj the dubai tower image coutsey: wikipedia.org

Burj the dubai tower image coutsey: wikipedia.org

The Empire State Building is no doubt the mother of all tall building which is in New York with a height of 1250 feet. Built in 1931.

Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China 1381 feet. 1998

Seers Tower Chicago USA 1451 feet. 1973.

Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1483 feet. 1998

Taipei 101, China 1667 feet. 2003.

KVLY TV mast 2072 feet 1963.

Petronius Platform 2001 feet 1998

WTC New York, USA (destroyed in terror strike) 1727 feet 1973

All the disputes regarding the highest structure will end the Burj Dubai will be completed as it would be highest by any means, no oil drilling platforms, no TV mast or any ‘small building’ with an antennae of whatever length will not match it!

What is inside, a peep hole.

Let us see what are to be set up in the building when it is complete, world’s most coveted and expensive paraphernalia alone will be there, there is no doubt regarding that. It will house 30,000 homes, nine hotels, world’s best spas, an observation tower that is at 124th floor at 1450 feet above ground visitors can watch the city from more than 200 feet above the top of the Empire State Building! parkland and to crown it all there will be the first hotel of Giorgio Armani of Italy the king of fashion world along with all the entertainment amenities for the visitors, altogether tow square miles of carpet area with all exquisite sights and services found around the world all below a single roof!

Up; Up; and away!

It is said that the originally planned building was only a clone of the Grollo Tower with a height of only 1837 feet, and the plan had undergone several changes (each time the proposed height kept on increasing) with active participation of architects Skidmore Owings to 2313 feet (the latest height is not released). Only thing without doubt is that when completed no manmade structure will excel it in height or luxury! Because it is being made as a part of Dubai’s national policy to change its role from a trading centre to one that can render high end services; where there is real money to be tapped.

The competitors.

There are many who roll up their sleeves to face Burj Dubai head on, as their real problem is that they are kept in the dark regarding the real height of Burj Dubai and if that was known they could start designing one with a greater height! Al Burj (The Tower) proposed to be built about 50 kilometers away from Burj Dubai is a potential threat as the proposed the height of that tower also is not published (probable they may be waiting for Burj Dubai to be complete and to make changes in the design to excel Burj Dubai!

The Murjan? Only 25 years after!

The Murjan Tower proposed to be built in Manama, Bahrain is said to be 3353 feet. There is one more on the designers table (computer) the 3284 feet mammoth Mubarak al-Kabeer Tower to be built in Kuwait, this one is not just a tower as it is a self contained town-ship with all amenities, the most prominent one being the Olympic Stadium along with residences, hotels, shopping malls and all sorts entertainment facilities. This one is expected to take 25 years to complete.

All only in the disks!

While competitors are only hard disks Burj Dubai is 85% complete! And it is almost ready to be the star attraction for amazing the world for almost the next ten or fifteen years to come. If the rumors about the height of 3084 feet are right this century belongs to Burj Dubai! And it will holding records like, world’s highest manmade structure, highest observation balcony, highest spire, highest occupied floor, highest roof-top, and several other records it is going to be created.

Congratulates the whole team.

A tower more than double the height of the present tallest building has the right to boast it. Sure all the hands behind this wonder deserve credit for the great work they are engaged!

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Terrorist Attack at Glasgow Airport London

The Terrorist Attack at Glasgow Airport London and the aftermath

Terrorist Attack at Glasgow Airport London

Patriotism vs terrorism image courtsey: terrorism-victims.org

July, 1 2007, Sunday Car-bomb an omen.

Security tightened at London following the recovery of car-bombs from two Mercedes Benz Cars parked at Hay mar Market. These bombs were tins containing nails and petrol that if burst in such crowded areas could cause a lot of deaths and much damage to properties. The ‘tightening of security’ included installation of closed circuit t v on vital points and alerting antiterrorist squads for more patrolling. In view of the Wimbledon and the Princess Diana Memorial Music Concert this development has been viewed seriously. The involvement of Al Queida has not been ruled out.

Monday, 2nd July They knew it beforehand!

