Monday, February 19, 2007

Chronic Bachelors

Chronic Bachelors for generations !!!

It was a hot summer noon the author tired after some errands got in a friend’s tea stall sipping a cup of tea was just a ploy, sit and relax in the cool air for a while, read some periodicals scattered on the teapoy and chat with friends who hang around were the real intentions. All on a sudden a seventy plus man remarked after browsing a “box news” from a local paper “what a wicked time – girls run away with sixty plus people, and these old gooses just marry these young girls younger than their grand-daughters! Shameless- pigs”.

60+ weds 16+

Author commented fully agreeing with the old man’s remarks “yes real bad time, no ethics in human deals, that old man should have safely returned the innocent young girl to their parents instead” The owner of the shop was not amused “why can’t old people love a girl, the old man only married her to fulfill the girl’s love, he should be praised for the act how many old people marry”.

As the show went on at the mercy of the shop owner his words had to be honored as if verses of the holy-book (even if they sounded like “Satanic verses”), the author had to admit his “wise” remark. “Yes definitely, after all, the girl loved that “poor” old man. His affection towards the little girl would have tempted him to marry her” the author expressed his consonance. The cool air and free periodicals had their prize!

What! showing affection to a little girl by marrying her? What nonsense” the 70+ exploded “this is hypocrisy against the devil, that b....... must be a lecher”. The shop owner was all for the defense of one old man (who might have been celebrating his honeymoon somewhere). “Not that poor old man, it is you a dirty old lecher” shop owner shouted.

Between deep sea and the devil poor author who wished for some cool air and free reading was in for real trouble and was forced to change the subject. The author just enquired the 70+ very casually “chetta” (a term to address elder people, meaning elder brother in Malayalam) you are 60+ why have you not married so far?

The old man’s answer was a swift and strong statement “we are bachelors for generations, my father was a bachelor! and my grand father - A Chronic Bachelor!!!

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