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Terrorist Attack at Glasgow Airport London

The Terrorist Attack at Glasgow Airport London and the aftermath

Terrorist Attack at Glasgow Airport London

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July, 1 2007, Sunday Car-bomb an omen.

Security tightened at London following the recovery of car-bombs from two Mercedes Benz Cars parked at Hay mar Market. These bombs were tins containing nails and petrol that if burst in such crowded areas could cause a lot of deaths and much damage to properties. The ‘tightening of security’ included installation of closed circuit t v on vital points and alerting antiterrorist squads for more patrolling. In view of the Wimbledon and the Princess Diana Memorial Music Concert this development has been viewed seriously. The involvement of Al Queida has not been ruled out.

Monday, 2nd July They knew it beforehand!

On Saturday two terrorists (with Asian features) drove a burning jeep to the Glasgow terminal of the London Airport in the failed attempt one of the driver sustained 90% burns and admitted in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, in addition to his accomplice two more persons have been arrested. This incident has been found to be related with the car-bomb recovered previous day. Meanwhile ABC reported from New York that they had information about such an attack beforehand and added that In Czech Republic also there may be attacks. US tightened security to flights to and from Czech.

Tuesday 3rd July There is no charge.

Two Indian doctors in custody for suspected involvement with the London Glasgow attack one caught from Liverpool and the other from Brisbane (Mohammed Haneef 27 a native of Chikkamangalore near Bangalore). Of the total 8 persons arrested are medical professionals five of the doctors and other health assistants. Australian Attorney General Philip Roddek has explained that there is no charge against Haneef and only held for questioning. It is reported that Scotland Yard is baffled by the fact that all the persons associated with the crime were from the medical community.

4th July 22, 2007, The plot was hatched in UK itself.

Indications suggests that the plot was not planned outside and imported to UK but these medical professional made it in UK itself. One suspicious baggage found in terminal number 4 in the Heathrow Airport has forced the flights of British Airways to cancel flights to US and Europe.

Thursday 5th July, Do it quick, court!

The identity of the two persons who drove the burning car revealed one Mr. Kafeel Ahmed (admitted with 90%burns) the other Mr. Bilal Abdulla an Iraq national also reported that their suicide note has been recovered. Kafeel Ahmed is said to be cousin of Sabeel Ahmed an Indian who was arrested at Liverpool. Queensland Court has given permission to keep Haneef under custody for four more days and ordered that within this timeframe if the charge is not framed he will be relieved. Deputy High Commissioner of India Vinod Kumar has assured that all helps would be extended to Dr. Haneef.

What a bomb, these doctors made!

Meanwhile details of the ‘bomb’ also has been received it was improvised one and a defective syringe did not work and spoiled the plan. Gas cylinders, petrol cans, two mobile phones and the ‘spoil sport syringe’ all were connected and the vibration from the mobile phone was expected to detonate the device. At a distance a similar set up was made in another car, if worked they could inflict serious damage to human lives. After 14 hours the burned car was driven to the airport that also failed. What can be done if god stands with the innocent crowd?

A gold mine.

Bangalore police searched the house of Kafeel Ahmed who drove the jeep to the airport, and captured a 120 GB hard disk (with 12, 000 files, several CDs, five thousand emails in five email addresses) which will be examined in the Electronic Research and Development Center Thiruvanathapuram. It is also known that Kafeel has been engaged in instigating youths to terrorism and spending substantial sum for the purpose. Reports say that the CDs contain secret data accessible only to hardcore terrorists, fiery speeches and dictates belonging to Al Quaida leaders like Osama Bin Laden, Aimen Al Zawahiri etc not available to outsiders, terrorists activities from Chechnia etc were just some of the recordings in the disc. The Karnataka police have called a meeting to decide about further actions as they were convinced of the group’s (of Kafeel known as the sleeping cell) contacts that run deep.

The man from Iceland bathed in fire!

The London Police is of the view that the leader of the cell was Bilal Abdulla who was there in the burning jeep.

Those who are in custody in relation with this case are the following.

Dr. Bilal Abdulla, said to be the kingpin of the operation.

Kafeel Ahamed, native of Bangalore India, a post graduate engineering student. Formerly police were not in a position of the man with 90% burns. Kabeel’s friends were saying he was in Iceland for a vacation, but he could not be traced anywhere they came to conclusion that the burnt man is the Indian Kafeel Ahmed himself.

Dr. Mohamed Haneef, native of Bangalore India. He is only charged with indirect role in the crime (it was from his sim card the detonation was attended, and there are proofs that he was frequently in touch with the culprits).

Dr. Sabeel Ahamed (Indian national, brother of Kafeel)

Mohamed As’ha (Jordan)

Mrs. Marwa (Wife of As’ha)

Must return with honor.

Mrs. Firdous Arshiya (wife of Dr. Haneef frequently conduct press conference and declare her husband is innocent and blame the authorities for keeping him in custody even while admitting the issue of sim card and frequent contacts with the culprits as well as his immediate exit from UK. Mrs. Firdous said that she doesn’t want her husband back that way, “I want him back, but with full respect and honor”.

Sympathy waves turn tsunami.

Lawyers are enmasse behind Dr. Haneef and they have vociferously appealed against the revoke of his work visa. Indian Ministry of External Affairs summoned the Australian ambassador McCarthy on Tuesday and expressed India’s concern over Dr. Haneef’s case and asked to deal it in a fair manner. India itself being under persistent threat of terrorists it seems strange for it to interfere in another country’s proceedings. India instead of showing gimmicks should have offered all helps to the affected nation to conduct detailed inquiries about a terror attack.

Children of lesser god – The Indian fishermen!

One recent report was showing the plight of 50 Indian fishermen who were languishing in the Pak jail for crossing sea-boundaries! no ministers were talking anything about them as they were children of lesser gods!

The lone voice against terror.

Australia’s Immigration minister Kevin Andrews has stated that the role of Haneef in rendering help to terrorists by giving them his sim card for the operation cannot be treated as trivial and that was the reason for revoking his visa immediately after the magistrate Jacqui Payne granted him conditional bail. The committal hearing will be held only on August 31. At present Dr. Haneef has been confined to solitary imprisonment. The visa of Firdous also has been cancelled. Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh asked Australian authorities to grant all the legally available rights to Dr. Haneef.

Indian image; tarnished a tad?

The immediate fallout of the incident would be more hurdles before Indians to acquire work in other countries; Gordon Brown British PM has already announced stricter screening for foreign professionals. There are about 80,000 overseas doctors in Britain of which half are from India. It would be tougher for others to get work in UK or anywhere in these circumstances. India’s principled stand with a commitment to end terrorism alone can restore the damage that was done due to such incidents. Prime Minister running to back terror suspects is not a good model to a democracy like India which stands vowed to non-violence.

The strange games politicians play!

As per the latest reports Dr. Mohammed Haneef issue has become a political ball in Australian play field. The ruling and opposition parties liberally kick the ball for their political gains. All top players are in the field including Prime Minister John Howard, His asst. Marc Wayle, Minister for External affairs Alexander Downer, and every one of prominence are engaged in washing ‘linen’ in public. It seems to a consolation for India that at least in the game of politics developed and developing are equal!

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