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Food Habits and Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness and food habits.

Food Habits and Physical Fitness

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A duty to the Almighty

Health is said to be wealth; in that sense it is the most precious wealth far more valuable than a expensive mansion or a piece of prime land. Health is also described as a condition without any disease (in Sanskrit ‘arogya’ (aa = no + roga = disease) is the word for health). Lack of a visible disease is not just enough; a person should be as fit as a fiddle and with a little effort nothing prevents him to be so. Human body is one of the most beautiful creations of god (The Bible states that god created man after giving life to all other beings). As his final work the Almighty would have utilized all his resources and previous experience for making human body. Therefore by all means it is the prime duty of everyman to retain its original charm.

Pull off your shirt with pride!

Food Habits and Physical Fitness

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Having an attractive face is good but remember, shape and physical fitness are the core of real beauty. When fitness is a combination of strength, flexibility and proper weight it is the proper shape - devoid of fat - that adds glamour. Obesity makes exercise not just difficult but even routine works a painful task. Kneeling, bending, turning etc are all part of the daily activities; one should be able to perform all these movements with grace. A slow and painful move made by a person however handsome he is robs all the benefits of his looks. Pulling off one’s shirt before some one may be a painful case if the body is out of shape!

Pinch yourself!

Unwanted fat deposits here and there spoil the whole charm of the body. Obesity not only steals the beauty from ones body but it is associated with a number of diseases like heart problems, atherosclerosis and some forms of cancer. There are many tests to assess the one’s real shape. There is a simple test; pinch with thumb and forefinger on your waist and upper arm taking as much flesh as possible if more than two centimeters of flesh you are in that obese group and fit for diet tabs.

You are what you eat!

It is said that ‘you are what you eat’ hence avoid any food that is not suited to the body as the food has to be assimilated and to become a part of your body. Leave half stomach for food a quarter for water and the other quarter for air as the dictum goes. After degrading one’s body in to a huge fatty tomb for all dead animals and birds, there is very little chance for a reversal. There is no escape as far as the ‘food culture’ remains as stable as a rock. The tragedy is that third world people with their new found fortunes imitate the fast food style to which their body is never accustomed and in this case the damage is more instant and severe.

Food for thought.

The tests given below can help one person to assess himself where stands on eating habits; and a little effort is enough to gain a pass-mark as a ‘good eater’. Before going to bed; just sit down and spent five minutes to note down what were the foods you took and place from where so that corrections can be made next day, this is a self help therapy. It can be easily seen that most of the refreshments you had were avoidable and was just for company. Your body never wished for it; in other words you were forcing something in to your own body for other purpose. Meetings and joining together can be compressed in to calorie free drinks.

Eating away problems?

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Every human being has a problem area in his life, in most cases it is left unnoticed and unanalyzed. Many people find a tasty food as a way to escape from haunting problems. As long as the taste that lingers there may be some relief, but problem does not end only body grow fatter. Instead of trying to eat away the problems, analyze it a properly understood problem immediately becomes a partly solved one.

The first taste of apple.

It seems that taste was created by god for the misfortune of humanity. Otherwise fried foods would not have been so tastier than the boiled ones or the sweetness of sugar would not have been such a weakness for human beings, and salt would not have ruled the roost in the realm of taste! Perhaps the apple Eve offered to Adam might be the reason for taste becoming such a cursed temptation.

Save your health as well as wealth.

There is an easy way to save the health of your family along with its wealth (not in a sense that health is wealth) but real cash avoid the following items from your shopping list and think how kitchen can be managed without these items. They are Butter, cooking oil, sausages, oil-canned fish, eggs, cakes, cookies, cream-cheese, chocolates, Meat with fat rolls or preserved meats, eggs, fried foods, nuts, chips and substitute them with fresh fruits (apples, mangoes, pear, cherry etc) , potatoes (cooked with less gravy), cereals (rice, corn, wheat, barley or anything in all forms like bread steamed items etc), vegetables (raw or cooked), etc

Can move mountains!

How to suddenly change eating habits which have been practiced since childhood is the most popular query as well as the vegetables lack taste and doesn’t appeal to children who resent seeing carrots and cabbages. The only solution is human determination before which even mountains cave in. There are a lot of books which give recipes of good vegetable dishes costing a few bucks.

A simple way out.

Food Habits and Physical Fitness

Depending vegetables for sustenance has ethical aspects too as growing, feeding, transporting and slaughtering all animals and birds are done under blatantly commercial ways which are not all fair. For an ordinary person who is not acquainted with all these cruel practices has a simple way to end these crimes, changing his food habit, why shy a trial and be veggie hereafter.

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