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Myanmar / Burma - a teardrop on the cheek of Asia

Free Burma!

Free Burma Campaign

Cry my beloved country!

Burma a nation with a rich history that spans thousands of years and linked with all the neighboring nations has become isolated and got cut off from the rest of the world. The ruling generals have made it a living hell. The long roots of military have penetrated its roots to every institutions in that unfortunate country like education, law-making, judiciary and execution.

free burma

Monks protest in myanmar image courtsey:

The military is implementing their agenda in a generation of people by spoiling their mind thought and actions. They are binding people in the chains of fear and letting them grow in an atmosphere that is devoid of free thinking and innovation. When the whole world wakes up to belong to the 21st century, this great nation is destined to live under a barbarian regime that is insensitive to the extreme.

Once tasted blood!

The uniformed have tasted blood and they refuse to go, there is no sign of them returning to the barracks in the near future. Mere talking of democracy is enough to make the junta mad as the uniformed are well fed, well dressed and well cared for, as premier citizens under their own rule. The military officers live in good houses get their cut in every deal that is made. Civilians who clamor for equality (equal share for the pie in the military perception) are ‘dirty democrats’ who are to be suppressed for the wellbeing of the nation!

Treating all alike!

“Crushing all enemies on land, underground and at sea, all enemies, we will crush them totally, until they are uprooted, decimated”. These are poetic utterance the army is fed with, who are these enemies after all? Those who demonstrate democracy is the answer! Under ‘tatmadaw’- the Burmese word for rule by the military junta – the Burmese army is engaged in executing orders from the top with unusual fervor and crush down demonstrating public whether they are monks, journalists or women make no difference!

Besieged by enemies!

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For the military the whole nation is besieged by enemies from within outside and around its borders and but for them the whole nation will fall apart! And the onus of keeping the nation together is on their shoulders! Certainly managing a nation especially a faction- ridden nation like Burma is no easy thing, if it is so tiresome a job why they can’t entrust the job to a democratically elected system, why can’t they entrust the pains to some elected people and return to their barracks? The junta has admitted that they have arrested thousands of protesters and 109 of them have been released. The fact remains that no one knows how much are dead, wounded, arrested and how many died in custody, there is no one accountable there is no records of the dead or arrested.

Ban Ki Moon and his strong words.

In fact the Burmese army is in war for the last forty years since it has seized power, they had the tedious task of eliminating ethnic conflicts, regional strife as well as troubles from peaceful demonstrators who clamored for democracy. If they could exist fighting forty years another span of forty years is not a tall order at all! Pressures from international agencies are no problem to a junta that is only concerned with self aggrandizement and propaganda. Ban Ki Moon –UN Secy. Genl. -Recently on a conversation with Ibrahim Gambari the UN envoy who returned after his mission to Burma blasted the regime for its neglect to democracy and non-respect to human lives. Burmese junta has heard stronger words than these, and never paid any attention to it so far!

Lion and the lamb.

free burmaAung Suu Ki image courtsey:

Recently to deceive the international community the junta has extended its invitation to Mrs. Aung Suu Ki for talks –Aung Suu Ki is under house arrest for the last 12 years- but nothing to be expected from the talks as the junta has set a bundle of preconditions for talks! A military dictator asking preconditions for talks to a woman who is under house arrest for the last twelve years, what an irony! We will discuss everything under the sun but implementation of democratic process would be the condition number one for talks!

Shari Villa Rose.

The US Ambassador to Burma recently talked with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Burma she formally requested to the Burmese Minister to stop cracking down peaceful demonstrators, the outcome of the talks is was negative as we all guess, and in her words the talk was ‘unproductive’ she continues “what we have heard in private was not very different from what we hear from the Government and the public”.

Very pious indeed!

free burmaZalmay Khalizad

Please listen to the words of US ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad “if the Burmese regime does not respond constructively to the demands of the international community in a timely manner, US is prepared to introduce a resolution in the Security Council imposing sanctions”. Very ascetic and pious words generally not accompanied by US envoys. Sanctions make only ordinary people suffer and are nothing to a regime that is not concerned with the welfare of its own people. The military know how to survive with whatever is available at the cost of ordinary people.

The god father of all evil forces!

free burmaChina Flag

China the new power to reckon with is there as a member with veto power in the Security Council which considers the whole issue in Burma is its purely domestic affairs and it is improper to meddle with. If anybody meddle with Burmese internal affairs “we are there to veto the resolution” what a kind god father! When Burmese are murdered for demonstrating in peace, North Koreans and Zimbabweans die of starvation, all fault is of the people and the regime which has caused all these are innocent. Perhaps the ‘god-father’ may be comparing all these with those events happened at the Tiananmen Square.

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