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Vince Mcmahon Death

On Vince Mcmahon's Death

On June 11, 2007, WWE aired a segment at the end of RAW that featured McMahon (in character) entering a limousine moments before it exploded. The show went off-air shortly afterwards and reported the incident as though it were a legitimate occurrence, proclaiming that McMahon was "presumed dead." Although this was the fate of the fictional Vince McMahon character, it is believed that the stunt was a kayfabe and no harm came to the actual person (that is, his death was part of a storyline).


Vince Mcmahon's Car Explosion image courtsey

kayfabe refers to the portrayal of events within the industry as real, that is the portrayal of professional wrestling as not staged or worked. Referring to events as kayfabe means that they are worked events, and/or part of a wrestling storyline. In relative terms, a wrestler breaking kayfabe during a show would be likened to an actor breaking character on camera.

Kayfabe is often seen as the suspension of disbelief that is used to create the non-wrestling aspects of promotions, such as feuds, storylines, and gimmicks, in a similar manner with other forms of entertainment such as soap opera or film. In the past, kayfabe was strongly adhered to in order to preserve the illusion that pro wrestling was not staged. With the advent of the Internet Wrestling Community and the sports entertainment movement in pro wrestling, the maintenance of pro wrestling's backstage secrets are more difficult to keep than they were in earlier decades. Today, kayfabe is sometimes broken to advance storylines, to explain prolonged absences due to legitimate injury, as a tribute to a wrestler, or even for comedic effect.

Through kayfabe, wrestlers often quit or get fired, or are said to have been booked to lose a match where their jobs are on the line (e.g., a "loser leaves town match"), only to return at a future time.

However, such "departures" may also be used to advance a feud between two wrestlers. A classic example is the "masked man", where the wrestler (usually a face) who has supposedly lost his job makes appearances at subsequent events while wearing a mask, and then interfering in his heel opponent's matches; eventually, the masked wrestler's identity is exposed by his foe and the feud intensifies. . – source wikipedia

Kayfabe’s of the past

  • Dusty Rhodes/Kevin Sullivan feud - 1980s

  • Feud between Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan - 2003.

  • On the August 22, 2005 edition of RAW, WWE Champion John Cena successfully defended his title by defeating Chris Jericho in a "You're Fired!" match. Though the match had been conceived to cover for Jericho's departure from the company, Jericho was not truly "fired," as his release was a mutual arrangement, and he continues to have a civil relationship with the company.

  • Another recent example is the May 2006 match between Rey Mysterio and John "Bradshaw" Layfield in which JBL said if he didn't win the match for the World Heavyweight Championship he would quit the SmackDown! brand. When he lost the match, he said he quit. However, he returned to SmackDown! as its color commentator, replacing Tazz after he went to the ECW Brand. In actuality, JBL was forced to retire from active competition due to a serious back injury.

What the fans think of all this

The following are some interesting logical thinking expressed by our readers in response to our earlier articles on Vince Mcmahon Death. Via comments and Mail.

  • I

Let's do some elementary deductive thinking.

1. Vince lost the "hair match" and thus, his hair.

2. Vince has lost some weight (especially noticeable in his face)

3. Vince hasn't really been very active until just a week or so ago when he lost to Lashley

4. Vince hasn't been talking as much as he normally does

5. Vince suddenly just "disappears"

Conclusion (at least mine):

Vince has cancer or some other catastrophic disease that has required chemotheraphy or some other radical medical treatment that would result in the loss of his hair medically. And the car blew up so that he could get even more radical, maybe even invasive treatment for his catastrophic medical problem. (Just a hunch)

  • II

The Federal authorities are only involved as part of the kayfabe to make people think that the WWE is real. He did not really die. Here are 2 facts that show he couldn't have died.:

1. If he had really died on television, the camera wouldn't have still been on him.

2. If he had really died on television, they wouldn't keep on broadcasting the explosion everywhere including The WWE hasn't showed any footage of Owen Hart's death except for a 15 second video taken by a fan.

