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7 Natural Wonders of the World

7 Natural Wonders of the World

But on his grace!

There is no end to the wonderful things in this universe; some of them manmade and the others made by the god almighty, this article deals with the latter. There are so many of them and to select only seven out of these countless wonders; is a tall order in itself. As a prayer recited in Indian homes goes means in English some what like this...

“How wonderful the ocean is! the heaven and the living world!

I bow before thee thinking of all these wonders you have made”

This simple prayer reflects the surprise one feels when see the world as a third person.

No narrow views.

Various organizations have conducted polls to elect the top seven natural wonders and come out with varied results, in such a poll regionalism influences choice of the people. Here we have come out with a list of locations purely based on real merits as well as popularity without giving any chance to narrow and self interested views.

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1. Grand Canyon, Arizona USA.

the grand canyonThe Grand Canyon

Our first choice is the Grand Canyon as it is the most unusual formation on the face of the earth. A gigantic rupture existing in the state of Arizona, US with a width of 29km and an average depth of about 1.5km spanning a total length of 500km along the Colorado River. As per the scientists the running waters of the river licked away the upper surface of its base to create the canyon of that size; which would have taken millions of years, now the Grand Canyon is hot tourism destination for domestic and international tourists where thousands of tourists this gigantic mouth of the earth with awe. Click here to read the full article...

2. Mount Everest, Nepal, Asia.

the mount everestThe Mount Everest

Known locally as Sagar Matha (meaning forehead of the sky); the Mount Everest which has a height of 20002 is highest location on earth. It is located between Nepal and Tibet, from time immemorial this mountain is an object of worship as the abode of god by the people who lived around it. Everest always posed a challenge to adventurers round the world. In an attempt to climb over it many bold people perished; more had to return back in despair. In 1953 a team led by Edmund Hilary (an Australian) and Tensing Norgay (a native belonging to the Sherpa Tribe) could reach at the top. Click here to read the full article...

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

the great barrier reefThe Great Barrier Reef

The gigantic 2000 km long Barrier Reef located in the mid South Pacific Ocean in the coast of Australia; formed by the activity by hundreds of billions of Sea Anemones for several million years. More than serving as a natural wall protecting the islands from violent sea waves this barrier serves as a great ecosystem harboring thousands of types of plants and animals. Of late the world has recognized the importance of this natural wonder and UNESCO has certified it as a World Heritage Site. Click here to read the full article...

4. Victoria Falls between Zambezi and Zimbabwe, Africa.

the victoria fallsThe Victoria Falls

Local people call it Mosi oa Tunya meaning thundering clouds. River Zambezi flows quietly through the African Plains and unexpectedly tumbles down in to the deep gorge giving birth to the largest water curtain in the world 360 feet in height and 5577 feet in length with a deafening sound. It was the great explorer of all times the Dr. David Livingstone who brought to the out side world about the existence of this great fall. Click here to read the full article...

5. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Latin America.

harbour of rio de janeiroHarbour of Rio de Janeiro

At the East Coast of Brazil where the Atlantic juts in the shore creating a bay (Guanabara Bay) with 143 km in circumference. Its mouth guarded by two big, steep, and naked mountains, The Sugar Loaf and the Corcovodo Mountains. The Rio de Janeiro city that is adjacent to the bay is one of the most thickly populated parts of the world. Once this bay was dotted with numerous islands; all those were siphoned away for landfill. Click here to read the full article...

6. Paricutin Volcano, Mexico, Latin America.

paricutin volcanoParicutin Volcano

A volcano that sprung from a corn field owned by Dionisio Pulido a Native Indian in February 20, 1943. The volcano engulfed the entire village of Paricutin and adjacent San Juan forcing people to vacate. As it was born recently and that too in a populated area it has served as a laboratory to the scientists. This volcano is 424 meters in height and located at a height of 3170 meters above sea level. It erupted for a second time in 1952 killing three people (by the lightening due to the fumes). Click here to read the full article...

7. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

the northern lightsThe Northern Lights

The wonderful colorful designs appear in the arctic skies during September to October and March to April. This phenomenon kept ancient people in tender hooks and they kept fabricating stories about it. Kristian Birkeland was the scientist who solved the mystery that surrounded the Aurora. For him Aurora is the result of collision and energy exchanges between charged particles showered by the sun and those of the earth’s magnetic field. Click here to read the full article...

There are many others!

The most painful thing in such selection is exempting some sites that are equally miraculous but there are only seven could be chosen. The rest of the wonders are not at all forgotten or ignored. They all will be covered one by one otherwise it would be injustice and negligence on the part of a writer.


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