On Saturday two terrorists (with Asian features) drove a burning jeep to the Glasgow terminal of the London Airport in the failed attempt one of the driver sustained 90% burns and admitted in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, in addition to his accomplice two more persons have been arrested. This incident has been found to be related with the car-bomb recovered previous day. Meanwhile ABC reported from New York that they had information about such an attack beforehand and added that In Czech Republic also there may be attacks. US tightened security to flights to and from Czech.

Tuesday 3rd July There is no charge.

Two Indian doctors in custody for suspected involvement with the London Glasgow attack one caught from Liverpool and the other from Brisbane (Mohammed Haneef 27 a native of Chikkamangalore near Bangalore). Of the total 8 persons arrested are medical professionals five of the doctors and other health assistants. Australian Attorney General Philip Roddek has explained that there is no charge against Haneef and only held for questioning. It is reported that Scotland Yard is baffled by the fact that all the persons associated with the crime were from the medical community.

4th July 22, 2007, The plot was hatched in UK itself.

Indications suggests that the plot was not planned outside and imported to UK but these medical professional made it in UK itself. One suspicious baggage found in terminal number 4 in the Heathrow Airport has forced the flights of British Airways to cancel flights to US and Europe.

Thursday 5th July, Do it quick, court!

The identity of the two persons who drove the burning car revealed one Mr. Kafeel Ahmed (admitted with 90%burns) the other Mr. Bilal Abdulla an Iraq national also reported that their suicide note has been recovered. Kafeel Ahmed is said to be cousin of Sabeel Ahmed an Indian who was arrested at Liverpool. Queensland Court has given permission to keep Haneef under custody for four more days and ordered that within this timeframe if the charge is not framed he will be relieved. Deputy High Commissioner of India Vinod Kumar has assured that all helps would be extended to Dr. Haneef.

What a bomb, these doctors made!

Meanwhile details of the ‘bomb’ also has been received it was improvised one and a defective syringe did not work and spoiled the plan. Gas cylinders, petrol cans, two mobile phones and the ‘spoil sport syringe’ all were connected and the vibration from the mobile phone was expected to detonate the device. At a distance a similar set up was made in another car, if worked they could inflict serious damage to human lives. After 14 hours the burned car was driven to the airport that also failed. What can be done if god stands with the innocent crowd?

A gold mine.

Bangalore police searched the house of Kafeel Ahmed who drove the jeep to the airport, and captured a 120 GB hard disk (with 12, 000 files, several CDs, five thousand emails in five email addresses) which will be examined in the Electronic Research and Development Center Thiruvanathapuram. It is also known that Kafeel has been engaged in instigating youths to terrorism and spending substantial sum for the purpose. Reports say that the CDs contain secret data accessible only to hardcore terrorists, fiery speeches and dictates belonging to Al Quaida leaders like Osama Bin Laden, Aimen Al Zawahiri etc not available to outsiders, terrorists activities from Chechnia etc were just some of the recordings in the disc. The Karnataka police have called a meeting to decide about further actions as they were convinced of the group’s (of Kafeel known as the sleeping cell) contacts that run deep.

The man from Iceland bathed in fire!

The London Police is of the view that the leader of the cell was Bilal Abdulla who was there in the burning jeep.

Those who are in custody in relation with this case are the following.

Dr. Bilal Abdulla, said to be the kingpin of the operation.

Kafeel Ahamed, native of Bangalore India, a post graduate engineering student. Formerly police were not in a position of the man with 90% burns. Kabeel’s friends were saying he was in Iceland for a vacation, but he could not be traced anywhere they came to conclusion that the burnt man is the Indian Kafeel Ahmed himself.

Dr. Mohamed Haneef, native of Bangalore India. He is only charged with indirect role in the crime (it was from his sim card the detonation was attended, and there are proofs that he was frequently in touch with the culprits).

Dr. Sabeel Ahamed (Indian national, brother of Kafeel)

Mohamed As’ha (Jordan)

Mrs. Marwa (Wife of As’ha)

Must return with honor.

Mrs. Firdous Arshiya (wife of Dr. Haneef frequently conduct press conference and declare her husband is innocent and blame the authorities for keeping him in custody even while admitting the issue of sim card and frequent contacts with the culprits as well as his immediate exit from UK. Mrs. Firdous said that she doesn’t want her husband back that way, “I want him back, but with full respect and honor”.

Sympathy waves turn tsunami.

