Saturday, May 19, 2007

The great Indian rock scenario

Those looking for stone details of khajuraho can leave at ease since its not that kinda rock I have in mind. The rock here refers to head bang, nose bleed, cruel attitudes and more. Set population is in India supporting everything from ‘disturbed’ to ‘motley crue’ to ‘beatles’ and the ghost of John Lennon. One thing all these bands share is the fact that none of them are Indian.

The reason for absence of Indian hellraisers in the wishlist of rock n’ roll lovers in India is a subject topical enough to be made a thesis paper and submitted in the university, obviously that’s for the educative types and so I wont go into that. But if any of you are missing out on Indian bands because you have a feeling that no good bands exist in India, you certainly need to read the following.

Magdalene is a band from Aizwal and they raise hell, satan and satan’s mother all together. Belonging to the heavy side of things, they are heavycool.

Nakshathra offers dishes fit for any self respecting nu-metal fan. The cuts are a bit too far from perfection sometimes but they certainly have the energy and with each song they swear that they’ll keep getting better.

Demonic Resurrection started out basically as a sort of prank or maybe we took them to be a prank initially, but as time bid by they became what they claim to be- demonic. This band from Mumbai is the talk and reason for nosebleed and broken arms wherever they perform nowadays, most probably due to the lead singer whose performance is nothing short of nothing to compare with.

Soulmate, a two member band which concentrates on classic rock mostly is beyond my capacity to describe. Suffice to say that they are my favorite Indians since silk smitha.

Mother Jane is a band from what everyone calls god’s own country and which I vouch for, has been around for sometime now and they are absolutely professionally cool.

Split – better attitudes have been seen but as far as the songs go, the lead singer justifies his attitude that earns them five fans and ten enemies any given second.

Parikrama, one of the most longstanding Indian bands, they are way past the tried and tested stage now and are ripe for international fame.

Pentagram, I am sure their fame has already reached your ears. If not, listen to their songs and you will know what I am talking about.

Bhayanak mauth, a fun band. What more shall I say, the name is self explanatory.

For the uninitiated, the abovementioned list would be a good starting point. I’ve given here only those bands that I consider to be the best in India but my judgment may severely have been affected by the varying states of soberness that I listened to the songs in,but it’s a safe list and listening to one band will lead to another . Most of these bands can be caught in Happy listening.



Johnny Tent said...

Magdalene, Parikrama are actually too cool, I must agree from experience.

Bhayanak Mauth: They've allegedly translated 'Megadeth' to get a name. As far as their music is concerned, I haven't heard of their performances much (before this).

Mother Jane, Demonic Resurrection have now been there for quite some time. Nice bands, I hear.

Some more that could be on your list: Them Clones, Alter Ego, Prithvi, Junkyard Grooves, Prophecy, Zero, Vayu...

Nice article though, I'd say.

Mikon said...

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But I will still study it.

Anonymous said...

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