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Nandigram The Real Story Behind

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Lesson - 1. Never dare to be different!

It all began with the West Bengal government’s policy to change the image of that state from a grave-yard of industries to a vibrant economy. The change of stewardship from the ageing Jyoti Basu to the progressive Budhadeb was a real change like something comparable that took place in China where Deng Xiao Ping followed Mao Zedong. It was not confined to a change of person but a drastic one that changed the fate of more than a billion people.

Never see any dream!
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Buddhadeb tried to copy a revolution that took place in China about forty years back and he saw a dream of Bengal getting transformed in to a vibrant economy breaking away the shackles of obscurantism. The pro-active Central government brought forward some of the development strategies like “Special Economic Zones” ( SEZs). Buddhadeb was quick enough to grab the new opportunities which enabled capital inflows from foreign investors. These zones enabled some tax sops to industries functioning there, making them lucrative locations.

India is not China!
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West Bengal government was able to get sanction for more than twenty such zones which were capable enough to attract billions of dollars. These projects if fructified can assure jobs to millions of people changing the entire landscape of the state.

Mao Zedong - Image courtsey: chiny.republika.pl

But India was not China and Buddhadeb was not Deng. It so happened that all the forces opposing change united against Mr. Deb from ruling Congress to anti-national forces like the Maoists. A good amount of CPM party supporters were also raising cudgels against Mr. Basu.

Never lead from the front!

The opponents got a sharp tool in their hand, the farmers who stand to lose land if the project came in to being, they were instigated to fight against the Deb’s dream projects, people took to arms and attacked the police outposts 14 persons were killed and Bengal burned as rioters took over the state, while Deb’s “seniors” washed their hands saying “I told you so”. Now everyone is asking for the resignation of poor Buddhadeb for the crime of seeing beautiful dreams!

Once tasted blood!
Jyoti Basu - Image courtsey: hindu.com

At last the West Bengal government had to yield before the combined opposition forces – a strange concoction of almost all political animals from anti-nationals to the party which rules India. The ruling alliance had to withdraw the land acquisition plans in Nandigram. The terrorists have tasted blood they are celebrating victory with the arrival of 14 martyrs in their kitty, soon they will be prowling upon the other projects those are sanctioned and land acquisition programs are yet to start.

Where gone the guru!

The ruling LDF which is in power for the last quarter of a century got a severe drubbing by all these and other members of the ruling alliance have washed off their hands resorting to “I told you so” responses. The CPM is isolated in its disgrace and licking its wounds. The strange thing is a good percentage of their own ranks including the veteran leader Com. Jyoti Basu were against such industrialization at the cost of vote-banks!

CPM Played the same on P C Roy!

The Congress Party which rules the center – which was thrown out of West Bengal a quarter of a century back and still fail to make any impact in the state politics started to blame the state government. Buddhadeb is in fact a victim of the Communist Party’s past mistakes, they played the same cards against Mr. P.C. Roy the then Chief Minister of that state.

Revolution strikes back!

CPM as opposition gained a lot of mileage by injecting such “perverted revolutionary ideologies” in to the minds of innocent people and used them as tools to gain power. Now the party has been ruling the state for a pretty long time and it finds no scapegoats for the stagnation suffered by the once progressing state. It is said one can deceive somebody for ever or everybody for sometime, but not everybody for ever. Precisely that is the problem with the ruling party, so far made people ignoramuses, now their come other smart ones who use these tools.

Grave diggers!

What has happened in that state is definitely a draw-back to whole nation, the perverted activists and antinational elements have tasted blood and they will jump upon every development projects in the offing? Leave the extremists, even the so called national parties are digging graves to poor people for the sake of cheap popularity. Everybody knows factories and offices bring jobs and livelihood to people, by stalling them these activists and the opportunists are shutting doors of prosperity before people.

Ring master? No. Mute onlooker? May be!

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Democracy is a circus where snakes and rats share common stage the ring master has a duty to keep the shows go on without one getting eaten by the other. Anti-national groups who have gained control of a sizeable part of this country and their fiefdoms are fast spreading challenging the law and order. The present central government instead of taking strong measures is there as a mute spectator and resorts to useless advices after the damages are done. Bengal is a touch-stone remember that!

Factions of West Bengal LDF (Left Democratic Front) CPM (Communist Party Marxist), The Forward Block, CPI (Communist Party of India), RSP (Revolutionary Socialist Party)
Factions involved in the agitation. BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), Maoist Communist Party, SUCI (Socialist Unity Center of India) INC (Indian National Congress), with the active support of activists of all hues.

Descriptions of political parties.

INC Indian National Congress headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi wife of late Rajeev Gandhi, Son of Former Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and grandson of Late Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India.

Trinamul Congress. A break away faction from Bengal Congress, headed by Ms Mamta Banerji, An activist politician of Bengal. (Word “trinamul” means grass-root)

CPM (Communist Party Marxist)The largest faction of the various communist parties in India. CPM rules three states in India West Bengal, Tripura and Kerala. Bengal headed by Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacarya.

RSP (Revolutionary Socialist Party a partner in the ruling alliance.

All India Forward Block yet another partner.


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