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Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules undersea lodge image courtsey: jules.com

‘Jules’ 21 feet under the sea.

The Legendary Sub-marine off Florida.

Jules Verne and his Nautilus (the fictitious sub-marine) that could dip to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea! Had attracted the fancy of children (as well as adults all over the world) Jules Under Sea Lodge also has some thing common with it as first the name ‘Jules’ is for the tribute of the great author Jules Verne himself. Nautilus went so many leagues (whole 200,000) under the sea (in no where in the sea such a huge depth exists is another matter) Jules’ Under Sea Lodge is under the sea and reachable via scuba diving only. This is the largest and most luxurious among habitable underwater stations in the world.

Relaxing under water!

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge image courtsey: dne.enaa.com

‘Jules Lodge located in a lagoon adjacent to Key Largo in Florida, is a natural nursery for many reef-fishes and tropical mangrove varieties. Jules was originally established as an under-sea research laboratory to study the Continental Shelf of Puerto Rico but in a very rare and innovative step it has been opened for common men even for those who never have attempted to dive beforehand! It may be akin to the scenes of a sci-fi movie scene to imagine that people with scuba diving suit dining relaxing and sleeping how can it be possible? The scuba diving suit can be changed soon after you enter the lodge as in the lodge clean atmospheric air is available to breath.

A musical kitchen.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules under sea lodge image courtsey: ministryoftech.com

Not just breathing but talking relaxing eating good food all exactly as in any other luxury lodges. Rooms are air-conditioned with attached bathrooms provided with hot showers, telephones and all amenities a good lodge can provide. The kitchen is well stocked with refrigerator, micro-wave oven, a good library with exclusive books. You can cook your favorite dish dissolved in the stereophonic music flow from most modern system fills the entire atmosphere!

Finned friends are just neighbors!

If a good sleep is missing what does it means with the word comfort; here the bed is luxuriously cozy with wide 42” windows nearby there are a lot of fish as your visitors over the windows having a look at those strangers snuggling in the bed under the dim light of the bed-room lamp! Don’t worry they these scaled friends are not Peeping Toms they see such scenes every day; just paying a visit to see who the day’s guests are.

A window not to be opened.

Jules Under-Sea Lodge is located in mangrove lagoon a natural nursery of many reef-fishes like the angel fish, parrot fish, barracuda, snappers etc. The visitors at your windows may be any or some of these original residents of the locality. Pities that you can’t please the visitors by some treats as the window cannot be opened remember that fact that you are in deep blue sea!

Marriages are made beneath the sea!

This lodge offers very interesting facilities like under water weddings where flowers, ‘under-water wedding cake’ and all paraphernalia associated with a traditional wedding is supplied so that couples who are stuck to their traditional customs can marry in a very rare and trendy style! After marriage, what about an instant honey-moon? No problem that also can be celebrated among angel fishes as Peep Toms! There are many celebrities in their visitors list like Pierre Trudeau erstwhile P M of Canada, Rock star Steve Tylor etc the list is rather long.

Not just a sub-marine lodge.

This is not just an under-water lodge it is a marine archeological institute as well. A re-creation of old wreck of a Spanish Galleon provides the inmates with the basic lessons as well as practical procedures related to marine archeological researches. There are courses offered for ‘aquanauts’ (like astronauts going and living in space aquanauts go beneath water and get trained in the techniques of living and doing researches) and certificates issued for those who successfully complete the courses. In a sense it is a full fledged marine university rather a “sub-marine university”. Its inmates are allowed unlimited diving time with scuba gear and the air-tanks provided by the lodge there is no time or air limits but 24 hours recuperation is compulsory after every diving sessions for the sake of safety.

A ground station for back-support.

It is the ground station located in the edge of the emerald lagoon that controls all the operations and requirements of the lodge like air, water, power and communications all and above the provisions required for the comforts of the occupants. Staffs there are in twenty four hour duty to see the lodge as well as lab works smoothly and safely. The services include a ‘Mer-chef’ (mer for mermaid!) Neil Monney and Ian Kublick; who have over 50 years of experience ocean research in the Marine Resource Foundation are the architects behind this innovative enterprise (Ian Kublick was the president of the Marine Research Foundation in the seventies).

Happy sub-marine honeymoon.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge image courtsey: slimg.com

At present they are flooded with enquiries from various organizations for installing similar projects. In the near future there may be so many sub-marine lodges so that the rates for a stay may not be so hefty and ordinary people also may be able to celebrate their honey-moons in such an ambient atmosphere where there may be angel fishes as spectators! Happy would be honey moons under water!


Linsey Knerl said...

This is a great idea! Too bad I am both afraid of closed spaces and water... but the view is beautiful! Nice article, and thanks for visiting my blog Biby!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Nice, but I wonder what it smells like in there...

Samuel Sepúlveda (SSC) said...

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Anonymous said...

The Nautilus actually travelled a distance of 20,000 leagues underwater in the story, not 20,000 leagues deep.

We spent the night as family of five in Jules Undersea Lodge in 2007. It was a wonderful family experience like no other. Had scuaba tanks delivered to the moon pool and pizza to the galley. Woke up to fish looking into our stateroom through the window. Fresh air-conditioned air, very comfortable, more room than any RV. We plan to go back again. This year we did the marine biology experience at the MarineLab habitat right beside Jules. That was great too. - TNNAUT