Lawyers are enmasse behind Dr. Haneef and they have vociferously appealed against the revoke of his work visa. Indian Ministry of External Affairs summoned the Australian ambassador McCarthy on Tuesday and expressed India’s concern over Dr. Haneef’s case and asked to deal it in a fair manner. India itself being under persistent threat of terrorists it seems strange for it to interfere in another country’s proceedings. India instead of showing gimmicks should have offered all helps to the affected nation to conduct detailed inquiries about a terror attack.

Children of lesser god – The Indian fishermen!

One recent report was showing the plight of 50 Indian fishermen who were languishing in the Pak jail for crossing sea-boundaries! no ministers were talking anything about them as they were children of lesser gods!

The lone voice against terror.

Australia’s Immigration minister Kevin Andrews has stated that the role of Haneef in rendering help to terrorists by giving them his sim card for the operation cannot be treated as trivial and that was the reason for revoking his visa immediately after the magistrate Jacqui Payne granted him conditional bail. The committal hearing will be held only on August 31. At present Dr. Haneef has been confined to solitary imprisonment. The visa of Firdous also has been cancelled. Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh asked Australian authorities to grant all the legally available rights to Dr. Haneef.

Indian image; tarnished a tad?

The immediate fallout of the incident would be more hurdles before Indians to acquire work in other countries; Gordon Brown British PM has already announced stricter screening for foreign professionals. There are about 80,000 overseas doctors in Britain of which half are from India. It would be tougher for others to get work in UK or anywhere in these circumstances. India’s principled stand with a commitment to end terrorism alone can restore the damage that was done due to such incidents. Prime Minister running to back terror suspects is not a good model to a democracy like India which stands vowed to non-violence.

The strange games politicians play!

As per the latest reports Dr. Mohammed Haneef issue has become a political ball in Australian play field. The ruling and opposition parties liberally kick the ball for their political gains. All top players are in the field including Prime Minister John Howard, His asst. Marc Wayle, Minister for External affairs Alexander Downer, and every one of prominence are engaged in washing ‘linen’ in public. It seems to a consolation for India that at least in the game of politics developed and developing are equal!

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Shankar Jaikishan

Shankar Jaikishan

Shankar Jaikishan image courtsey: downmelodylane.com

The most versatile Musical Giant of the Last Century.

Shankar Jaikishan are probably the most versatile music –duos that hailed the music of Bollywood during the Golden Age of Indian Cinema, the 40s, 50s and 60s.The golden era of Indian film music can be associated with the musical giants of different capabilities and specialisations.The Legends include Roshan- the king of melody, Madanmohan- the shahenzah of ghazals, Naushad- the Genius of Hindustani classical ragas with a blend of Lucknow Gharana, Salil Chowdhury –the Master of Westernised chorus with Eastern folk and poetic excellence, O. P. Nayyar – the Master of Westernised Tunes with Eastern flavour, Jaidev – the Legend of Urbanised Folk and Rural tunes, and many other Classical composers who have become immortal with their everlasting tunes. Shankar Jaikishan emerged in that arena with a range of tunes and compositions which could not be categorised under a single head. There were folk songs like “ chalat Musafir” sung by Manna dey in “Teesri Kasam”( 1966) to ghazals like “Chalke Teri Aankhose sharab aur ziada” sung by Mohammad Rafi in “Aarzoo”(1965). There were rock and roll compositions like “aajkal tere mere pyarke charche har jawanpar” in Brahmchari(1967) to pure classical composition like “Sur na saje kya gayun mai” in “Basant Bahar”(1957).

They had composed music in almost 200 films in a tenure of around 22 years (1). So great was the impact of their creative genius that it had a lasting impact on the music of the Hindi films. Shankar-Jaikishan understood the taste of the masses, were able to cater to them, as well as moulded their tastes. No wonder then that during their tenure as music directors, they were exceedingly popular and 75 per cent of the films for which their scores were everlasting hits - many have celebrated silver jubilees.

