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Cadillac - Luxury on Four Wheels

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Cadillac - Leader in innovations since 1902.

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The Petro-Dollars.

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The later part of the nineteenth century is marked by the emergence of oil as the main driver of world economy. Development of a nation was measured by the per capita consumption of oil in that country. Bulky and oil guzzling contraptions in the name of car has become the status symbol of the rich and powerful. The Middle East nations endowed with rich oil deposits began to call the shots as oil has become a monopolized commodity. Petrodollars over-flowed throughout Gulf Nations the neo-rich people flaunted the money that automatically flowed in to their coffers.

From camel to Cadillac!

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Proud owners of palatial mansions to reside and ‘Cadillacs’- the ultimate luxury on four wheels- for their travel, the oil barons have became a happy lot! This phenomenon came to be called ‘a change from camel to Cadillac’; a swift and seamless change nothing short of a revolution. It may be jealousy of the not so fortunate world that whispered ‘those who wandered on camel-back in the desert sun; now drive the Cadillac what a change’.

A Cadillac among cars!

When one say ‘Rolex’ is the Cadillac among watches it is meant that is the top-most product; because Cadillac has been a synonym for luxury for more than a whole century. Yes Cadillac is a magic word that spells class, looks and reliability in the ever changing world of automobiles and not just kept pace with the technological revolutions that swept the whole world and the automobile industry in particular. Ever since its inception in August 22, 1902 Cadillac has been in the number one slot in numerous technological as well as design up-gradations.

Had been on the block.

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Formerly a stagnant company of the Henry Ford stable, Ford dissociated from this company along with his close associates and this factory was put on the block. The financiers in an attempt to retrieve the money they have put approached Henry M Leland to appraise the assets. Leland studying the company profile was confident of its revival as a car maker and his proposal was accepted.

Antonie Cadillac – the father of all cars!

On August 22, 1902 the company was renamed as Cadillac and started production of its first car with Leland’s single cylinder engine. The name Cadillac was coined after the French explorer Antonie Laurmet Cadillac of the 17th century who was the founder of Detroit Michigan. General Motors purchased Cadillac in 1909 and made one of the many assets it has, but they retained Cadillac as its premium brand and never introduced a cheaper version from its stable.

Numero Uno.

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There are so many firsts Cadillac has to its credit than any other car company in fact it was the first fully enclosed factory made car. Its first car (Oct 7 1902) the 10 HP Cadillac shown in the New York Auto show impressed the spectators and gained orders for thousands of cars for the company.

Ending the tyranny of the shaft (starting handle)!

Since then innovations has been a way of life as far as Cadillac was concerned. Formerly starting of the engine was a tough job with the shaft that made people sweat, the electric start system introduced by Cadillac made an end to this ‘tyranny of the shaft’ a history (this device was actually intended to please women drivers; which later became standard). Similarly shifting of the gear was an avoidable nuisance for a good number of prospective buyers, Cadillac could satisfy with its automatic transmission system (another first).

A beautician for the cars.

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Formerly it was the engineer’s job to design and make a car, in 1927 for the first time Cadillac left the job of designing to designers adding aesthetics in the shape; this trend was later copied by all other manufacturers. The manual transmission with synchronizers was also a Cadillac introduction. It would be funny to recall that an innovation by ‘Philips Screw-driver’ (in 1940) which saved considerable amount of time and labor was first put in to use by the Cadillac.

Only one in black ink.

In 1973 and later in 1985 when the fuel crisis gripped the glob; Cadillac had done its own share in reducing fuel consumption; its staple product ‘De Ville’ was down-sized twice in 77 and later in 85 to make it less thirsty. The introduction of Seville a small car with less ‘thirst’ was an astounding success. One more thing is that Cadillac was the only car maker who could come out with a balance sheet which reported profit even just after the period of great depression.

The everlasting saga of oil crisis.

Cadillac has won many awards for the quality and continuous innovations the company has put in its products the ‘Dewar trophy’ the annual award for advancement of the auto-industry it won in 1908 was only a beginning. The oil crisis that plagued 70s and the 80s has once again showing its ugly head once again this (oil + politics) concoction is definitely not good news to big cars however beautiful and comfortable they are.

How about a guilt-free driving.

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With many ideas of alternative fuels not getting a break-through; a car lover can pitch his hope towards Cadillac as it has been innovative since beginning. Let it come out a car which can run on jatropha, air, water, oxygen or hydrogen. Let the owner of a car drive without the guilt feeling that he pollutes the earth.


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