Monday, March 12, 2007

Stray Dog Menace

Stray dogs Rules Indian Roads !!!

Dogs enjoy every right while children get killed!

Recent paper reports are enough to send shock waves to parents all around our towns like “stray dogs maul slum-dwellers daughter”, 10 year old Kavita’s death on 16th January 2007 due to stray-dog attacks at Bhogewandi or Stray-dog bites twenty people in Bangalore etc.

The government machinery generally rude and unkind to law abiding citizen who pay there taxes is very magnanimous to antisocial elements, violent protesters and stray-dogs. There are so many of them to make life difficult for ordinary people whether they are dogs or antisocial elements doesn’t matter all live on the “magnanimity of the local governments. Bangalore the IT capital of India is not just an example but one of the worst cases where anti-socials and stray-dogs roam free.

They have “human rights” which our children haven’t.

Dogs were always there as it is presumed that Indian roads lose its glamour without one or two dogs and some cows and goats wandering free and feeding on what is available. When their population increased government machinery used to wake up and these animals were exterminated by some or other methods. Recently the policy had undergone a change and the “human rights” were extended to stray-dogs also. When “stray activists” become ministers and wield unlimited powers, any thing can happen. Awarding of human-rights to stray-dogs is not an aberration it is part and parcel of their policies!

“Stray activists”

The only tragedy was there were no counter activists to confront these “stray-activists” other wise some mad dogs would have been let loose on these stray-activists who are the real culprits for these most tragic instances which occasionally take place on Indian streets. Just think of a lonely child on a lonely street surrounded by dozens of dogs tearing and eating its organs before the child is dead.

No VIP vitims.

If the parent of the child happened to be a VIP there would have taken place some swift action, but VIP children never have to walk alone through deserted streets in such times. Hence there are no actions on the part of the local governments and the “activist minister” responsible for these tragedies roam free on the streets, no one dares question the minister lest get beaten up by the minister’s securities.

The modern Pilates.

Even now dogs with “human rights” roam free and the central government is not pressured to amend such eccentric laws put in place by activists. Local governments wash off their hands saying all these are laws of the Central Government and they can do nothing but obey! What an ideal obedience, when children of poor people are eaten away by street dogs they look other side quoting obedience!

There are many other laws.

How many other laws are there to which the local bodies give scant regard, giving protection to human life is perhaps the least obeyed law by our local bodies. They never get time to think of human life as they are fully immersed in giving protection to dogs’ rights. When chicken flu was here how many chicken were killed, why can’t that law applied to these stray dogs?

Next election’s issue, dog or man?

When stray-dogs and antisocial elements celebrate their human rights, it is the common man who is pushed to the receiving end; the next election should be fought on only one issue, who possess human rights dogs or human beings? Only those who stand for human beings should see the assembly, the others who are bound to serve the dogs can ask for only dog’s vote.


Anonymous said...

doggy days ahead

umoya said...

i had recently gone for a meeting in bangalore regarding this issue. i agree something needs to be done. but what is concerning most people is the fact that a lot of friendly, innocent stray dogs with no notable disease will die in the process of mass killing.
in the meeting there was one man who belonged to a very poor family who spoke up, he said that in his village there were about 30 stray dogs, who have all been given names and who everyone loves and cares for. these dogs keep his village safe.and he would not know what to do if these dogs were to dissapear one day. i agree something must be done about the strays population, but mass killing of dogs who may be someones friend and companion is not right.

Sasi Kumar said...

every dog has his day mr suraj!
let them have their days.sasikumar.

Sasi Kumar said...

villagers are good people to deal with so are their dogs Namitha!

"Villages are rich with goodness
towns have nothing but pretensions!"

so sung the great malayalam poet
by name Ulloor. sasikumar.

Anonymous said...

Sasi, It is really unfortunate that lil children lost their life in such a sad way. But dont you stop and think how come dogs have suddenly turned murderers? There is certainly more to it what appears on the surface. The govt/babus have always been shortsighted and when they solve a problem all they see is how much money can be gobbled. So while The abc and arv for controlling dog population and vaccination for dogs should have resulted in safer streets it went astray. Cos the funds were not utilised properly northe program implemented properly. So now they come up with a solution kill all dogs, which again is not a solution as many cities and contries have already noted. It nothing but inhuman and foolish way of tackling an issue. What we need is an honest attempt at controlling dog population by scientific methods as the WHO reports states.

Anonymous said...

mr sasi kumar,
thanks for your highly valuable comments(lol). its so sad tha u have such narrow view regarding this sensitive issue. i do agree that a mad dog causing rabiz needs to be put down to sleep but u cant give this treatment to all the stray dogs. Moreover, the dogs are killed in the most horrible and brutal manner which a normal human being can not justify in any way. If you do that , then i feel sorry for you! Have mercy on these speechless and innocent animals who are not able to withstand this cruelty or to understand the illogical logic behind their killings or else it will definitely harm the kerala humane image !

animtreebird said...

Your article is unnervering among other things like insensitive, narrow minded, etc. A couple of big cities have carried out the Animal Birth Control program with great success. Since 2001 there has been no Rabies incidence in these cities, as a result of which the dogs do not suffer from this dreadful disease and the people are safer. This was achieved within a span of just 5 years of intensive animal birth control campaign. Dog population in these cities were reduced by 70% by this humane method. These cities previously were doing exactly what you miserable Kerala Govt is doing now. They were killing dogs for almost 60 years with absolutely no results. But within just 5 years of animal birth control and anti rabies campaign, such fantastic results have been achieved.