They were probably the only musical pair, who have given music to all the leading giants who had glorified the silver screen during the 1940, 1950s, and 1960s.They have given music to Dilip Kumar in Yahudi,1958, Rajender Kumar in Suraj,1966, Bharat Bhushan in Basant Bahar,1957, Balraj Sahani in Seema,1956, Pradeep Kumar in Raat Aur Din,1966, Dev Anand in Asli Nakli,1961,Manoj Kumar in Hariyali Aur Raasta,1962, Shammi Kapoor in Professor,1962, Shashi Kapoor in Kanyadan,1969, Biswajeet in April Fool,1964, Joy Mukherjee in Love in Tokyo,1965, Dharmender in Pyar hi Pyar,1968, Jeetender in Mere Huzur,1967, RajKumar in Lal Patthar,1971.

The team of Shankar Jaikishan consisted of Shankarsingh Raghuwanshi and Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal. Shankar (October 15, 1922 - 1987) was born in Punjab and trained under the famous Husnlal Bhagatram. He later settled down in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Jaikishan (1929 - 1971) hails from Panchal, Gujarat, India. Before the duo met, Jaikishan worked as a carpenter. Their career started as music directors for Raj Kapoor's 1949 film Barsaat. Songs like "Jiya beqaraar hai" and "Barsaat mein humse mile tum" became a rage. Barsaat was also the starting point of the pair’s long and successful association with the R.K. Banner. Hit music in films like Aah and Awaara followed in the early 1950s. The song "Ghar aaya mera pardesi" went on to become a benchmark for dream-sequence songs. Their music for most R.K. films was considered a huge success, but two films stand out, Shree 420 and Sangam. The songs "Pyaar hua ikraar hua" and "Ramaiyyaa vasta vaiyya" from Shree 420 and "Dost dost na raha" and "Har dil jo pyaar karega" from Sangam were popular favorites (2).

They were honored with the maximum number (nine) of Filmfare awards in the Indian film industry. In 1968, Shankar Jaikishan released an album, "Raga Jazz Style : Shankar Jaikishan with Rais Khan." Shankar Jaikishan made a great impact on film music from the start. Their tunes range from pure classical Indian themes to more westernised tunes.They had a distinct style, which was adaptable to different stars and films.In the West, they are best known for the song "Jaan Pechan Ho", which originally appeared in the 1965 film Gumnaam. The musical number was replayed in the American film Ghost World and helped to catapult the popularity of Indian film music in America.

However, according to Raj Kapoor, the pair's most notable score came in the film "Mera Naam Joker" in 1970 which has landmark songs like "Jaane kahan gaye woh din", "Jeena yahan marna yahan", and "Ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo". Arguably, the background musical scores of "Sangam" and "Mera Naam Joker" are considered to be among the best ever in the history of Hindi film music. Of the two, Shankar's speciality was dance-based compositions, whereas Jaikishan's forte was the background musical score. Both of them preferred Raaga Bhairavi over other strains of classical music.

Shankar Jaikishan created few classical oriented tunes fit for the Golden voice of Mohammad Rafi. In the film “ Lal patthar”(1971), Shankar Jaikishan had composed for Rafi “ unke khayal aye to ate chaale gaye”in raag gara. There the nostalgic mood of badshah was presented by Rafi. Other quality creations of Shankar Jaikishan included “ Aji ruth kar ab kahan jaiyega” in raag desh in Aarzoo(1966) starring Rajenderkumar, “ Khudabhi asma se jab zamin par dekhta hoga” in the film ‘Dharti,” “mujhko apne gale lagalo ai mere humrahi”( Humrahi, 1962) “surahidar gardan koel sihi awaz”in the film “ Aman”. The lyrics were written by Hasrat Jaipuri (3).

One of the other shades of the character of the Legendary duo was that they had encouraged a number of singers both male and female, at an era when the other Music Directors preferred only Rafi and Lata. They have composed songs for Subir Sen, “ Dil mera ek aas ka panchi” in the film Aas ka panchi,1960, Suman Kalyanpur , “Dil ek mandir hai,” in the film Dil Ek Mandir,1963, Manna Dey, “Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi” in the film Chori Chori,1956, Asha Bhosle, “Mur Murke na dekh Mur Mur ke” in the film Shri 420,1955, Sharda, “Titli Uri” in the film Suraj,1966, Mukesh, “Yeh mera diwanapan hai” in the film Yahudi,1958, Talat Mehmood, “Koi nahi mera is duniya mai” in the film Daag,1955, Kishore Kumar, “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana” in the film Andaz,1971. The songs were complimented with brilliant orchestration which had added lights to the composition of the giant.

