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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty image courtsey: wikipedia.org

Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World (La liberte eclairant le monde)

It is a common phenomenon that a monument acts as the face of a nation, Eiffel Tower to France or London Tower the United Kingdom. ‘Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World’ (popularly called the Statue of Liberty) is precisely doing the same role as it has become the face of America for the last 121 years. This statue stands tall as the universal symbol of freedom and liberty, welcoming those who had to flee their native place and had to seek asylum some where else to escape repression and injustice at their own home state.

Just a ticket.

This colossal statue is situated in the Liberty Island (14.71 acre islet in the New York port (this uninhabited islet was formerly known as Bedloe’s Island) in the mouth of River Hudson accessible only by ferry service. Those who take a ticket to the ferry can roam in the island to pass time without any other fee. But to get in to the monument the monument requires separate ticket and a tight security check up.

Rich and poor divide.

Though it was a gift there was some agreements between the two people, it was the responsibility of the American people to build the pedestal for the statue, the French were to construct the statue, transport it to New York and erect (assemble) it. Fund raising for the mega work was not progressing as desired. The benefit shows, public performances by celebrities and all gimmicks were tried in both America and France but failed to arouse the desired effect. The rich considered it as a national project and remarked let nation raise the money after all they collect the taxes, the middle class as usual thought let the rich contribute as they have enough money.

Funds just flow.

When the lack of funds paused as a stumbling block it was the role of the intelligentsia to act, upset by the tardy progress of the fund raising the Pulitzer (the media baron, who found the Pulitzer’s prize) took up the matter and he wrote harshly about the Peoples’ neglect of a grand work like this through the media he owned and this had a sudden impact and funds began to flow!

For its making the French people engaged the best team they had; because it was such a prestigious work.

The construction of this statue.

Frederique Augusta Bartholdi image courtsey: wikipedia.org

As this statue represented the prestige of the whole French people it was for them a work of national importance. Only the best could be engaged for its work and so they did. The name of Frederique Augusta Bartholdi the best name in this field was selected as the chief architect, the massive structure with facilities for a lot of visitors inside required a matching structure, the didn’t have to think twice in bringing in none other than Alexander Gustav the maker of Eiffel Tower. Outer skin of the statue was made of copper plates Eugene Violet le Duc was the man for converting plain copper plates in to immortality.

An affair between two people.

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in October 28, 1886 in connection with the centennial celebrations of the United States of America; it was designated as a national monument in July 4, 1986. This colossal statue of a woman wearing robe and holding a stone tablet close to her chest in the left arm and a lightened torch in her raised right arm was a gift the people of France gave to their counterparts living in America when they were celebrating their centennial of freedom. The crown the statue wears has seven spikes each representing seven oceans as well as seven continents.

Vital Stats.

  • The height from floor to the edge of the torch -----305 feet and 1 inch.
  • Top of base to torch------------------------------------151 feet and 1 inch
  • Height of the head -------------------------------------- 16’ 5’’
  • Width of the eye -----------------------------------------2’6’’
  • Height from ground to pedestal -----------------------154’
  • Length of right arm ------------------------------------- 42’’
  • Quantity of copper used --------------------------------31 Tons.
  • Steel used ------------------------------------------------ 125 Tons.
  • Wind sway ----------------------------------------------- 3’’ (at wind speed 50 mph)

Welcome to the fair freedom’s open door!

Statue of Liberty image courtsey: artseaphotos.com

The present torch the statue bears has golden flame, during day time it shines in the sun; and during night the glitter comes reflected from the flood lights. The statue faces to the New York harbor and to the travelers who land in America this tall statue offers a welcome sight (travelers include immigrants from various parts of the world running away from oppression as well as Americans who return to their land after foreign journeys. This statue seems as it is floating in the blue sky as stand still in the passing whit clouds in the deep-blue sky.

July 4, 1776.

The crown worn by the statue has twenty five windows representing symbolizing all the precious gem-stones on earth. The stone tablet carried in its left arm has a date inscribed on it ‘July 4, 1776’ (July,iv MDCCLXXVI); the date when America got its independence. This is not just a statue it is the symbol of bondage between the people of two independent nations.

A monument so unique.

Statue of liberty image courtsey: wikipedi.org

Its greatness is that Statue of Liberty was not just made by a crazy or autocratic ruler or a government that wished to show its strength and power flaunting money, but by common people of two nations by contributing money from their daily earnings, so that their money gets immortalized in the shape of a towering monument which symbolizes mutual love, understanding, liberty and freedom. No where else in the world there is such a monument that tells the story of love between the people of two independent nations like the Statue of Liberty!


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