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Plano Balloon Festival

Plano Balloon Festival

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Plano Balloon Festival – Texas.

No kidding.

September 21, 22 and 23 are the days for Texans to celebrate and whole of the US join along with Texans for the Plano Balloon Festival. As it is said the Texans always make it big, if they gain; they gain millions and if they lose they lose millions! And when the celebrate they celebrate it big. Plano Balloon Festival is an example for the largesse these people show in the simple game of ‘flying balloons’! It is a kids’ game others may think but Texans made the game such a big thing (not just the size of the balloons) a ‘game business’ worth millions; taken quite seriously. When the Texas sky is filled with Balloons of all shapes and kaleidoscopic colors, the real game is on the ground; an entertainment business worth several millions go smooth on the wheels of commerce.

Aiva the cow to Felix the cat.

The spectators who assemble to participate in this grand gala exceed several thousands all flock to this place for merry making when it is cool in North Texas during the month of September. They are unmindful of the bucks that are spent as no hard cash can match some pleasure and cash flow free around. They work hard save and spend for themselves.

Plano the balloon festival has everything to satisfy all of them. They sincerely feel the money spent on it is worth. Balloons of various sizes and shapes, cartoon characters and every shape imagination can bring. Some of them have their own identity. Aiva belle the cow, Cheshire cat, High Jack, Pandy, Bunny the energizer, Felix the cat are just some of them.

September 21 to 23.

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It all began on 4 PM .yesterday (Friday, 21st September, 2007) with the beginning of the bus-service followed by parachute exhibition sponsored by RE/MAX (it is not just watching the 75 cleverly and artistically made hot air balloons taking place there, when the sky is all filled with colorful balloons and the parachute divers who make intrinsic patterns, the ground is a flurry of activities, dances, top artists performing, and stages set for locally groomed artists to make a debut before large audience who have flocked from all parts of the US. A recent trend is that even foreign tourists in the US have started to visit and take part this festival, as the whole atmosphere there is so cheering.

Have a ride.

Admissions cost only $ 8 for a full day to the venue, this does not include $ 5 to be paid to separate events. Saturday and Sunday witness two balloon launches one each at 7 am and 6 pm respectively. Of the crowds many request to have a ride in these hot air balloons, it is allowed for a fee of $ 250, yet there are not enough seats in these balloons. The pilot of the balloon selects the riders based upon his discretionary powers. Children below 10 are not admitted and those below 18 only with parental consent, pregnant ladies please excuse this ride is not for you –for the present. Those who have been recently discharged from hospitals and those with fractures on the bones also are exempted. Even those who are perfectly fit cannot be admitted as seats are limited and requests are many.

Elvis Pressley.

7 pm of Saturday Kraig Parker’s ‘Elvis Pressley’ is there to thrill the spectators ( this in concept of KLUV Movin stage. At 8 - 45 pm Kraig Parker is there to lead the street dances.


A short description of the programs may be given below for those who wish to be there on Sunday. 6 am. Gates and parking lots open and the bus service begins.

6-30 am. Dawn patrol – wake up Plano.

7 am. Balloon launch.

1 pm. Singer/ glitterati show case in the movin stage.

4 pm. EDS Jazz Ensemble in concert.

RE/ MAX Sky dive.

6 pm. Balloon launch.

7pm close. It is the entertainment people seek themselves is the core of all celebrations as family fun filled street dances singing and performances of local artists in the special stages etc add color to the whole events. ‘Lite up the night’ with the new 103.7 fm ballroom show.

Not just seeing and hearing.

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The Plano festival is not just for eyes and ears; the foods served in numerous restaurants associated with the festival are very special characteristic of the celebrations. The perfection of matured commercial practices is visible every where, all programs being sponsored by big business houses conceived and executed with panache. There are new things to see, new things to hear and new things to eat, what else. Vine and dine and be happy to the Omar Khayyams who flock to the Plano it seems to ask one thing “why fret, if today be sweet”?

Big hearts!

The roles played by non profit organizations can never be ignored as the real service rendered comes free and those are from these NPOs, in the last (2006) festival about 37 such organizations took part in it. It has been noticed as a trend in the US that people (especially youth) actively participate in such voluntary activities expecting nothing but goodwill. This article is dedicated to those big hearts who serve unconcerned of boundaries and barriers.

Biomecanica - Balloon Festival Plano Video

Video clip of plano balloon festival

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