3. We as WWE fans hate Mr. McMahon but that doesn't mean he's not a rich multi-billionaire. If he had really died, his death would've headlined atleast 5 newspapers which it didn't.

If you're still not convinced, notice how Vince McMahon strolled really slowly to his limo. The camera shouldn't have been on him if he was..

Vince Mcmahon image courtsey:

Now whether or not Vince Mcmahon Death was a Kayfebe will hang in uncertainity until its confirmed by some credible authority or till the time Vince reappears in some fashion. Till then we could only guess and really hope that it is just a stunt. if it were really a stunt then i sincerely hope people in the entertainment industry will show some judgement in the future and refrain from performing such stunts just to grab the attention. And as we conclude we need to do some serious thinking on the topic - Are we crossing moral boundaries ???

Vince Mcmahon Death

Vince Mcmahon Death Video

Been through the video what's the impression that you get, was it real or was it fake. Tell us what you think by way of comments to this post.

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Bart said...

Of COURSE it was kayfabe. The only point you have to make in regards to it being a work is your third one...Vince McMahon is a very famous person outside of wrestling, and his death would have been widely reported in every major news outlet in the U.S, Canada, and Great Britain. In other countries it would have also been mentioned, ones that wrestling has a decent following like Japan, Mexico, and Germany.

The cancer explanation is also quite likely, but again, if he was going to have some sort of invasive treatment, it would have been leaked.

About the moral boundary crossing, though...wrestling really has never had any qualms about doing that. I wasn't watching at the time (I stopped around 2001), but Katie Vick?

Thanks for stopping by my place, and I hope you do come back. I like this place, too, and I'm sure to return visit as well.

Anonymous said...

i think it was fake. cuz if it were real they would have trired to get out the limo when it first blew up.

Anonymous said...

The McMahon picture is funny

Rick Rockhill said...

hi there...great blog. Enjoying catching up on it. Want to add me to your blogroll?

Anonymous said...

of course its fake i know it is im british. the americans believe everything that goes on in wwe.they completely think the whole thing is real even the matches they think its real.its entertanment and acting.But i still watch raw and smackdown and pay for the pay per view events beacuase its good and funny and the story lines are great you know what i meen.this is a good story line as people think he is dead he will come back bad as ever with even more and better story lines.end of day he may be injured or troubles with family or some other personal problems and used this story line so he can have some time off its not a nasty story,i think its good story.nobody moned and complained when patrick swayze got killed in ghost did they? no because its acting.One forum i read someone said he should be locked up for this.that is just perthetic as like i said americans get upset over anything and beleive in anything.sending him to jail would kill wwe because shane couldnt take over he hasnt got the capability to do that,and he does'nt own ecw vince does reality.just watch wwe like a tv show or film and enjoy it for christ sake.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is obviously fake-and I'm an American...go figure! lol We would have seen Vince's face all over the news if it were true.
As soon as I saw the explosion footage I knew it wasn't real, just like all of the WWE. The 'E' stands for entertainment, right? In any case, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

"the americans believe everything that goes on in wwe.they completely think the whole thing is real even the matches they think its real"

You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

its fake. but i wouldn't go as far as shaming on americans. its fun speculation that makes for good conversation topics. thats all. i dont think everyone thinks its true but to say its not and it comes out to be later on, how big of a piece of .... would you feal like if you said its all fake and its not... anyways.. the stunt was taped sometime late saturday night out of the publics veiw... editing made it possible and yes it is part of the story line.

Unknown said...

My GAWD...cant you see this is the only way he can make a grand departure just to take a holiday?...
Now he can take a few weeks off...and Im sure he will be spotted in a 7-11 soon....and then will be back with a vengance.

Anonymous said...

I'm not positive, but when I saw a report about this on the WW show, I could swear it was the Federal Investigation Bureau(FIB), not the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

I thought the guy came out and stood behind the podium, said he was from the Federal Investigation Bureau and he couldn't say anything and walked away from the podium. If you weren't really listening you might not have caught what he said or what the "shield" on the front of the podium showed. Anybody got a video of that?