The other aspect of their creation include blending the Indian flavour with the foreign tunes wherever the films were picturised. Best examples can be the song “Sayonara sayonara” in the film “Love in Tokyo”, 1965, had Japanese orchestration, the other being “Raat ke humsafar” in the film “An Evening Paris”,1967, had French flavour. Besides their use of few instruments showed the class of their own, Accordion in “Sub kuch sikha Humne na siki hoshiari” in the film Anari,1959, Saxophone in “Ai sanam jis ne tujhe chand sa surat di hai” in the film Diwana, 1967, Synthesized Harmonium played by V. Balsara in “Awara Hoon” in the film Awara, 1951.

One of the reasons why Shankar Jaikishan did not get the acknowledgement of providing immortal tunes in that era is because it could not be identified as which song is composed by Shankar and which song is composed by Jaikishan. Otherwise Naushad was awarded with Dada Saheb Phalke for his brilliant contribution to Indian music, Majrooh Sultanpuri also received the same award in the lyricist category, Shankar- Jaikishan was deprived of that honour. The other reason may be that they had worked with Raj Kapoor for the longest period and most of the credit of the unforgettable tunes were taken away by Raj Kapoor himself. An archive should be created for the rich and classical creations of Shankar Jaikishan where the works can be preserved for future generations to take inspiration from.



Dattaram, their Assistant also made immortal tunes like “Ansu Bhari Hai” in the film “Parvarish”, 1959, starring Raj Kapoor


My father Chitta Ranjan Chatterji, Ex chief Public Prosecutor, Bankshall Court,( CMM Court), Kolkata had solved a case relating to Music Rackett in HMV in the early 1980s. The Zonal manager of HMV, Mr. SriDaure gave him a present of HMV discs of film “diwana-composed by Shankar Jaikishan” and Disc of “ Pakiza- composed by Ghulam mohammad”. Mr. Sri Daure was involved with numerous immortal recordings of HMV and he mentioned that there was a song in Diwana, titled “ tumhare bhi jai jai, humare bhi jai jai, na tum hare, na hum hare”. The song was picturised with Raj kapoor staying in the railway station and Saira Banu travelling in a train. The song beat that was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan synchronised the actual sound of the movement of the train. It was only possible from Shankar-Jaikishan.It was reported in AnandaBazar Patrika, the Bengali Newspaper under the column of Ashis Ghosh.


Noted Music Director Anu Malik says that Raj Kapoor had dug a well full of everlasting music and Shankar Jaikishan drew water out of it

Article By: Souvik Chatterji
Assistant Director
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Centre for Competition, Investment & Economic Regulation
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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Dog - The Rescue Dog

Saint bernard dogSaint bernard dog image courtsey: petsplace.co.za

A saint who rescued monks!

The incident occurred during the 17th century; while a group of monks were passing through the Saint Bernard pass (boundary between Switzerland and Italy) one of them slipped in to a deep gorge beside the path. When others could only scream and cry for help; a huge dog sprang as if from nowhere jumped in the gorge and dragged the inured old monk to the path. It was ‘Barry’ a Saint Bernard dog who saved the life of the monk. For Barry this was just one of the hundreds of lives he had saved from the hands of death, and for the St. Bernard breed Barry is just one of the thousands of its members engaged in the great job of rescuing lives. It is nothing strange the breed is known as ‘the rescue dog’.

Barry the great!

Saint Bernard DogsSaint Bernard Dogs

Even after four centuries passed by after his death; Barry’s name is still quoted with great affection in that part of the land. Due to the great service these Saint Bernard dogs do to human beings they are considered by their owners as invaluable possessions. ‘Barry’ was honored by the people of the locality by erecting a monument in the ‘Cemetiere des Chiens’ and his body is being preserved in the Natural History Museum in Berne; Switzerland. These dogs got their name as they were discovered by the monks from Saint Bernard area. These monks impressed by the courage and loyalty; the monks adopted them first and named them ‘Saint Bernard Dog’, later the breed became popular through out the world.

