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PUG DOG – The Toy Dog.

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It will follow wherever you go.

"You haven’t lived until you’ve been owned by a PUG”. Don’t get scared, that is only the punch-word of the ‘PUG DOG CLUB OF AMERICA’ an organization of American PUG owners since 1931. It only means that a PUG can fulfill and enrich your life more than anything. Pug is a toy breed of dog with a wrinkly face and comparatively small body. The word pug might have been originated from the Latin word "Pugnus" which means fist because the face of the dog looks a clinched fist.


Pugs are of Chinese origin, believed to be bred by Emperor of Chang Dynasty in the eastern part of China. These small beautiful creatures were first imported by the Dutch and English between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Something official about it!

The story of PUG in China goes like this, Princess ‘Orange’ the teen-aged daughter of the emperor of Chang Dynasty, China. As her name suggested she was so sweet and as beautiful as an angel. One fine evening in her royal garden; below an orange tree; the princess was sitting immersed in some lovely day-dreams. Suddenly from some dark corners of the garden there arises one assassin with an unsheathed dagger. The ever vigilant pet-dog of her (A PUG) barked at charged at him foiling his attempt. Thus the life of the beautiful princess was saved by a little ‘toy-dog’ of her. Thereafter this little dog (the pug) was raised to the status of ‘the official dog of the House’ of Orange.

Essential features.

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Pug is a toy breed with10 to 11" height and 7 to 8 kg weight. It is having a square cut body, deep chest compact form, and well built head with broad muzzle. Eyes are usually dark and dilated with a worried appearance. Wrinkles on the fore-head should be distinct and deep .Ears must be smooth, soft and velvety.

Body color

Usual body colors are silver, fawn , apricot, or black. Coat is always short, fine and glossy.


Pug is a charming, clever, sociable, and obedient breed of dog. Avery peculiar behavior of the dog is that it always be at their owner’s foot, it follows wherever the owner goes. This behavior has given it the reputation of being chosen as the brand Ambassador of the Hutch network in India

Selection of Good Pups

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Selection of a good pup requires a little bit patience on the part of the would-be owner. The place of rearing, surroundings, interest of the other family members, etc should be kept in mind before selecting a particular breed .A pup should be purchased based on the following points.

1. Body condition should not be too thin or too fatty.

2. Skin should be glossy and hair should be uniformly distributed.

3. Eyes should be bright and clear.

4. Abdomen should not be potbellied.

5. There should not be any Ecto-parasites on the skin.

6. Always purchase pups of known parents.

7. The pups should not be purchased before 4-5 weeks.

8. The head, tail and ears pattern should be in conformity with those of breed.

Health Aspects

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Pug is a small dog with wrinkled face. The wrinkles on the face are susceptible to irritation due to infection. Frequent brushing, and cleaning of the face is a must for avoiding infection on the face. Another disadvantage of the wrinkles is at the time of whelping. The mother will be unable to break the fetal bags .So the owner himself has to break the fetal bags, clean the fetal fluids on the face and help them to suckle.

Pugs are usually susceptible to eye injuries.

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Obesity is another important health hazard. Since it is small breed obesity can take away all its charm and render the dog lazy and useless.

Attention all pug owners! The American Pug Breeders Association director Ms. Betty Mc Andrews has stated that Pugs are more susceptible to convulsive respiratory failure, soft palate suppuration, corneal ulcers, diabetics, patellar luxation, neck dysphasia, and cranial arthritis.


1. Minimize the movement of the pregnant bitch.

2. Minimize the stress and excitement

3. Do not make abrupt changes in the feeding schedule.

4. Do not use any powder containing acaricides.

5. Do not give any vaccine.

6. Feed small quantities of foods at regular intervals.

7. Keep a watch on the mammary development. Any abnormal growth on the mammary gland should be viewed seriously.

8. Place the bitch on the whelping area which is having adequate bedding.

9. Pug is having wrinkles on the face so it may not be able to clear the fetal bag, clear it and wipe the face of the pups with soft cloth, and see that the pups have started suckling.

PUG owners please note!

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1. Pug is a toy breed and it loves the company of the owner. It wishes to be inside the house always. So if any of the member of the family does not like the dog running inside the house, avoid choosing a Pug as your pet.

2. Pug usually shed a large quantity of hairs particularly at certain times of the year. So be prepared of dealing with shed hairs.

3. Pugs suffer in high temperature. So you may have to keep them always cool.

4. If you have enough patience, a warm heart to love and wish to be loved by your pet, go and select a PUG.

In case you need any further information or have any queries feel free to write to us or ask your questions via comments.

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Usually Pugs sheds hairs through out the year

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Hi Iam dr.Hrikrishnan
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Usually pugs shed hairs through out the year.

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Hi, thanks for the comment. Your blog is quite interesting, great info about dogs, hard to find sites like this one!

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