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Free cycle – just join the fray

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No cycling or recycling only free cycling.

All nations whether developed or developing live in different worlds that exists within its population. worlds that range from the filty rich's to the most modest of its citizens, wherein a few can afford a mansion some crave for a roof above their head contradictions galore as developments leaps and bounds. The basic needs of people are said to be bread, cloth and house (roti, kapada our makan in Hindi) there are people who have met these three needs and then craving for some enjoyment they wish for a TV set, a radio, a tape recorder or a Bicycle but find it impossible to get them for lack of money and envy their neighbor who have all these and more. At a time of crisis like a power failure earth quake or flood there are many looting as the basic reason remains plain envy? perhaps its best to put an end to this eternal issue by subscribing to the view points expressed in the Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory. So now we've come to the conclusion that as people develop their needs expand and their priorities change. They crave for an entirely different set of things to fullfill their new found needs.

India, China, Brazil etc are fast developing countries in the process of fast tech growth unfortunately the majority were left behind, as they were not fortunate enough to gain modern education. As a result in the midst of prosperity they are destined to lead a life of penury, this sharp contrast is visible in Bangalore and Delhi the situation is not different in Sao Paulo or Shanghai. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure’ in these places when an obsolete washing machine is donated free to a neighbor there is love received in exchange, far more worthier than money. A TV set got free (although old) from a neighbor is a treasure in a poor man’s home, and his children are grateful to the neighbor ‘although he is rich!’. There are occasions in big cities where one who wishes to dispose off some of his belongings find it hard to do due to the strict rules in cities regarding waste disposal and at times he'd be forced to pay some one to get the job done. The freecycle network spares its members all this trouble.

The idea of free cycle is not new that has been here from prehistoric time but in the present moment this age old concept is gaining wings by some good efforts from The Free Cycle Network which offers a site for such deeds from a good neighbor. In the freecycle network there are hundreds of groups categorised area wise for ease of opertion. The free cylce network uses the yahoo groups platform for it operation. Membership and usage is totally free. Anyone can visit this site register his name in neighborhood group by zeroing in the group nearest to his or her town of residence and offer the things free for those who require it, along with the offer he can post ad on anything he wishes to have.

In certain areas even dress to wear is scarce and people find it hard to shop for clothes for the family, while the very neighbor finds his closet crammed by old clothes, a site that helps an anonymous exchange between the givers and takers offers a venue for ‘free cycle’ totally free even from emotional bandages. The takers thanks get spread to all ‘haves’ and his envy is lessened. A social revolution that sheds no blood and fills minds with all that is good.

Even in developed nations there is relevance to this movement as there are people denied of commuting facilities for want of an automobile, while in the very neighborhood and old one is remains as a space-killer and a nuisance. They can join the fray of free cycle and gain the love of their neighbor. It is said charity begins at home, need not take it as charity as it is an exchange of something useless somewhere and a coveted possession elsewhere. Just a transposition from here to there for a goodwill from an unknown fellow man, same time helping one’s home from becoming a dumping place for used things.

We support the freecycle concept for the following reasons

  • By freecycling the lifespan of the the goods are actually extended.
  • Extending lifespan of good means less waste and less demand for new items.
  • Less production means less emissions.
  • Less waste means cleaner cities.
  • Free goods to the needy.
  • Disposal of unwanted item is taken care off for free.
  • To me it seems as good as doing some charity work.

These are just a few of the benefits that readily come to my mind but i'm sure there are many many more... lets hope this novel concept gains mass appeal and let many people benefit from it.

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