The big ones among dogs.

st bernardst bernard image courtsey: allposters.com

Saint Bernard is the largest breed of dog originally bred for rescue and for working purpose. A full grown male can weigh about 75 to 125kg .The heaviest and largest Saint Bernard known in history was ‘Benedictine’ which weighed about 162 kg. The standard height of Saint Bernard dog is about 28 to 34”.Two varieties are commonly seen; those which sport short hairs and those with long hairs.

Temperament (Very cool!)

As its name indicates it is gentle like a saint and very fond of children. It rarely attacks or barks against the strangers, but the sight of this giant animal is enough to sent shivers in the nerves of the intruders. Like any other breed Saint Bernard is very social and keeping it lonely for long time is cruel, such deeds can drive the poor animals crazy and they may turn violent. A Saint Bernard may not always follow the footprints of the owner but will always be watchful of the activities of the owner. It is a highly intelligent dog and easy to be trained. They have highly developed sense of smell and at times act like as they have a sixth sense to foresee impending disasters like cyclones and avalanches.


st bernard dogs image courtsey: msnbcmedia2.msn.com

There are two types of coats found in Saint Bernard varieties when some are of smooth finish the others are rough. Both are very dense and come in white with markings in tan, mahogany, brindle, and black all found in various combinations. The feet are large with strong and well arched toes making them sure footed in the snow and ice.

Common ailments

  • The Saint Bernard is a massive dog variety with a very fast body growth rate. Hence deficiency in calcium and other minerals can cripple a dog with rickets, hypo-dysplasia (developmental disorder), osteosarcoma (bone tumor) etc.

  • Prone to eye disorders such as ectropion and entropion (deformity of eyelids, generally as age advances)

  • Susceptible to epilepsy, heart disorders like dilated cardiomyopathy (chronic disease of heart muscles) and eczema.

  • Saint Bernard Dogs are more prone to gastritis, so it is better to feed them with two or three small meals instead of a single heavy meal.

  • It sheds its hairs twice a year especially during winter and cold seasons.

  • Regular grooming is required to make the coat clean.

Diseases of the digestive system

1. Halitosis or foul breath

This condition is frequently occurred in dogs due to lack of oral hygiene as well as due to infection of teeth or gum. Halitosis may occur as a result of chronic indigestion, hepatic disorder and rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane). A mouth-wash with hydrogen peroxide or any non toxic disinfectant is enough to ward it off.


Inflammation of the gastric mucosa may make the animal anorexic (without appetite) and gloomy. The reasons can be over feeding, indiscriminate feeding –foods which are not suited to dogs, intake of foreign bodies etc. Common symptoms are severe discomfort, abdominal pain, poor appetite, vomiting etc.


It is the inflammation of the intestinal mucous membrane. It is characterized by diarrhea, dehydration etc.

4. Hepatitis.

Inflammation of the liver is known as hepatitis. Can be caused by bacteria, virus, foreign bodies, some toxins etc.

Worm infestation.

Dogs have the habit of eating ground laden materials thereby swallowing worm-eggs which develop in its stomach causing problems. Regular de-worming is a must in dogs. It is recommended that de-worming once in a month is ideal

Diseases of the respiratory system

Common cold, cough, bronchitis, etc are the common respiratory diseases found in dogs as well as other pet animals.

Skin diseases

Scabies, mange (skin disease due to parasitic mites causing severe itching) infections, dermatitis etc are common in dogs

Note before you take the Saint Bernard

saint bernard puppiessaint bernard puppies image courtsey: saintbernardclub.org

Saint Bernard is a large breed of dog with fast rate of body growth so it needs large quantities of food adequately supplemented by minerals and calcium. Regular cleaning and exercise are very important. It is very sociable type, give it company and let children get acquainted with the dog. Never let your pet remain lonely for long periods, it can cause it nervous break-downs.

Tunnel diggers!

Dogs are generally very active types of animals they require ample space to run and play, hence before you consider bring them in (esp. a Saint Bernard) in to your house, make sure you have lots of room to spare for them; to run and play. A sturdy fence with adequate height is a must so that they won’t jump over it and scare the neighbors. As Saint Bernards are intelligent they may dig under the fence and go out, so make the fence considering this factor also!

Article by Dr. Harikrishnan

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- Hope in the midst of struggles

Darfur Civil WarDarfur Civil War image courtsey: i4donline.net

Africa’s killing field, probably a dried up lake can end the blood shed.


