Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Google gets me thinking

Google gets me thinking !!!

Well, first thing I do when I wake up everymorning is to turn on the system n go directly to the adsense home page to check how much I’ve earned during the past 8 hrs or so – sleeping. Cant explain why I’m so anxious till the page loads and gives me a figure that’d make my face twitch (involuntarily). Did I expect something n get something else instead ??? well yes indeed. Every day I somehow make myself believe that some miracle is goin to happen n that I’m either goin to figure in the time magazine’s website or among the list of top 100 bloggers of all time.

None of this ever happened !!!

I was givin it a deep thought n then my juke box (which I suspect has somehow acquired some sort of AI recently) suddenly started playin the song Lemon Tree. N the lyrics thus goes.

I was sitting here in a boing room…… it was just another rainy Sunday afternoon……

I was wasting my time……. I’ve got nothing to do…

Where nothing ever happens….. n I wonder….

I wonder how…. I wonder why……

Yesterday promised me a blue blue sky……..

N all that I can see… is just another lemon tree……..

Ya I know , I know the lyrics seems a bit twisted but honestly this is all I could hear or rather make out. N considering my present state of mind I guess no one will complain.

Since nothing seemed to have changed (as I have no email at my inbox (except junk ofcourse) and no phone calls . I’ve decided to check whether any one knows that even such a person like me exist. So I do a search on google n bingo !!! my blogger profile is the first entry. I find a faint hint of satisfaction even though (being an S.E.O) I know its nothing great to be ranked for my name.

Now what ??? I did an image search in google n just as I expected it didn’t fetch me my image although I’ve some images of mine posted in my profile and also in my orkut account, google doesn’t seem to know. N somehow I get a strange feelin that the page has not loaded properly. So I refresh the page and again the same thing happens. Something is strange I do another search with a different term, this time I searched George W Bush, if google dosent know me fine but then let me see if it atleast knows the U. S President. Ya it sure knows the U.S president. But still somewhere something is wrong. I’m feelin a bit uneasy abt this whole aspect of search.

N I gave it a thought. Tried restarting my browser – didn’t make much of a difference though. N finally bingo as I moved the cursor over an image something happened that reminded me of what was that I was lookin for. Yes the image details like the resolution, the site address, the image format etc etc. which were all quite useful has disappeared from the google image results. Now these are only shown on mouseover. Thus I finally figured out what was makin me feel uneasy. U know when we are used to certain things even a small difference could make us nervous.

N finally what does that mean to me well it was useful to see the image resolution details for all images, as you only needed to check the ones that fit your criteria. But then that was makin the page look cluttered, now the page seems a bit more clean. Well I guess I’ll get used to it in no time. N I’ve got better things to worry on, let me just try n figure out something that’ll put me on the time’s frontpage. Lol.

N.B if any of my learned readers could enlighten me abt when did this change happen n the finer aspects abt it I’ll be very greatful. As it’ll spare me some work.

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Agnes Christy said...

The way you described your thought is very interesting.goodwishes