Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Hot Trends

Google Hot Trends

Google Hot Trends a new feature launched today from none other than Google labs.

Of course from the stable of Google labs means the product is still in its beta version. But our review found this the coolest tool ever released.

Google Trends helps you compare upto five different topics to see how often those topics are searched on Google over time. It also shows how frequently the topics have appeared in Google news stories and the geographic locations from which the searches originated.

What makes it different ?

Unlike the google adwords keyword search volume tool or the YPN’s overture search volume tool which just shows the volume of searches conducted. Google Trends actually compares the historical search volumes for the different keywords with their present volume and displays the ones which fluctuate the most.

For eg. If we do a most popular keyword search else where we’ll most probably get the generic words like travel, whether, etc as the top search words but on Google Trends highlights searches that have suddenly gained popularity and displays those searches that are deviating the most from their historic traffic pattern..

So when all other tools shows more or less the same results for the top keyword search Google Trends actually shows what’s hot on internet in almost real-time. Best part of the story is that the results are updated several times a day to show the most relevant data so you could actually see the charts and graphs tilting and swaying and jumping and dancing all day long as users from around the world surf the net.

Cool Features

Google Trends Page lets you restrict your results to a particular time frame or region by selecting the desired parameters from the drop down boxes under the search volume graph. . To view the results for a particular sub-region (e.g. state/province) within a region, use the drop-down boxes or click on the link for a particular Country or sub-region on the Google Trends results page to restrict your results to that sub-region.

How does it affect the Blogosphere

Google trends could be a very useful tool for blogger who generate content on current hot topics. Moreover its one more way to get new visitors to your site via google blog search results which is also displayed in google trends.

Resource Links

Advice from google

Google Trends aims to provide insights into broad search patterns. Several approximations are used when computing your results. Please keep this in mind when using it.

Google Trends is free for your use, but, before you use it, please check out our Terms of Use. If you do choose to use this info, please make sure to appropriately attribute it to Google.


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