Sunday, April 22, 2007

The serpent and the snake

One thing we all must agree to is that rock bands certainly do have a way with their names. I mean, come to think of it who would listen to some snake hissing for 20 minutes unless it’s by the rock band named ‘whitesnake’? I for one would have passed out and reached the right side of jesus on hearing a snake hiss for fraction of a sec. So naturally the only snake I like is whitesnake.

Formed by deep purple david coverdale not necessarily in response to comrade richie blackmore’s formation of ‘rainbow’, what was most interesting about whitesnake is that their early songs were mostly covers of famous blues numbers. And it was this blue streak indeed that gave the snakes their first accord. A beautiful cover of bobby bland’s ‘aint no love in the heart of the city’ made it done for them. Early albums featured such blues along with some singles earlier featured in coverdale’s solo albums.

Being formed in 1977, the band certainly became emboldened with the glam rock scenario of the 80s and the whitesnake’s albums became much rockier and their antics..much crazier with all the glam elements present including protruding crotches.

Despite of that a list of famous musicians long enough to stretch from lal kila to the WTC or whats left of it joined the snakes as guest musicians. The list includes jon lord who is one of my favourites. So at least due to sympathy for me, listen to snake songs featuring lord, awright?

For those who wanna get snake bitten , my recommendations are the albums ‘trouble’( featuring jon lord) and ‘ready an’ willing’. After that u r in eden.



Anonymous said...

I grew up with Whitesnake adorning my bedroom walls. I've seen them play live twice and my ultimate goal in life was to become there hairdresser! Seriously. (I grew out of it!) :o)

Erkemao said...

Great Great Band!!! I remember my teenager years. Europe, Bon jovi, Deff Leppard, etc...

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Very Nice yours! I loved the post.

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kranki said...

I like your content but some of the english writing is hard to follow.

Thanks for the links.

Clifford said...

Great music comes in many forms and in this case, from a vast amount of eccentrically named groups.

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Unknown said...

gr88 choice though not fan but like them good b;og

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awwww...awesome band matee..awesome band indeed...some of their ballads are really awesome...and thanks for visiting my blog

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