If this was real it would be BIG news on all the networks and around the world.

I think the cancer, or some other serious ailment is behind it due to the shaved head. I seriously believe he will be back or may retire if he does fully recover.

Patrick said...

Of course he's alive. Of course, American TV is much more believable than Brittain TV, just look at the BBC. Hence the above's stereotype. It's kind of like Canada's comparison of America's gun policy. Of course we can buy 9mm and machine guns in vending machines. Just like the only fear of the police across the pond is billy clubs, hence Robin William's quote about English police persons, "Stop, or I'll say 'Stop' again!"

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem, many people believe it was fake but I believe it was real. Here are some facts to think about:

1. The camera showed him getting into the car... if your eyes were opened enough you could see how weird Vince was acting, as if he was hesitant on getting into the limo in the first place. And for God's sake, the explosion started in the back of the limo which means Vince could of been blown up (or incinerated.) Hencing the "no body found" thing.

2. Before anybody says that it was video edited, that video couldn't of been edited because in my opinion, something like that wouldn't of been broadcasted on TV had USA knew before hand such a incident was going to take place. And they may care about ratings, but not enough to depict something that the actual FBI will take seriously.

3. WWE faking the FBI... bull**** --- there is a such thing as criminal impersonation. If you can get jail time for impersonating a police officer, imagine impersonating or depicting a FBI agent, joke or no joke, FBI I am sure wouldn't take the WWE mocking an authority so serious.

4. People believe its a publicity stunt, but here is something for you to think about... would WWE really be willing to pay out so much money just to get some exposure like that. I think not.

5. On the topic of the media getting a hold of such a thing, even though Vince is a top named person... the media could give 2 ****'s about his death... on the topic of Owen Hart... that's simple to answer... a guy comes flying from the ceiling then falls and dies... that's going to get attention because of its secerity.

6. Now I read that Vince has cancer and was going to lose his hair. That was Vince McMahon Senior... not Vince KENNDY McMahon --- unless I missed it while reading the Wikipedia article and doing a search on the search engines, this was not true.

I believe Vince is dead and many people are finding the stupidest reasons on how they believe he didn't die. All because of a ridiculous newspaper article from Wilkes-Barre or whatever, just because they need a few more reader's. They have yet to prove solid facts that it was all taped the night before so therefore the newspaper had no right to publish such an article unless they had video and/or photo proof.

Vince is dead, get over it. RIP to da guy.

Anonymous said...

You must be retarded to think it was real. How VKM doesn't rate a newspaper article shows how fake it is.

Just like on soap operas, it's kayfabe.

Anonymous said...

Point by point rebuttal of your arguments:

1. Even when a body is cremated, there are identifiable remains left that would have been found if Vince was really in the car.

2. Because WWE is indeed an entertainment, I am sure that they would have no problem getting permission to blow up a car on television, just like they do on shows like Fear Factor and others.

3. People in the entertainment industry "impersonate" FBI, ATF, and other law enforcement officials all the time. It's called acting.

4. WWE makes tons of money and any publicity is good publicity.

5. If the man who made wrestling into a multi-billion dollar industry died, it would have been big news. Much bigger than it has been in the regular press.

6. Are you really stupid enough to believe that Vince Jr. couldn't also get cancer? One of the first things that doctors ask in cancer screening tests is if there is a history of cancer in your family. That is because there is some evidence that the propensity to get cancer may be hereditary.

I don't believe that Vince is dead. As to what he is up to, be it dealing with an illness, taking some time off, or some other reason, we will just have to wait and see.

For those people who bellieve that WWE is anything other than scripted entertainment, get real.

Anonymous said...

First of all, please excuse the British guy's behaviour. He's a moron, and I should know, because anyone who calls himself British over English (which I am) or Scottish has no valid opinion whatsoever.

Secondly, Vince McMahon is, in reality, alive and well. Like others have said before, if he was dead it would've been global news in minutes.

