Saturday, January 20, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother and Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty- When Celebrities Weep!!!

The newest tempest that has struck the media tea cups has turned out to be a cute one by name “Shilpa”. When tears flow out of her beautiful eyes, so called activists weep, politicians take up cudgels and big brother is counting hits and ratings with glee! Here the young men are panic stricken; public even in remote places of states like Bihar (where dalit (low caste) women are paraded naked at random) conducts rallies and burn effigies. Because people can’t just withstand her tears! Because she is so beautiful.

In Britain a media company “Channel Four” runs a program by name “Celebrity Big Brother” -a reality show. In this cheap but innovative show they let some hand picked “celebrities” to live for about 25 days in one common place and allow them to interact freely. Their activities there are recorded via secret cameras, edited and shown for public viewing. The best performer is given some prize in the final. Peeping Toms and star-crazy people are said to be bulk of the viewers.

When many people are put in a place skirmishes are bound to occur, in anyway Shilpa Shetty had been smart, was one view. There it is alleged that a group of three girls joined hands and insulted Shilpa with derogatory words. The subject starved media took up the case and highly succeeded in sensationalizing the issue. Those girls happened to be British and the trump card of racism was apt to be played.

The media people are at present busy showing the clippings repeatedly as if they have nothing else to show, being a news starved lot they may be excused. Nowadays people who watch television 24 hours continuously are increasing in number. Their demand for something new has to be satisfied. The channels are forced to grab whatever straw they could get. More over covering this report with so beautiful a face can catch anybody’s attention. Shilpa is a mini Helen of Troy!

Whatever be the case the results of the competition held by the channel will be out and Shilpa will most probably be the winner as she has grabbed the sympathy of spectators and perhaps that of the whole world. The real winner is definitely the Celebrity big brother as their viewership sky rocketed and they are celebrity over night! Let them walk to the bank laughing all the way.

“If winter is here can spring be far behind” When media persons make hay can the politicians remain mute? The “statesmen” of all hues are after the celebrity. “Ye aram ka mamla hein” (The issue is of comfort) as the undergarment ad goes, (the issue is of glamour) Indian politicians are also on the run to grab the glamour irradiated from Shilpa. They simultaneously weep for Shilpa and cry for “racist’s” blood. Even the most committed Marxists are also “very much moved”.

There are interesting arguments, Shilpa being a Mumbai resident and of Tamil origin (pertaining to South India) has to face discrimination in her home city!

Shilpa is a tough one and can easily handle any situation is the general view (her mother also expressed it similarly), remember that she is a black belt holder in karate, fortunately her martial art techniques were not displayed in the visuals. The media can think of showing the same after some time, in selling no doubt it will defeat the poor hot cakes!

The accusations go like this, “Jade goody, Donielle Lloyd, Jo O’ Meara are the villains (she -villains) of the story, they had the back support of their boy friends. Some of the words used are unprintable”, and if the same is true a karate girl like Shilpa should be given Nobel Prize for peace for not kicking at their vital parts! It is reported that Jade Goody-the rowdy, will be kicked out by the big brother from the court, and every chance for Shilpa winning hands down.

The initial reaction of the big brother was that it was just a girly rivalry or a school yard rubbish, later when the incident gained “international importance” they were forced to take it bit more seriously and talking of appropriate actions. As racism is a dirty word and that being profusely used in this context by each and every one has made them very apprehensive made the poor big brother run for cover. The publicity which was indented has been gained more than enough, then a slight action if repairs the damage it will be O K. for the brother.

Indian Government’s reaction as expressed by our Central Minister has assured of appropriate action against the “attack on the Bollywood actress”, British Chancellor Gordon Brown has raised the issue in the House of Commons and British Prime Minister Tony Blair has assured that the matter would be taken seriously.

Just taking the issue seriously is not enough Britain should transfer the entire monetary gain the “Big Brother” has amassed in pounds through this controversy has to be transferred to Shilpa’s account and Indian Government should make her the Indian Ambassador to Britain (as the present one is of no use). No doubt she will do a tremendous job there with her deadly tears! No one on earth can withstand the sight of her face going gloomy and she may score a thousand points for India in that status.


Anonymous said...

Don't think Shilpa is of Tamil origin as claimed- she's a Kannadiga from the region around Mangalore.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Channel 4 sensationalised this beyond reason and as a result 3 girls have probably lost their careers. They deservedly lost them but not for racism as was reported by the media and Channel 4, it was for bullying, out and out bullying.

Shilpa held her head high and rose above the comments and forgave all involved. However the British public are not that forgiving and have now made Shilpa a hero and the other three girls Villans.