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Has been here for long time!

From time immemorial jewellery (also spelt as jewelry derived from the French word jovel originated from Latin jocale) had been here adorning men and women spelling their class, rank, and social status. 100,00years old remnants of nassarius (shells of marine mollusks) have been found by archeologists to prove the history of ornaments. For poor people of India their daughters’ marriage is a nightmare as huge quantity of jewellery is the pre-requisite (dowry) to be paid to bridegroom!

It is here to stay!

The passing of time could change the stuff of which ornaments are made of; while their functions remain the same. Cowries, animal bones, tooth, wood, shells and carved stone gave way to silver, gold, platinum, precious stones etc. Beads, shells or bird-feathers worn by tribal chieftains to exhibit their social status were replaced by expensive watches, suits, foot-wears- jewellery worn by the new breed of tribal chiefs –businessmen, industrialists and mafia dons.

Religious value.

Ornaments have much religious significance too, a gold plate worn by Indian woman is her ultimate possession to which she may cling, for her it is not just an ornament but a symbol of all her marital bliss and her whole right as a proud wedded wife, which she will not lose even at the cost of her life. Red saffron dot on forehead of Hindu women, glossary with cross worn by Christians, the bangle worn by members of Sikh religion all are more than just ornaments. For Muslims jewellery is taboo for men while permitted for women. Certain sects of Christians ban their members from wearing ornaments.

Gold and marriage!

Hip Hop Jewellery

Gold is inseparably associated with Indian social life, the main function of marriage is tying of ‘mangala sutra’ (an oval shaped gold leaf - wedding bands) on the neck of the bride by the groom. When a girl is married of certain amount of gold is given to her as ornaments; the quantity of gold definitely depends upon the financial capacity of her father. The gold is measured in sovereigns (one sovereign weighing 8 grams). During the wedding ceremony, the quantity of ornaments (thousands of sovereigns) makes the girl difficult to stand up wearing it and has to be packed separately for convenience! The recent trend is replacing some gold with diamonds and other jewels. India is the world’s largest market for gold and emerging as a prominent place for gems and jewellery; even world gold prize fluctuate with India’s marriage season.


The tribe which is greediest for ornaments are dictators who fill whole of their body with ornaments like medals, strings and colorful plates with numerous cores, akin to the radio frequency ID tagged to the materials from a department store! Just think of the ‘V’ shaped core worn by military officers, the emblem on the cap, the cross-belt, pistol, ID card that dangles from neck to pocket etc are ornaments that add beauty to the wearer as well as recognition symbols of rank and power..

Voodoo plates.

There are ornaments of other significance very popular in countries less developed; they are silver or golden boxes which contain folded thin metal sheets on which some witch-craft (sorcery) symbols are drawn or written, these are supplied by astrologers and toots. These materials give confidence to those who wear it; and at times the confidence makes them win. These practices are not unique to backward countries; they are popular in countries with high education levels where they are known in names like amulets, talisman etc. These things are believed to ward off evils and bring luck so that even hard-core ‘rationalists’ wear it in secret! The difference from ordinary people is that they wear it in public as a semi-ornament.

Ornaments of god!

Jewellery India

Ornaments- a weakness of human heart makes him adorn not only his pet animals, houses, vehicles but even the images of gods whom he adores are being adorned (covered!) with ornaments! The images of Hindu gods are practically a good display of all sorts of ornaments. A car worth millions of dollars itself is serving all the purpose of an ornament - good quality cars are available in one tenth of the cost. Millions are spent extra to adorn a car with all ornaments as the car itself is an ornament. One can pull out his heart and donate; but not the ‘icon’ that adorns the genuineness of his car. What does it mean a Benz without its three spoke ring or a Ford without its blue oval?

But it is worth it!

In one idle morning take a soft piece of cloth rub (caress) your dear car and watch how it shines, the million dollars spent never goes waste after all the money earned here have to be spent here, none can take it to the netherworld. While in a party watch you dear wife mingling with her friends in all smiles, in her favorite designer costume and dazzling diamond necklace, the sight may be so fulfilling that all the money spent is worth. Putting the buck in some banks never lifts the spirit that high!

God and his heaven.

In fact god must have gifted us with money to be flaunted, putting all in some bank and living like a beggar must be unforgivable crime before the almighty, “my dear little idiot, your place is not here go that way to the hell, because you seemed happy with that set-up” the Almighty may shoo away a miser who put all in bank and lived a life like a beggar and begged admission to paradise after death – those who flaunt already live in heaven.

Ringing in quality.

jewellery Pearl

Wearing bulk ornaments the old day order is passe, minimum ornaments that spell class is in vogue but the slimming in quantity has never to do anything with cost; as the present day neck-lace or rings are worth pounds of gold worn in the past. Designer wears studded with class diamonds, gems and rare pearls worth a fortune; but it is worth it, as diamonds are for ever, or rather for a fistful of diamonds! Love and ornaments seem proportionate as more one loves his wife the more ornaments he fetch for her!

The new breed in the fore!


Making of jewellery was for long time a job of the local craftsman and they were made in traditional design and traditional methods. Rich families had captive craftsmen for the purpose. As a result the necklace worn by great grandma was not different from what the mothers wore. But in recent years a lot of fashion has come in especially in the case of Wedding Rings.

The modern-day wizards!

All that has changed as modern making methods and designs conquered the field. Designer ornaments and jewellery design has turned to be big business, world class designers work day and night to craft a piece that can catch the eye of a buyer who can afford it.

National asset!

All said and done jewels and jewellery is here to stay making our women more beautiful and elating the ego of our officers, after all our officers and our beautiful women are the assets of any nation let confidence and beauty overflow and the nation get enriched.

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