So what we're really thinking about is why he may have killed his character off (because with the WWE, he may come back at anytime). I highly doubt it is cancer because it's not something you can hide easily, specially with a Billionaire status. So think logically, he's been getting thinner, got shaved and hadn't been contributing much prior to the *ahem* explosion. Has no one taken into account that the guy is sixty one?! Hulk Hogan is 53 and he does rare wrestling appearances. Granted, Hogan has been a wrestler for years and has suffered multiple injuries over the years, but so has Vince McMahon. So maybe, just maybe, he has written himself out of the WWE story so he can continue working backstage but put his body to some well deserved rest. Plus, the whole incident has taken some of the spotlight from TNA, but all it really is is just a risky stunt to gain viewers, but many fans (like me) have seen this incident as once stupid idea too many.

Oh, and to answer that Robin Williams quote, comedian Al Murray once said: English police are the hardest police in the world, because they dont carry guns. So if they have to kill someone, they've got to kick them to death.

Anonymous said...

It's a fake, notice when he gets in, he pulls his leg up, then puts it back down and theres a pause before he closes the door. The leg you see second is probably a fake, and the door probably has a wire or something attached to it, the fake leg is pulled up as vince gets out the other side, then he takes off away, the wire is pulled, door closes, explosion. Editing the feed could also be a possibility.

Anonymous said...

You idiots of course it's fake!!..When he came out of the arena he looked all paranoid like someone was out to whack him. Someone with that type of fame and $ would have bodyguards and body doubles all around him, if he truly believed his life was in jeopardy. You people that watch this shit and actually believe anything about WWE is real you have to be the dumbest people on this earth....

Anonymous said...

^ you are a moron.

he acted weird because he sucks at acting. it was fake, so get over it. no one with prior knowledge to the fact that their limo was going to blow up with them "in" it would have paused every five steps and turned around, they would not have hesitated to open the door, sat in it, put their foot down like they were going to get out, then slam the door. that just wouldn't happen. if they knew it would blow up, they wouldn't go into it. if they didn't know that it was going to blow up they'd go straight to it and explode. so your number 1 point has just been brought down.

usa would have broadcasted it.. perhaps you don't pay attention to action movies. people and things blow up all the freakin' time. so there goes number 2.

yes, you can go to jail for impersonating an fbi agent or another other law enforcement officer.. that doesn't mean that they couldn't hire police officials and fbi to be there in case the stunt went wrong. it's like the one person said earlier, FIB, not FBI.. two very different things. Down with number 3.

number 4 is irrelevant, it's your opinion.. not a fact.

why wouldn't the media care? let's see... rich, famous, death? let's add those together. That equals, BIG HEADLINES and a TON of money for the journalist, editor, and publisher. maybe you should think of another one for number 5 because i just made that one unlikely.

cancer can be hereditary.. so maybe vince kennEdy -you missed a letter?- mcmahon has it too.

i think that, in all honesty, you should rethink what you say before you go off ranting about things that you obviously have no understanding of. don't be so stupid, or should i say dumb to bring it to your level of intelligence.

so before you start accusing everyone else of being wrong, maybe you should look into the facts yourself, open YOUR eyes and see that this has a high potential for being staged.

Ever hear of the bill of rights? freedom of press is in there, meaning the newspaper can print whatever they want. so, yes, they had the right to print a story. by the way, in your last paragraph, reader's did not need to be made a possesive. you should have typed readers. go back to grade school and learn grammar.


Anonymous said...

Look people I work as a csi for a living and I tell you I've seen burnt bodies in car wrecks and explosions no car fire would be hot enough to totally burn a body to nothing. It takes 1800 degrees to cremate a body to ash and even a gas fire wouldn't get that hot...Face facts it's FAKE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff! Yeah, the whole thing came off as really shocking, but hopefully this can be the spark of the next "Attitude Era" for the WWE. I've got a lot to say on the subject, so just tune into for more updates on the situation!

Anonymous said...

Wow, people really think it is real. Thats kind of sad. Ok.
WRESTLING is a SOAP OPERA with muscles.
McMahon did not die, its like someone dying on a soap opera.
ALSO, they are NOT impersonating FBI any different than they do on TV shows. GOOD GRIEF... Get out of your houses!

