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Top Five Nations in the World

Top Five Nations in the World.

All nations are top most as far as their citizens are concerned; this article is just an impartial ranking of five nations based on five criteria. Strength, Population, Area, Historical relevance and Cultural diversities are taken as the criteria for this ranking while its relevance in other four criteria is also given proportional weight. There may be difference about the criteria chosen, it has to be admitted that these standards like economic strength, population and other three factors are no mean things.


America (USA) for strength it is far ahead in GDP (13.77 trillion) (Gross Domestic Product – the aggregate value of the total production and services rendered by a nation), entrepreneurship, and an immigrant population (the cream of almost all other nations), who have found better livelihood in this land of opportunities. America’s might in its armed forces (with most sophisticated weapons in the world) even though the mightiest is not taken in to account. This exemption though robs America one of its trump card does not challenge its top position in any way.

Remaining as a magnet pulling in the cream of human resources belonging to other nations is no small thing. America’s status as the ‘fair freedom’s open door’ has added much points to this rank. People who were persecuted by tyrant rulers have always looked at America for asylum in fact these asylum seekers constitute a good portion of American population. In population (301,656,000), diversities and geographical area (9,631,420 sqkm) (other criteria) also America stands third and fourth respectively in the world.


China (People’s Republic of China) is top with its 1.4 billion and still counting population where as its geographical area, economic strength and pace of growth in technology are tremendous (soon China is to over take Japan as the second largest economy). It is a cultural, lingual and political monolith (scoring some minus points in criteria of diversity). Ever since it got release from the clutches of Maoists there is no stopping to this giant with one and a half billion population.

Chinese Diaspora (scattered throughout the globe) contribute to its economy in phenomenal scale. The massive export surplus it has in trade with other nations has made its coffers spill over ($1200 billion and fast growing, creating headache to USA and other developed nations). The recent strides China has made in technology and its buying power has gained for it a far respectable position in international forums. Its area 9537,000 sq km is also factor making it a giant in the making.

Three - RUSSIA

Russia though lost much of its area with the disbanding of the former Soviet Union; still remains as the biggest nation in the world (area 17,075,000 sq km). As an unwanted association with unwilling partners (Soviet Union) has gone, Russia can now focus on its energy on real issues like fast growth and welfare of its people.

A radical change in a society will take its own time to settle down as habits die hard. Haunted by one outdated ideology in which they were destined to live for decades, Russians feel the change to a modern society much more painful for a population of 142,754,000. The present Government seems to be aware of realities and addressing them head on. Vladimir Putin has made Russia back on its rail and now it is one of the fastest growing economies. Its vast mineral resources like coal, oil iron and other metals will no doubt add velocity to this ride to progress. The present GDP of $1.926 trillion is grossly inadequate for a nation of this size, but there are symptoms of fast improvement.


United Kingdom (Great Britain) considered as the nominee for richness in history may be taken for some bias on the author’s part; as many other nations with very ancient history are there like Greece, Rome, Egypt and India. Its scoring in population, area and diversity criteria also is not considerable (area 244820 sq km and population 60,609,155).

The real factor taken in to account was that ‘how relevant was Britain in shaping the history of the modern world’. A nation which controlled an empire in which (sun never could set), one making its language that of the world are all nothing less than great. If the whole world is culturally getting integrated, the role of Great Britain is primarily responsible for that.

This integration is far wider than one would think, it encompasses the dress one wear, and language one speaks, morality and ethics one may take as standard behavior and many things like that. No doubt the centuries old British occupation has been the reason for the emergence of this uniformity. For the last three hundred years Britain had been in the helm of world affairs in varying degrees, its role in the past two world wars also has been most prominent. All other ancient nations mentioned have richer history most of them only inclusive and contribution in influencing the external world much less.

Five - INDIA

India with its “rich diversity” is no intruder in the list, (living along with diversities is seldom considered that important but that is not the case, living along with differences is real greatness) it has the status of number two in population (by 2030 it estimated that India will overtake China in population) its geographical size also is considerable. India has the most number of languages spoken, most diverse numbers of cultures, People of all ethnic groups (Aryans, Dravidians, Mongoloids, Negroid and a collage of all sorts of ethnic groups available in the world along with all its combinations of varying degrees.

All of them live at times in harmony and at times in disharmony, yet all goes together contributing to the nation as much as they can while they gain for themselves; a strange set-up known by the name “unity in diversity”. India is said to be a nation which lives in different worlds there are people and areas which are worse than Sub-Saharan nations and there are areas and people which can excel the most advanced lands in technology and progress. Even with one fourth of its diversities Soviet Union could not go together; where as India strides to progress with diversities unheard of anywhere else in the world.

All nations are great; a comparison is not healthy as each nation has its own opportunities as well as challenges. The above article does not intend to compare and establish one superior or inferior to the other this only a ranking based on some parameters set by the author, when parameters may vary ranking vary along with. Wish all nations faster growth and all people better life!


ArcticFox said...

hello.... I like your blog.... the top 5 items are very good. Well done.... keep up the good work.

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Juicy UK said...

Great Britain should be no.1

TĂșlio said...

Biby Cletus,

Thanx for your visit. Your blog is very interesting. I'll come back again.


Martin S said...

A nice article. Looks at the different nations very fairly.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable post which leaves plenty room for thought. Arguably Germany could also have made the top five list.

Cik Fatima Syams said...

My rank would be:
1) USA
2) China
3) Japan
4) India
5) Germany

Anonymous said...

Well coming from an American, of course America would be first. May we have an opinion coming from a non biased source?

Personally the idea of "Top 5 Nations" would have to include all aspects of economics, land mass, population, history, military strength, culture, political corruptibility, war wariness, mortality rate, debt, wealth, poverty rating, environmental footprint, media propaganda immersion, literacy rating, class gaps, racial diversity and more.

Given those mentioned above, the US would be lucky to make it to the top 5. Based on those stats America would more than likely fall into the bottom of the top 10 in all of history, maybe the top 5 of the current countries, but only barely.

In addition, many of the nations who were under the Soviet Union's flag were admitted into the union at request. Many others were fair claims of military or expeditionary forces, not unlike the territories claimed by the United States after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

China is definitely number one on many fronts, Japan would probably make that list as well. Germany and Cuba could easily make top 10 if the parameters were widened to include the things America lacks...

If taken from all history, of course Rome and Mongolia would make the list as well. Perhaps make a new blog post: "Top 10 Nations in History" and provide many differing opinions, a native from each nation (if possible) to add credibility and use a neutral source for the final decisions.

Enjoy your feedback!