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Sivaji Review

Sivaji Review

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Its june 15th today and it sure is a big day for the millions of fans of the Super Star Rajnikant who virtually rules the Tamil Movie Industry. His much awaited movie Sivaji has finally hit the theaters with a bang. The tickets were hard to come by as all the tickets were sold out in advance reservations. So please don’t be surprised if you happen to live somewhere in south India and don’t find the usual long queues in front of the counter that extend for miles often causing traffic blockades and a state of utter chaos. Well I was one of the lucky ones who’d been fortunate enough to get the tickets for the premiere.

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Before we dwell into the actual movie itself there are certain things the I think should be mentioned. First of all Sivaji comes after a long gap since the last Rajni movie and the kind of hype it received from all sorts of media was tremendous. Sivaji has the credit of being the Costliest venture ever undertaken in the Tamil film industry so far. Sivaji is the first Indian film to incorporate the latest 4K resolution technology that so far was used only in big-budget Hollywood films. In India, the set standard for digital intermediate (DI) is presently 2K resolution. The AVM has not contributed much to the suspense and had let the movie speak for itself. But all were anxious to see how best Sankar could use the excellent talents of Rajnikant in a movie like Sivaji. The Chennai city rights for the movie have gone for a whopping Rs.6.5 crores and this is the highest bid so far for any movie for City rights in Chennai.

Sivaji,s Songs Lyrics is penned by Vairamuthu. And Music comes from none other than A R Rahman the most celebrated music director of India and sivaji has been ruling the top of the music charts over the last few weeks. Both 'Balleilaka' and 'Vaaji vaaji' are the present craze among Rajnikant fans, but the pick of the album is 'Sahara Pookal', sung beautifully by Vijay Yesudas and Gomathishree.

The early release of Sivaji in Bangalore without observing the seven-week moratorium has indeed created some problems in Bangalore. scores of pro-Kannada activists staged a demonstration outside the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) premises yesterday opposing the release of the Tamil film in Karnataka.

No wonder even the Super Star Rajnikant was a bit worried about this entire affairs he’s quoted to have said

Rajnikanth: Actually, I wasn't nervous before. But the media and the press have hyped about the movie so much, that I'm tensed now. The picture is a great picture, it's a complete commercial family entertainer. It entertains and caters to all the classes. But definitely, I have to see how big a commercial success it will become.”

Sivaji Movie Review

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As in most Tamil movies the story mostly revolves around the hero – Rajnikant (Sivaji) an accomplished businessman who returns from the US with high ambitions to build his business in India and help bring India into a developed country. But he's tricked by some till he loose everything he have,still sivaji works hard and finally achieve the goals that he had set successfully. How he manages to achieve his aim is the story line.

The movie is very captivating and evenly paced making sure the viewer never loses interest. The first half is filled with humour mostly handled by Rajni and Vivek. Second half sees the Superstar in a different cast. The scenes are action-packed with Rajni at the helm of affairs.

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Shriya does her part well and so does the glamorous Nayanthara who does an item number in Sivaji. Vivek was simply superb with his comic dialogues but I strongly felt Suman’s role as a villain could have been a lot better. Rest of the supporting cast also deserves mention coz they did their job well.

Although the story line is similar to most Tamil movies or rather Rajni movies, where in the protagonist overcomes all the hardships that life throws at him and builds his fortune. and it all ends up going to the benefit of the poor. Shankar has done all that he can to make the script look as unpredictable as possible and his efforts has defenitly yielded resulsts. The climax is easily the best and the most exciting part of the movie.

Some Interesting Facts

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Sivaji is AVM production’s 168th venture. For Superstar RajiniKanth, Sivaji is his 9th movie with AVM productions and for director Shankar this is his 9th movie in his directional career and first movie with AVM productions.

This movie bears the title Sivaji after the name of the legend of Tamil cinema Shivaji Ganesan.

Rajinikant has sung a song in this movie which is his second attempt of playback singing.

Things I liked about the Movie

Sivaji Movie Trailer

  • Shanker’s Screenplay and direction
  • AR Rahman's music.
  • Art direction and the extremely lavish Sets by Thotta Tharani.
  • Rajnikant – Especially in the scene where he does a Sivaji, MGR and Kamal Hassan


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being a rajini fan it's hard for me to say this. The movie is not as good as I expected. The story is not good. First half is boring & dragging except Vivek's scenes. I never liked rajini doing the comedy. Second half is ok but again the story is not well. I expected a lot more from Shankar. Climax looks like an 'extra' extension to the movie. Overall, not very satisfied. Not up to the mark.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money !
A huge failure from Shankar.