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Snake Hook

Snakes of the World - Part 11

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Snake Hooks

Snakes are beautiful, but better Play it safe!

Snake hooks are very simple equipments, which enables the person handle a snake safely both for him as well as for the snake. There are many varieties of them, the simplest being a handle and a steel rod with a hooked edge. This is of immense use to retrieve a snake which remains hidden in bushes or in pits as well as one that is crawling through the floor.

Snake tongs.

Of all the snake hooks perhaps snake “snake tongs” is the most sophisticated tool. It is provided with a handle with a lever which is connected to a bent hook positioned at the end of the rod. This bent hook is movable and the lever at the handle can be used to manipulate it. As there is a stopper at the end of the hook limiting its movement to a limit, this device never hurts the snake caught inside but do not let it wriggle out if its grip. This snake tong is useful for the safety of the snake as well as the handler. Those with less experience in the job should definitely opt for this device.

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What are they?

Formerly a steel rod with a “U” shaped or “L” shaped end with a wooden handle was standard. Now technology has its way in defining the hooks. The steel rods have given way to shining light hollow stainless steel, or high-grade titanium rods which is far light and trendy than the old generation ones. There are also carbon-polymer fiber rods (with graphite hooks) far lighter but more powerful to withstand pressures while attempting to remove pebbles and vines under which the snakes find shelter.

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What size?

The standard size is between 36 and 40 inches in length. There is no meaning in thinking that longer ones are safe, as it keeps snakes away from the catcher! There are handlers who sport hooks of extraordinary length! Length as such is an inconvenience and should be limited to the just size. There are retractile ones as small as it can be carried in the pocket like a pen, some provided with pinner, but these ones are fit for only smaller types and not strong enough to handle bigger ones as well as they can cause harm to the snakes.

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Possessing a good hook doesn’t make an expert snake handler, for that rigorous training as well as effort is required. Snakes of different variety have different behavior patterns some of them are docile whereas some are very active and dangerous. Inexperienced or crude handling can provoke them and invite unexpected reactions. Before wielding a snake hook and other gears please do the homework and seek guidance those who know the tricks and willing to share his secrets.

To be continued...


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