Saturday, August 4, 2007

Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Arm pillow for Japan singlesBoyfriend Pillow image courtsey:

Boyfriend pillow for Japan singles

Having trouble sleeping with your partner?, does he snore, prefers the a/c set on a different temperature?, makes demands?, shifts so much in bed so that you wake up every time it happens, there could be endless worries to sleeping with another person in the same bed or for that matter even in the same room. The problem seems to be much worse in japan rather than in other parts of the world. Or is it just that the marketing research department in Japanese companies are so proactive that they’re ready to help a hand or rather an arm ???

Women in Japan it seems ready to part 8,500 Yen or (£40, $80), of their hard earned money for a very unique product. And something that relieves you of your worries should be dear to you and is that the explanation for the excellent product reviews from the 1000 or so people who’ve already bought theirs. If you are wondering what the hell am I talking about, it’s all about the Boyfriend Arm Pillow which a Japanese company named Kameo makes and markets. The Boyfriend's Arm Pillow is shaped like a man's torso with one sturdy arm. Manufacturers Kameo claim that the pillow’s shape keeps the body balanced. Currently the Boyfriends Arm Pillow is for sale only in Japan but there are roumers that they are planning to release the products in other countries as well. Well I’d suggest they do that without much delay if they are to make success and keep improvising until they have a complete boyfriend pillow or if possible a Boyfriend Bed rather than just an arm. Now that this product has found success, its just a matter of time till the other companies join the fray. On a personal note I’d advise Kameo to file a patent for the concept if they’ve not done that already.

Boyfriend Arm pillow for Japan singlesBoyfriend Pillow image courtsey:

The Boyfriends Pillow has a plushie cross sectional chest, 90 degree outstretched arm and puffy-white sausage fingers.

  • Boyfriend Pillow comes wearing an office-casual classy button down shirt.
  • Currently the Boyfriend Arm Pillow is available in shades of blue, pink or green.
  • It comes equipped with an alarm which vibrates to wake you up.

Customer Reactions

  • Says it makes them feel relaxed as they feel something or rather someone warm at their side.
  • Says it dosent betray them.
  • Says it holds them all the way through unlike the real ones.

Well after all this I was just wondering when a Girl Friends Arm Pillow will be introduced into the market. Let's hope the day is not far, or have they already done it, any idea ?...... any one…. ??? if you come across a Girlfriend Arm Pillow or any such products just keep me posted via comments, Have a good day.


Cash for Cars Indianapolis said...

I love the boyfriend pillow idea. It could be the next million dollar idea.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This is amazing.

Nice blog.

vid's said...

I dont' like this :(. it's scary

Anonymous said...

It's a lot cheaper here in the US. A friend of mine just bought one from for only about $40