Sunday, March 18, 2007

The name is Floyd…Pink Floyd

The tag line I took from James bond so that everything will look cool and all but if ever
the guys who make up the entity that is Pink Floyd happen upon this blog, they would kick me right out of the globe seeing this err.. tag line. Not to worry ‘cause I am the sorta person who would rather get whipped by roger waters than get blessed by my ma, pa and the local and global church authorities all combined together. But that’s just me and thisis not about moi but about moi band ‘pink floyd’.

To call Floyd a rock band would be somehow demeaning though they are the psychedelic rock pioneers indeed. What with everyone and anyone with a bass, drums and a bad throat being called rock bands these days, floyd should be called something else,something like psychetrip band?

Syd barret. That’s who started it all. Syd along with roger waters, nick mason and rick wright kicked some sweet and sour asses in the early hippie era. The band was officially formulated in the year 19blah blah blah. Who gives a damn when it was formed? Just dig the music dude!

Anyways, for all those serious types out there, I would provide this information- syd barret became a nervous wreck around the time floyd’s second album ‘saucerful of secrets’ came out. That’s how and when david gilmour got on the bus and syd got out.

Later on while recording ‘wish you were here’ which was a dedication album to barret,syd himself walked into the studio and surprised the gang. And that’s rock legend now.Popularly ‘dark side of moon’, ‘wish you were here’ and ‘the wall’ are considered to be floyd streakphase with those albums still being the hot sellers. Describing floyd’s music requires a decent amount of hash and marijuana in your body and you should also be out of your mind. There, that describes their music. Down to the last note.

After ‘the final cut’ which is a terrifically brilliant but terribly underrated album which some rock people even consider to be a roger waters solo album which it certainly is not ‘pink floyd’ split up. After a dick churning legal heist the new ‘pink floyd’ was formed minus roger watersand roger waters became roger waters! My my, aint that a shame.

Floyd continued their success even after losing their front man roger with two albums‘momentary lapse of reason’ and ‘the division bell’. Both real cool albums. Okay, we miss roger’s bass screaming and also his throaty voice now and then. But these two last albums have stunned our consciousness with such songs as ‘sorrow’, ‘the new machine’ and ‘high hopes’.

In addition to their original albums, in their roger waters era floyd had also composed music and songs for two movies by the French director barbet schoeder. ‘More’ and‘Obscured by clouds’ are the results.

Now I want to tell ya that a lot of really really unbelievable things happen in this world everyday and among them are people who have never heard floyd yet. Such unbelievable things we certainly don’t want, do we? There is an adage in the rock circle that buying floyd albums is the music equivalent of buying gold, which is quite true. You can pass it over to the next generation unless of course if you have brought the tapes and not the cds. Tapes don’t last that long.

And my personal adage is that floyd is the only band of which I can say without being persuaded with booze or d-matter that I love all of their songs. No matter which floyd song you are listening to, you are having the psychetrip of your life.



Arani said...

Very true Dhinoj, very true. Even without the hash and mary jane in my system, I can listen to floyd for hours floyd rulz!

dhinoj said...


good to know that u enjoy floyd as well. no, make that great.

Anonymous said...

The Final Cut was one of Pink Floyd's finest albums. You're right about it being underrated.

Keep up the good work. You have a cool blog.

Anonymous said...

I am a serious Pink Floyd fan too. I know it is out of context, but do you guys know of any recording studios in Kerala? I want to record some rock songs, both covers and originals.
Appreciate any help. Cool blog.