Anonymous said...

One thing caught my attention and led me to comment. Impersonating a FBI investigator is a federal crime. I am a law major and I have looked this up. The only problem is that Mr. So-and-so never stated he was with the FBI - he simply stated he was an Investigator. And during the press conference he held, the emblem on the podium says 'Federal Investigations Center'; a fictious association.

Thus, no laws have been broken because no one has stated they are a law-enforcing official; simply someone looking into a case of very sketchy proportions.

I would love a return on this comment. I am very interested in this case, despite not being a WWE fan.

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

I missed the show because I havent watched RAW in forever but the whole thing is fake it is a soap opera with all the same twisits and lies as those on daytime television I agree with everyone when it is said that this would seem more realistic if the whole world was talking about it like the anna nicole smith thing that we heard about for more than a month this stunt is not at all funny and I wont be tuning in to see when vince returns it dumb

Anonymous said...

Some of you people are imbeciles and I truly mean that. If vince wanted some time off, why in the hell would he stage his death? Like nobody will see him around, "Give me a break" And the wwe is a little different than tv shows when actors die. I believe Vince died and for his sake, he better be dead. If he done this stunt and faked his own death. I've absolutely no respect for the wwe anymore. It's one thing for entertainment purposes and it's another to purposely fake your own death in that manner.

Anonymous said...

It was real because if you look closely you can see that his foot is at the door before he closes it.. Keep an eye on the door when he gets in.. He hesitates he leaves his foot out the door.. Pulls it in then puts it back out.. THen pulls it back in again and closes the door and bam hes dead... Think of the familys reaction to this huh.. Have some respect for the dead people..Hes gone accept the fact..

Anonymous said...

Come' you people really think that Vince McMahon is really dead?? What dumbass would stand there filming a limo blowing up if supposedly Vince was in it? And besides wouldn't they cancel the show for the rest of the night? At first I thought this could be true but I haven't seen anything about Vince being dead on the news.I read when Owen Hart died they cut the show off for a while. I didn't actually see the explosion but they would have cut it off if he were in there. I mean really hope he isn't but this is just some bad acting.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

First of all, I think and deeply beleive it's a Kayfabe. If he was dead, we would hear that on all media.Now corret me if I'm wrong, but I haven't heard any noise from it on the news....have you?

Second, Vince is the guy that push the limits furthur and furthur (Remember that religious storyline with Shawn Michael, what about Katie Vick), sometimes he would involve himself in some situation like being put in BigShow's butt and other example). So I won't be surprised later on to see him back or participating on other promotional event.

Remember back in the days when you would hear JR say:''Anything can happen in the WWE'' well that's one of those.

Agree with that cam theory, if it was real, we wouldn't be able to see the whole explosion, it was made like that on purpose.

Remember Owen Hart? On his dead, they talked about it on the news(not alot) and there were some athlete that was wearing a black bracelet with his initial just like WWE superstar did for Eddie Guerrero.

Let's not forget there's what happening behinds the camera (like their personal life and the entertainment that has nothing to do with the storyline when the show goes of air for those of you went to those live representation) and what happen infront of the tv screen.

Why he did it? Cancer (which I sincerely hope not)can be a possibility, but if that's the case, we should hear about it, just like Triple H injury. Maybe he have other things to do, let's not forget he's the chairman and most of the time in the past after appearing on television you don't see him for a long time. Another reason, a "reason" to put Stephanie McMahon back on the storyline or to start her with a story line and also, eventhought he's on the top of the industrie, let's not forget there's a competition out there and it's call TNA (not the only one, but you know what I mean.....(those was the reason behind the cameras)

In front of the tv screen, the reason he would do that I think would be just simply to get vengance (and it's a way to promote it, remember the saying any publicity is good publicity). Remember? He said it to Edge:" Vengance will be mine". He started to punish all the champion on raw and I think that was just the beginning of what we might see on Vengance. Let's not forget we are talking about a guy who screw people, screwed Bret Hart, Screw the fan when he was faking his leg injury on that wheel chair and then was walking after screwing Stone Cold for the tittle. Also when he left the building to get on the parking lot, he walked, stopped, walk again and he had that little smile just like he had an idea...I mean an evil idea. Let's not forget that "appreciation night" that turned more as a "deapreciation night" I'm telling you, he's preparing to make an impact that will shock every fan. Let's see how that situation will continue.

