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Hottest Cruise Destinations

Hottest Cruise Destinations.

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Be Columbus or Marco polo.

God Almighty gives every human being an opportunity to pay a visit to this planet earth that we call birth and after this designated visit he has to return to his abode and we call it death. It is the duty of a visitor to witness all the wonders the creator has bestowed on the planet earth. Man is basically a nomad and his soul never gets fulfilled in a so called ‘settled’ life; which is not only boring but against the rules of nature. It has been rightly said about Bhagvan Rajneesh “never born; never dead; just paid a visit”. Take the life as a visit; go places fulfill the urge of your soul and after the ‘visit’ return with a mindful of memories. There will be the big ‘G’ to whom you have to unroll the travelogue.

Live life, king size!

There are exclusive locations, grand cruisers, great company to mingle with and lavish packages; all for a fistful of dollars; and available just a phone-call away. The recent fad of cruising is astounding, an adventure few people only dared beforehand; first turned out to be a rich man’s craze and then it has spilled in to the common man. Not just the old and lonely; full family with man wife and children take to cruise and experience the wonders of the earth. In recent time competition between operators has made cruising not only cheap but very amenities have been added extra to make the packages attractive. In short visitors are kings in a world where operators strive to survive.

Too many places.

Alaska, Australia, Hawaii and the whole Europe, or Bahamas, Bermuda or the Caribbean Isles; choices are many pick what is fit to the pocket. A cruiser offers company that never available at home or native place, no tensions of running house, no worries of traffic jams unadulterated leisure and unlimited visual experiences. What about a trip to Alaska the snowbound state of America, what about a romantic trip to the tourist friendly Hawaii, or to Europe – a union of several independent states connected with a rail and a currency like beads in a string?

Alaska is not all ice and snow

hawaii cruise
Alaska cruise

Alaska is not all snow and ice, in plain language it is the land of ‘extremes’ as it is placed at the extreme north-west of the continent. Its climate is also extreme (those area adjoining the sea especially the southern parts have temperate climate), Alaska has the tallest mountain in the continent, it has the credit to own a string of live volcanoes, there are about 3.5 million lakes! Extreme wilderness (Alaska is the most thinly populated are in the continent; 0.284 people per sq KM).

The land of extremes!

Alaska Cruises :- All these extremes do not make this land barren, it is inhabited by several large mammals like Crizzly Bears, Black Bears, wolf, caribou and several fish, reptiles and amphibians. The fish include all varieties of salmon, trout fish etc; the trout has the status of the ‘State fish’. About sixty percent of the land part is reserved for the protection and survival of all these animals (The Arctic Wild Life Refuge is 93,100 sq km in area!

A well oiled machinery.

Tourism being the main source of Alaska all facilities is arranged to the tourists’ pleasures in a business like fashion. Juneau the state capital fronted by the Gastineau Channel is comfortably placed between two mountains; is a place filled with fun; one can fly over the Hubbard Glacial fields, Juneau ice field in a helicopter or just slide in a dog-sledge like and Eskimo, Skagway is a hot spot a narrow gauge railway is filled with tourists to savor an inexpensive sight seeing. Seward a fishing village; also offers rare chances for wild-life watching. Denali has the pride possession of the National Park which is so vast and endowed with typical tundra fauna.

Hawaii –the land of the bold!

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No place on earth welcomes tourists as warmly as Hawaii does and offers them so much diverse and spectacular sights. The open bold approach of these people flushes out the inhibitions and reservations of the visitors and makes them a far different tribe than what they used to be, that is the magic of these group of isles with world’s most magnificent beaches. Those who fear to go out with a gown may dare to wear the boldest attires all these are taken for granted in this part of the land.

Either sit or walk or play.
Hawaii Cruises :- Hawaii is a string of islands like Hawaii, Maui, Oahu (capital Honolulu) and Kauai etc. Maui is the second largest of the group is the ideal spot to unwind, simply sitting on the beach and watch people enjoying best part of their life, or stroll through the pastoral villages watching the variety of culture and lifestyle of people so joyful and content no money can fetch. Those who wish to take part in the revelation have all the amenities to be active. Maui is selected as the best of the Hawaiian beaches.

Oahu Honolulu Waikiki.

Oahu is the island blessed with the marvelous beach Waikiki, the most colorful and sunny beach golden sands. One can climb on the Diamond Head heights to have a panoramic view of the entire beach. Honolulu the capital of the state is one of the most tourist friendly places in the world. Pearl Harbor the legendary port which dragged America in to the midst of World War 2 is located in this island the base still there.

Maui, Unwind and refresh or be part of the game!

Maui is the ideal places to unwind, just sit on the beach watching people enjoying their best part of life, simply stroll around the pastoral villages watching the variety of culture and lifestyle of people so joyful and content no money can fetch, there are much more than the sea cliffs

Europe, The torch bearer to the world.

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European Cruises :- There is no doubt that the modern world has simply treads along the path traveled by Europe years back. The Great Greek and Roman Empires, the Renaissance Movement of the 16th century, Enlightenment of in 19th century, Industrial Revolution of the 20th century, two World Wars that churned the history of the world, rising and setting of Communism all were originated in Europe and later spread to the whole world turning the course of history. Europe’s leadership does not end with old times; in these modern times it is there as the forerunner as modernity.

Barcelona Spain, definitely Catalonian.

Spain itself is with a heritage of centuries and a main player in the colonial era; and Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia Province and one of the oldest cities in the world. It has got an urban beach that can excel any other in Europe. Barcelona is typically Mediterranean and in culture, life and architecture. There are more than one World Heritage cites (Antoni Gaudi and Luis Domenoh i Montaner) revealing the depth of Catalan architecture.

Barcelonans are a joyful lot and their Merce Festival (holiday festival) celebrated in Garcia, Sants and Poblenou are crowd pullers. Museu Picasso is a must see location.

Venice Italy, classic to the core.

The city that floats on water is so exquisite a location; numerous canals lakes and buildings that located touching the waterfronts are all exclusive. The gwandola (got replaced by water taxis recently) boats that crisscross through the waters are available for ride hearing the folksongs of the oarsman. The Carnivals celebrated before Lent each winter are one of the major attractions, people parade wearing masks and strange dresses through the crowded streets and tourists flock; at times onlookers join the ranks adding fervor.

Piraeus Athens Greece, since 500 BC still ticking.

Ancient city built by Hippodamus in around 500 BC, still it remains as the largest port in Mediterranean and the third most populated city in Greece. Acropolis a marvel in ancient architecture is a must see. Zea now known as Pasalimani is most glamorous marina in the area. Piraeus has the credit of having a number of star hotels and an active nightlife. It is endowed with numerous art galleries where ancient and contemporary paintings rub shoulders (Atelier Spyros Vassiliou, Pandora and Athens Art Gallery etc).

These are some of the hot destinations and there are so many more like Australia, New Zealand, Galapagos Archipelago, etc

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