Saturday, August 11, 2007

‘No way!’. Say that to these....

A list of popular products you
should / should not Buy, Use or Endorse

Here is a little something I’ve whipped up that is a list of products/companies you should not buy/endorse. The reason for not buying as well as buying is given alongside each entry.

Disclaimer: this list does not claim to be complete. Actually this is not even the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg but here goes..

Product no:1- Pespsi/coca cola

Reason for not buying:

Both of the soft drink giants have started and are maintaining rather successfully bottling plants causing serious environmental problems in the surrounding areas causing physical ailments to the residents. Plachimada in kerala is just but an instant of this ‘soft kill’. In addition, it is widely known that next to jesus rising out of the tomb the availability of pepsi/cola products in the legal market is the greatest miracle of all times since almost all standard authority norms on the level of chemicals have been violated by both companies. There is more, but I think you have reasons enough now.

Reason for buying:

So that u can buy it to ur child and kill him/her with stomach cancer thereby excluding urself from any future parental responsibilities. Seriously that’s the only reason I can see.

Product no:2- GAP products (Clothing related accessories)

Reason for not buying:

Conclusive proof has been obtained and produced before authorities including the U.N (with no results as usual) showing that GAP uses as employees women and children made to work for 20 hours a day without pay and under locks and guns, yes guns. This is especially true in the middle east. Assault on the ‘employees’ are a daily issue with physical abuse and whole lotta other shit. So everytime u buy a GAP product some poor child might be getting hurt for it.

Reason for buying:


Product no:3- Saint gobain

Reason for not buying:

There exist only very few nations on the earth where these buggers have not started up factories evicting farmers illegally, even when government orders were with the farmers. Of course the governments should be more responsible but so is the company.

Reason for buying:

So that u can look at ur ugly mug on the mirror.

Product no:4- Any and all bottled water

Reason for not buying:

An estimate of roughly 200 people around the globe are dying due to scarcity of water simply because some big conglomerate or other has ‘brought off’ the local water sources like rivers and sometimes even canals (yeah, I also don’t know how they do that, I mean canals are built in the first place to bring water to the people). Worst hit in the world include Gujarat in India as well alongside certain Scandinavian villages.

And the 200 figure I gave at the beginning is a safe estimate.

Reason for buying:

Look at ur life! Slaving from morn till night all because food has been privatized. Do u want to make it any worse than it already is?

Product no:5- mcdonalds

Okay, this is a company but forget the friggin’ grammar man!

Reason for not buying:

This is the company that has single handedly made the largest number of people in the world what media people like to call internally displaced and what normal people call homeless. Using ‘tactics’ such as using the local mafia/underworld forces to properly ‘persuade’ people to leave their homes for meagre sums that wouldn’t even buy them a one time meal for two from mcd itself, it is something greater than injustice that this company is being allowed to continue with its current mode of operation.

Reason for buying:

for those cute giveaway toys, but we can live without those, cant we?

Product no:6- Ford

Reason for not buying:

A company that ‘officially’ supports and make money out of america’s so called fight on terrorism that is going on in the assumption that all the baddies in the whole world are in the middle east/iraq area, should not only not be supported but should possibly be pissed on in my opinion. Minus the funds coming in from companies such as ford, many innocents in the war ridden regions of the world would have better chance to live.

Reason for buying:

Simply for satisfying your killer instinct and getting away with it.

For knowing about products u can buy without hurting others, log on to


david santos said...

Thanks for your work and have a good week

Veera said...

GAP is forcing their employees to work ah !!!!???? Man,, How the Goverments allowing this company to sell their brand !??

Ellie said...

very interesting stuff here. your blog is so comprehensive! I'm quite impressed. and thanks for your kind words when you stumbled across mine. =)

Miss J ((Wonders)) said...

I love reading up on this type of thing. Wal-mart is probably the number one place to not shop that I would list! Thanks for commenting my blog, or I would have never found yours. I love peoples views on what is going on in the world ;-)