Anonymous said...

Nuts to Vince, but it was fake because there was no driver, the limo driver would have been there to open Vince's door and close. No driver Vince would just sit in the front and let Vince get his door or even not be waiting for Vine at the limo, no dead driver equals no dead Vince.

Anonymous said...

Fake. Not only do I agree with Mr. Burns comment, but did anyone else notice how many times he stalled on his way to the limo? He kept looking back at something, and when he finally arrived, it took him a long time to shut the door. He made it far too dramatic. You knew something was going to happen. It would have been more shocking and more believeable if he had just walked straight to the limo like it was any other day and then it blew up.

Vince never was good at selling any of his gimmicks.

Anonymous said...

hey y'alll ,its vince it was a fake...i just wanted to take some time off you fat sons of bitches think i am dead think again was a fake , i even pulled the wire myself...yea and i plannd it all out all you stupid people stop sending me flowers..cuz i'm not dead,
ps: don't tell anyone that i'm alive cuz its a big surprise for what's going to happen in the wwe in the future...for you posters on here its' our secrte ;)...



Anonymous said...

BUT ITS K ....

Anonymous said...

its really hard to tell if its fake or not. for one, vince was one really, and i mean really, disliked man. there realy could have been someone "out to get him" and maybe out for his business. Now, on that note, if there was someone out for his business, wouldn't it be more logical to go after the entire family, seeing how if vince died, there's still his wife, linda, and shane and stephanie. Also, on the note of the "appreciation night", no one really had anything nice to say about him. that would put some suspisions on anyone. Now, as far as faking is concerned, it could be possible. There was no back window in that limo, which is unusual. Also, no driver to open the door. any other time, there would have been a driver to open the door. also, his overall demenor, he hesitated before opening the door, and when he got in, he lifted his foot to get in, hesitated, and then shut the door. Only time will tell I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how can you even think it was real? They filmed it with a pyro crew the saturday night before...

Anonymous said...

im not here to judge if he did die or not, but i work in the entertainment buisness and there is some very key points i'd like to say that in my eye this was nothing more than a good stunt.


Just before he Left the arena, the corridor was brightly lit, on leaving the arena u can just see inside, and it is very dimly lit which looks like that from this point on it was filmed beforehand and carefully edited. To edit a preivious edited film to a live show is very simple, cue it up to where u want to show it from and when the director says go, the press of a button/slide, Live TV goes to Archive.

Camera Direction:

On approaching the limo, u notice that the camera angle changes to a wide angle faceing up the limo, the camera before would have shown him fully entering. Thus we would have known if it was his leg that came back out of the limo.
Also why was it so neccesary for a camera to pan out to show the entire limo if there was no impression that an explosion was going to happen? Ive never seen a director to do just this to see a limo drive away when the main focus of the shot was Mr McMahon.

My final point about the "stunt" was how come the cinematographer (person opperating the camera) didnt react to such a large explosion if he/she didnt know that it was going to happen.
I know from working infront of and as a crew member on various projects that if theres a fire/explosion, crew member would down tools and attempt to extinguish the fire and keep it controlled until fire saftey officers were on scene. instead they contined filming and the director even choose to cut to different cameras showing the blaze as a 'dramatic effect'.
Ok nothing is final untill the real truth is out, but just from this evidence that i have pointed out, it looks like an ellaborate stunt that has made people tune in to the official website, the programe itself, and blogs such as this.
Now thats good entertainment :D
Bill B
p.s One thing that ive just noticed after detailing the filming, have a look on how he leaves the interior (indoor) to his stature in the exterior (outdoor) shots.
He pushes the door with force and his body is excelling in a very 'forward' movement, but all of a sudden in the exterior shot, hes quickly bolted upright and sholders back....hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

The Vince McMahon exploding angle was yahoo's story of the week. The tremendous buzz wasn't amusing , however, to officials in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, where the stunt was staged. The local police department issued a press release Thursday stating that the alleged car bombing was a "staged event" and that McMahon was not injured..."


Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice his foot when he was getting in the limo?
He pulls it in quickly, and then it comes back out for a while longer... maybe they could have had a dummy or a double in the car so that he could pull his foot in, replace it with the dummy's, and gotten out on the other side. As for the door closing, i dont know.... hes has a lot of money. remote control?

Anonymous said...

obviously he didnt die. im gonna make a point that hasnt been made yet. how would someone be able to set up the limo with explosives and whatnot without anybody noticing? i mean, you dont just leave a billionaire's limo just sitting parked somewhere alone and unprotected or even un-survailed.

p.s. yes, i'm american... and 14 too. not all of us are bo-tards. just most of us. like that one guy who said all those reasons why he is really dead. dumb@$$.

Anonymous said...

This is a statement off the actuall police website about the staged event.

The Wilkes-Barre, PA police department’s website have issued the following statement regarding Mr. McMahon’s limo explosion this past Monday on RAW:

Information regarding WWE Event at Wachovia Arena

For verification purposes regarding those inquiring as to the alleged car bombing of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township on Monday, June 11, 2007, the incident was a staged event, prearranged with Fire Department personnel and authorized by Township Code Enforcement officials. All necessary precautions were taken during the filming of the event so as to ensure the safety and security of all persons involved in the event. Mr. McMahon was not injured during the event contrary to what is being reported on internet web sites and other media sources.

Anonymous said...

The Wilkes-Barre, PA police department’s website have issued the following statement regarding Mr. McMahon’s limo explosion this past Monday on RAW:

Information regarding WWE Event at Wachovia Arena

For verification purposes regarding those inquiring as to the alleged car bombing of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township on Monday, June 11, 2007, the incident was a staged event, prearranged with Fire Department personnel and authorized by Township Code Enforcement officials. All necessary precautions were taken during the filming of the event so as to ensure the safety and security of all persons involved in the event. Mr. McMahon was not injured during the event contrary to what is being reported on internet web sites and other media sources.

Anonymous said...

it is true that vince died

Anonymous said...

Come on, at the begining when he gets in the limo, the limo is right by the fence and the white trailor behind the the limo you can clearly see the letters on the side and at the end the limo is far away from the fence and you can bearly see the trailor !!!!!

Also as a firemen, if you watch the firemen " trying to put the fire out" they put more water on the side of the limo then on the fire? come on what a fake !!!

Anonymous said...

I DID IT?????

Anonymous said...

"I DID IT"?????

Anonymous said...

It was definitley fake - Notice how the camera zooms out so that you can see the whole explosion. Also, the cameramen weren't surprised, no curses were said. Finally, Nobody rushed to help him.

Shadow Muse said...

Ok, we've all (or most of us) have come to the obvious conclusion that it was a staged event.

What bothers me, though, is how it was handled with the wrestlers giving their condolences, saying what a wonderful guy he was, etc. These kinds of displays were always left to the wrestlers who actually did die, not just a kayfabe stunt. I feel this display to a stunt cheapens the actual deaths that have happened throughout WWE.

Anonymous said...

WWE us this as a plot to sell more stuff as you can see on the the website then have a new shirt there selling

Anonymous said...

first off usually when some one is in a fire i believe fire men dont check for any one with in the limo i mean wtf?dude if i was burning in a limo id expect some fire man to save my life clearly staged..... also i believe if some one planted a bomb in a car isnt that a act of terrorism and the person who did would be in serious trouble i mean the person would be put on a terror watch list and never be allowed to fly again and also actually the person would also be jailed for a life sentene due to 1st degree murder i mean come on. also to show that it is a fake all watchers of criss angel would know that to perform a trick you need to draw the audience off guard of what is going to happen any one notice his leg go in the car then back out. good blog and all peace

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have no life at all to go talking about this crap like it's a huge deal.. Get a life bitches :D

Anonymous said...

wwe is without a doubt the most pathetic acting on tv...makes days of our lives look good. i suspect many a good wrestler has been bumped from wwe because of poor acting skills. this is yet another woeful script for the gullible....