Central Africa is notorious for its backwardness like poverty, illiteracy, poor law and order, and lack of good governments. All sorts of sufferings a people can go through have been lavishly bestowed upon this unfortunate group of people who happened to take birth in the middle part of the ‘dark continent’. The present conflicts arise as poverty stricken people migrate neighboring places and face atrocities on way as well as in destination, one of the worst human tragedies are staged in the dark continent which is kept covered by a government which itself is a part in the ongoing atrocities.

Poverty, war and diseases!

Conflict in DafurConflict in Dafur image courtsey: denix.osd.mil

The central part of Africa is composed of mainly five nations like Zaire, Sudan, Chad, Niger and the Central African Republic. As neighboring countries of Sahara Desert all are water-starved and plagued by fratricidal conflicts according to UN estimates during the last three years the number of human lives lost to these conflicts along with starvation-deaths and deaths due to diseases number more than 450,000!

The helpless ‘CAR’ and its people.

Dafur CrisisDafur Crisis image courtsey: worldnews.about.com

The Central African Republic (as its name suggests it is located at the centre of the African Continent, capital Bangui) is endowed with a weak government that has no say beyond the capital and the rebel armies belonging to various ethnic groups go on looting and killing spree. Poverty and war drive its people to migrate to nearby area (Darfur is one destination). These migrants are sitting ducks to looters as there is nothing to defend them, even if not killed by warriors most of them die due disease and starvation on the way.

‘A promised land’

Dafur Sudan MapDafur Sudan Map coursey: textually.org

As Darfur is a part of Sudan; that government is unfortunately a party in the ongoing conflicts; which lavishly uses its own military in the loot and kill operations. The Sudan government is also involved in covering up the operations of the ‘genocides and ethnic cleansing’ (as described by the US government) before the outside world. The Janjaweed armies belonging to the Arab Tribes consider these black African tribes as a ‘pest’ and go on eliminate them, Sudan thinks that what Janjaweed is doing their own agenda and turns a blind eye!


Genocide in SudanGenocide in Sudan image courtsey: civil-war.net

By obstructing journalists, killing or jailing witnesses and destroying all forensic evidences the government of Sudan is covertly joining hands with the Janjaweed (a tribal army formed of camel herding Arabs). Their joint mission is this to eliminate the black Africans who happened to be there and no one to protect them as they themselves are divided in to different tribal groups and the government of Sudan is of the view as these black people are no more required to consume the resources those are already scarce and fast depleting!

What about the population!

The Darfur is 493180 square kilometer in area and scarcely populated as people flock from one area to other (most of them get killed on their way by armies or diseases) no one has any scant idea of the exact population of this area!

The rebel forces constitute of ‘Sudan Liberation Movement’, ‘Justice and Equality’ and numerous gangs which have no particular names. Janjaweed is the main force of the Arab tribes that operates with the covert support of the Sudan Government.

Any light?

All these mentioned above pictures a dark image of the whole part of the land and the question naturally arises is this that admitting all these as painful let us know is there any light at the end of the ‘Central African Tunnel’? There is the latest satellite pictures have revealed that there exists a huge under-ground lake (almost the size of lake Eerie and once fed even the Nile with water). This subterranean lake dried up thousands of years back still has enough water to feed the entire population for a lot of years to come.

Water a pacifier!

The natural question is this that “hey what can water do when people kill each other”? When water is there people return back to their native land for farming and each tribe get engaged in farming and prosperity will lead them to lead a peaceful living. The war for scarce resources like water and food will stop. The Government of Sudan has expressed its willingness to drill areas as directed by the UN team. Central African Republic (the most impoverished one) also is to get UN assistance to drill for water and it is hoped that without delay there may be farming in place of killing.

Kalashnikov or plough?

Dafur Refugee CampDafur Refugee Camp image courtsey: textually.org

If the water drawing program of the UN fructifies tribes could return to their original settlements and get engaged in the job they used to be. The looters who roam on camel back with kalashnikovs may not get migrating and helpless people to be looted in the name of ethnic difference. It is hoped that prosperity will return to this part of the land which has seen enough blood shed and enough deaths due to diseases.