Saturday, March 17, 2007

Women and Shopping

Point of view of a harassed man

Shopping!!! The word generates an unmatched twinkle in the eyes of every woman I have known in my life. From my mother to my wife, I have seen them all react the same way to it. It is like some pre-programmed gene in their body suddenly takes over their senses.

Almost all the women I know find shopping therapeutic .They could happily go on at it from dawn till dusk, take a break for dinner, and then start all over again. Such trivialities in life like sleep and food doesn’t concern them. Scientists should research on this as an alternate source of energy to many of the world’s current energy crunches.

As someone who has endured enough of these excursions into the local shopping markets or malls, I consider myself as having a wealth of experience in their shopping habits. No matter what they have come out to buy, they will invariably be attracted to clothes, cosmetics, jewelery, foot wear and accessories. These are the things a woman can never get enough of.

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They go into the first shop they see, pull down all the stocks they have and leaves the shop just as nonchalantly, which leaves the salesman pulling his hair out. They continue the same process till they covered all the shops in the mall/market. They then come back to the first shop they had entered and buy something, much to the relief of any man unfortunate enough to accompany them.

But nothing arouses the predatory instincts of women like the sign of sale in front of a shop. The scent of a sale is picked up across miles which would even put a champion greyhound to shame. The shop is staked out in advance and they try to get their hands on the goods ahead of others based on pure natural instinct. Their struggle for their favorite piece would rival even those of a hungry pack of wolves.

The man’s role in all this varies based on his relationship with the woman. If he is a father to the lady, he is seen as an inexhaustible ATM. If it is an earning brother, then he is equitable to credit card which you don’t have to pay back. If he is a son, then he is a porter to carry the luggage as well as a bodyguard. But the worst of the lot is the husband /boyfriend who is expected to play all of the above said roles as well as give their expert opinion while choosing goods.

Men would never understand the importance of the ritual of shopping to a woman. Women find solace in shopping to lift them up when they are sad. They also see it as an avenue to express their joy when they are happy. It is an opportunity for them to meet other women friends and have a good time. If women were to head all the countries of the world they can solve major conflicts over a shopping session. They could also create World War 3 over the most innocuous of scarves too.

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With that I will have to stop this post because I hear my wife calling me to go out for shopping. Lord have mercy on me !!!


Isidar Mithrim said...

Well... that's not all true you know... I'm a girl and I don't like shopping. My mom has to drag me out of the house and to the mall.

Anonymous said...

well ya its true that ladies loves shopping, but todays metrosexual guys are equally as shopping crazy (maybe more) as any lady.Guys today are equally interested in clothes and accessories as any lady you will find. Guy's are even picky when it comes to what his wife/gf will wear. Dont u think so?

CaptainMathanga said...

yes anonymous you are right. But even when we do pick things up it is usually done in lesser time that the females do.

Rhea said...

This is what the woman call --> "Retail therapy". In short, shopping is a form of destress. Man will never understand, please don't try to understand too. ;P

CaptainMathanga said...

as some woman once said "dont try to understand us... just love us" is that it rhea?

Anonymous said...

One pattern I noted in the shopping habits of women and men – Women buy stuff costs say $100 paying only $75 with all those ‘excursions’, but most of them will turn out useless in the future filling up your house. On the other hand, Men buy stuff costs say $200 paying maybe $300 from the first shop they go, but at the end of the day that will be a worthy one – not in cost but in use J.