Anonymous said...

the explosion was filmed the night before and the footage was spliced into the television signal. The killer will be revealed within the next few weeks. Vince has been seen walking around backstage and has also been spotted in public. The FBI agent isn't an fbi agent and the real fbi is going crazy at wwe

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess the people who really thought that Vince was dead feel really stupid about now, especially considering that he appeared on television today to say a few words about the real death of Chris Benoit.

Can you say moron.....I knew you could.

Anonymous said...

LMAO. LOL. Soryy if he REALLY is dead, but come on. This is deffinately fake. Think about it "no body found," Well what about DENTAL (His teeth) why didn't tey find them and identify him by the dental records. Were there teeth found. "No." And almost 100% of all fire related deaths the teeth are used to identify those who died in the ifre. Plus what about the driver? What kind of bomb blows up after the car is running? Usually they blow up after the car is started or after they reach a ceartain speed. Think about it, why couldb't the driver be seen. The whole thing is a sham. Anyway, I didnt even hear about it except by chance.

Now what about Chris benoit and his family. Huh they were just found dead an hour ago. Was that a stunt? Doubt it. It sucks, so get off
vince and focus on Chris, even if he was not well liked, or even if he was. It's not the point. Chris is dead, but Vince's death was a fake. Oh and Vince's death is not worth talking about since it didnt happen.

Not sure if you're allowed to post links, but heres te one to benoit's death....only talks about it.

Oh an the crack about americans is a crock. The Brittain televisions is just as bas, IF NOT WORSE. :)

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

BENOIT UPDATE: Vince McMahon breaks the news to the wrestlers ...
Pro Wrestling Torch - 2 hours ago
By Wade Keller, Torch editor Vince McMahon broke the news to the wrestlers backstage about the death of Chris Benoit and his family. ...

This was posted on google. So, if he's dead, how could he break the news to the wrestlers about Benoits death who died 2 hours ago? exactly fake!!!! Its a waste to even talk about Vince, he's alive.

Anonymous said...

HAHA he even stated on RAW that his deathwas fake hahaha we told you all sorry id you believed that e was dead suckers. He's alive!!!! haha

Anonymous said...

Wow Chris might have killed his famly then himself. Crazy. Duble homicide, Suicide is the charge. Jeese what do you guys think?

Unknown said...

OK for everyone who thinks he actually died. He appeared on monday night raw ( which was canceled) and announced Chris Benoit's death. He then appeared on ECW (tuesday) and made an announcement as well. All of these events happened after the limo explosion. He's NOT dead! LOL some ppl thought it was real. Guys get a life, it's called WWE for a reason. E = Entertainment.

Unknown said...

"HAHA he even stated on RAW that his deathwas fake hahaha we told you all sorry id you believed that e was dead suckers. He's alive!!!! haha"

It was a good thing he said his death was part of the story line because we would have never known after he appeared on RAW to tell us about the death of that murderer.

Anonymous said...

The old geezer may seem dead, but isnt. He probably has a sickness to attend to.or maybe he has to go to Rehab for his ECw Champ loss.Hes not really dead its just an excuse to get some time off. u got to admit it was believable in first sight.

Anonymous said...

How would you react to a car unexpectedly blowing up in front of you?
Surely the camera man would have reacted in some way if it was real.

Anonymous said...

If you look these were two different limos. When he is walking to the limo you notice there is no rear window, all in fabric right well if you watch the video at the end it shows flames pouring out the rear window were there was a rear window you can see were it was.It should of been all metal back there were the fabric is, not no opening were the window is at now. When i say rear window im talking about the on right were the trunk is. All fake.

muebles camobel said...

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