Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What the f**k is a blog anyway?!

The beauty of the thing is that every single man or woman can jump in and start scribbling. And its hectically beautiful indeed. U don’t have to be a pro writer or some dick inorder to write a blog (good for me,eh?). The blog is a space where you can be you. Correction. The blog is one of the very few spaces left where you can be you. And its changing. Rapidly.

The reason? The green stuff as the Americans call it or the odorless stuff which is the Indian talk. Some prick found out that you can actually earn some money by writing up blogs. Surprisingly or not, fortunately or otherwise, its true. And now people are blogging whether they feel like it or not. Mostly when they don’t feel like it ‘cause who would rather sit with a computer rather than fuck a dame? They are blogging up as if today is the end of the world or as if they have got a doctor’s prescription-“You should write three blogs a day, one in the morning, one after lunch and one before supper”

The scene has now given into guys who write up any bullshit they cooked up or better, cooked up by some shitty magazines like India today, The Week or Time or whatever. Copy and paste is just about the routine simply put. What these dickheads don’t understand is that its exactly because we are all tired of reading these shitty stuff in which the breed called journalists lie through their sulfur tinted teeth that we have turned to blogs. Mostly its not due to the high literary quality of the blogger’s language that we get into this stuff for Shakespeare is not to be found in every ‘grampanchayat’ and thank god for that. Its because we can tap into some honest thought, whether right or wrong doesn’t matter since the writer earnestly believed in it, that we get into blogs.

Just last week I met a kid of 12 who wrote up a blog about his feelings on entering his first class at his new school. Who the fuck wants to read about that?! Some people do. You know why? Because the kid did it without an iota of pretentiousness. He wrote exactly what he felt on entering the class. Literally it wasn’t much , but where it counts it had much.

Blog when you feel like it or when you feel that you need to speak up about something. Not when you feel your greedy glands swelling up. If you get paid for writing on your own initiative, then its swell. Otherwise its hell.

Of course, what I have said here has nothing to do with this blogspot since the bloggers in this blogspot are all from Mars where monetary system does not exist and so they don’t give a fuck about money.


Zilko said...


THX 4 ur visit and commentary!! Anyway, I like this entry you wrote.. :)

Matt said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Yours looks interesting too. I am from the Middle West of America, but lately I have been trying to follow world sports a little more--so far, soccer and rugby (which I get to watch over Directv). Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to see any cricket, so I don't know much about that--yet.

silverine said...

I saw the title and a few lines of this post on Kerala Blog Roll and came in to read and agree 100% with what you have written.

"“You should write three blogs a day, one in the morning, one after lunch and one before supper”" LOL
That sounds like an editorial deadline! Blogging has to be spontaneous and honest and never for readers...something a lot of bloggers don't realise. It should satisfy your creative instincts and that can never happen if your writing is even faintly tainted with the hope of appreciation or readers!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting post. You definately made some good points and such. I wrote a post not that long ago about paid blogging. I don't think it's about the same paid blogging as you make it sound here, but if you'd like to read it, it's linked from my name.

Anyway, nice post and good opinions :)

By the way, I found you through my AutoRoll on my advice blog. You've got a nice one here :D