Wednesday, May 30, 2007

India Blogs

The Kerala Articles now features on India Blogs

The Kerala Articles is now features among the most popular Group Blogs in India.

India Blogs from Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration

India Blogs 1.0 is a project from one of India’s premier blogger Amit Agarwal. Amit is a technology analyst, speaker, geek and professional blogger. Amit blogs at Digital Inspiration on computers, software, consumer technology and internet. India Blogs 1.0 is a blog compilation of the most widely read blogs in India and is part of an ongoing effort to showcase some of the best Indian blogs and also bloggers from India.

India Blogs 1.0 - The Most Widely Read Indian Bloggers

The project gives insight into the Indian blogosphere and helps you find new blogs that are not much heard of till now but are definitely worth checking out. The fact that this is a human edited list and the editor is an Engineering degree holder in Computer Science from IIT and is the first professional blogger in India makes the list all the more credible.

Thank you Amit We’re honoured.


JoAnNe | OwA | said...

uhmm.. thank you? hehehe I hope I can find as much inspiration for writing as you do.

Antille said...

Sorry I erased your comment on my blog, paranoid a bit maybe but the signature Biby cletus I interpreted as meaning '' BYE BYE LOUD MOUTH '' and that by opening it it would be a virus of sorts.
Again I apologize and thank you for visiting. It got me exploring the name and visiting your page. good strategy

Shruti said...

HI dear,
just found ur blog on Google..
Great that you have maintain such a beautiful blog out here..
Adding you in my list so that i can visist here regularly for updates and all..
Take care