Monday, March 19, 2007

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton – The Manipulative Heiress

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How is it that a person with absolutely no great talent to talk of became one of the most talked about person in media history? Paris Hilton is a bad actress, doesn’t have any great talent, hosts a show which doesn’t have much too many viewers and yet she has one of the most recognizable names on the planet. The answer lies in her clever manipulation of the media with a constant barrage of shocking antics and sexual disclosures.

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Having born with a golden spoon in her mouth by virtue of being the daughter of Richard Hilton, the owner of the Hilton Hotel chain, I guess the only thing missing in Paris’s life must have been fame. She has certainly corrected that little miss like any rich brat would do. Get it by all means necessary.

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She was had started to gain a reputation as a socialite in 2001 and her fame began to extend beyond New York’s tabloids. She exploded into fame with the leak of her sex tape with an ex-boyfriend. The tape was leaked just a week prior to the premiere of her TV show ‘The simple life’. This fuelled rumors that it was a deliberate publicity stunt. However Paris has denied these allegations stating that it has caused her great embarrassment. Whatever the truth maybe there is no denying that the tape did help become a household name, albeit infamous. It caused such frenzy on the net that its still one of the most sought after downloads on the net.

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From then on Paris Hilton has been in the news for some reason or the other. Her public cat fights with fellow young celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are well documented. She and Lindsay are the reigning scandal queens with both relying on drugs, exposure and general outrageous behavior to stay in the spotlight. They are both hounded by paparazzi where ever they go to and both are not shy to play to their audience as well. Their gimmicks include turning up in skimpy or provocative clothes at parties, drunken driving or causing a ruckus with her behavior at some event or the other.

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She has had her mobile hacked and a lot of personal details splashed all over the world. Not to mention the celebrity phone numbers leaked throughout the world. Recently she is in the news once again for the web site It’s a website that features images of personal documents, video, and other material allegedly obtained when the contents of a storage locker rented by Hilton was auctioned off due to lack of a $208 payment. The website began charging online access to this material and received 1.2 million visitors in just over 40 hours. Among the contents were medications, diaries, photographs, contracts and love letters, as well as personal videos of her. She however obtained a temporary injunction against, closing down the website.

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Paris Hilton’s fame is a reflection of our generation who has screwed up values and is obsessed with fame. We are as much to blame for giving undue importance to such celebrities. Media is putty in the hands of people like Paris Hilton because we as readers show interest in knowing the sordid details of their personal life. This is harmful because impressionable youngsters are corrupted by this and begin to lose perspective on what is cool and what is not.


Mike Yordan said...

I TOTALLY agree. This Woman was born into the spotlight. What talent does she have?...none. To me, the fact that she is constantly in tabloids is a testament to her pseudo fame. Certain mega-stars are rarely seen in these things, I think Eminem is a good example. She freely chooses to be seen, loves the attention. Bah, rich, spoiled and slutty.
-Great Blog btw.

AA ONE~尹治雄~7296 said...

hahha ... nice blog on unbiase command ... keep it up too !! :)

Anonymous said...

Do a google search under "narcissistic personality disorder" and you'll find Paris Hilton described to a T. Manipulation is their middle name.