Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mad cow

Holly Cow v/s Mad Cow !!!

India ranks first both in terms of the number of cattle and in quantity of milk produced these are realities to be born in mind before replacing the traditional ways the Indian villagers’ method of tending their cattle with those of developed nations.

1. Add more value. Our cattle are not as efficient in producing milk n meat when compared to their western counterparts (when western cows convert rich food to milk, Indian cows have to do it with very cheap fodder (hay and dry grass).

2. Like people like cows. We under feed our cows (The owners being malnourished themselves it is a reality which will last as far as rural India remain poor).

3. Wealth out of waste. We let them graze on our Roads (These cows let loose feed on street waste and convert waste in to wealth!)

4. Eating cow’s fodder. India is endowed with people who relish on cattle fodder! (A news from Bihar which appeared recently about such a group of people who rely on cattle feed) The author is not mentioning about the Lalu n Rabri case about the embezzlement of six hundred crores from that state’s cattle welfare fund about six years back!)

Should we strive to imitate the west? For all solutions related with the improvement of the lot of our cattle? Just think.

Merits of our holy animals.

1. The World is their house ("Lokame Tharavadu"(the whole universe is our home) - as the sayin goes in malayalam) : our holy cows can practically thrive any where with any thing like road waste for survival.

In remote villages of India, cows and their owners share the same place. (There are instances of cows sleep inside the house and the owners outside; such is their devotion to this holy animal !!!!) Cow is for them a member of their family.

2. Energy from Trash. They convert the most un-nutritious food (Fodder) in to highly useful products like milk and meat. (They are affordable to Indian villagers, not just white elephants like the big imported cows)

3. Draught resistant. India has to undergo occasional droughts during this time animals which can thrive on less water and dry grass alone will survive and all others perish.

4. They are not a Pampered lot: They don't demand any luxury – being used to local climates they require no air conditioners, no fans they wander here and there and feed on what is available.

5. They don't get mad like their western counterparts which are fed five star diets!!! (Resistance to disease is perhaps the most positive of the qualities the local cows enjoy especially in the age of mad-cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalitis) etc.

Aish, Sush n Shilpa.

Indians sure have a long way to go to perfect our style of tending cattle esp. cows, but the situation is not as bad as it is perceived. Indian give whatever they have to these holy animals, but there are limitations to these poor cattle owners which need to be addressed, if Indians were as affluent as westerners Indian cows would have been more beautiful than Aishwarya Roy or Shilpa Shetty. Let us wait for that time when our sheds are filled with beauties fit to contest and win Miss World pageant!!!

A holy dedication.

This article is dedicated with love to all the beautiful cows which roam free on Indian streets and turn trash to wealth, let their beauty increase day by day to attract the attention of those jealous spectators. Holy cow beautiful cow!

Harikrishnan & Suraj

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