Wednesday, September 12, 2007

indonesia earthquake

Indonesia Earthquake

asia map showing the earthquake affected indonesia

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Indonesia Earthquake triggers tsunami scare.

A massive earthquake measuring 7.5 on the ritcher scale hit the sumatran islands near southern Indonesia some 3 hours back resulting in a flood of concern. The tremors lasted for about a minute and was felt as far as jakarta, singapore and Thailand. US agency has issued a mild tsunami warning. Its been reported that a small tsunami has hit padang in indonesia. People residing on he coastal areas have been adviced to go to open spaces and to higher grounds. The earthquake is said to be one thenth the size of the 2005 earthquake which triggered the giant tsunami. Its been said that this earthquake in indonesia is not as disastrous as the devastating previous one that caused a massive tsunami off the coast of Sumatra on Boxing Day 2004, that killed in excess of 131,000 people as there were no tsunami warning systems in place during that period.

asia map showing indonesia earthquake 2007

Asia Map

At present the tsunami warning in most of the remaining areas has been lifted and what we need to watch out for is the aftershock earlier there were concerns of a tsunami affecting Christmas and Cocos islands..

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