Thursday, January 4, 2007

ADB and Kerala

Prisoners of own ideology - ADB and Kerala

At last the faction fight in the ruling Communist Party (Marxist) has scratched the real thing out. Either Marx or people, not both. To be or not to be that is the question on which the factions fight. Asian Development Bank “The stooge of American Imperialism” is flaunting fresh minted money. A confusing temptation to a Government, which does not know from where the next meal comes.

The treasuries are as good as empty purses, debtors knocking at the doors. contractors scream for the money for the work already done. Roads reduced to mere potholes, solid waste lay dumped beside the roads as no way to process it.

The beleaguered Chief Minister who so far was only lucky enough to be in the opposition finds it difficult to change the roles. Preaching one thing and doing another thing is not his cup of tea.

The issue whether to accept the loan or not cannot be solved in such a small state like Kerala. Because bigger problem requires a bigger state to solve it! Bengal is bigger than Kerala. The ball is at present at Kolkatha, where the CPM central committee is being held.

Both official and V.S factions kick the ball here and there. Polit Bureau, the referee is not impressed they have other things to be concerned. If money is available why don’t you take it and do good things for your own state as Bengal has done, is its advice.

The people of the ADB too is a busy lot, they are insensitive to the emotional issues of this little Hamlet. It is hard to believe that any one with a heart will ask such blunt question like what they have asked “do you want the money or not”.

The Chief Minister is smart enough not to answer either yes or no! One round of discussion (whether to avail or not) has been completed in Trivandrum, the other round is going on in Kolkata. (Where the factions pro and anti ADB are engaged in very meaningful discussions, so meaningful that a solution should never be reached).

Why the ADB stooges can’t wait a bit more, even if they are stooges, should at least be a bit considerate to this poor prisoner of out dated ideologies.

Random Thoughts of a Chief Minister

Media cry of farmers’ and Government contractors’ suicide. Idiots! Let them do what they please, roads can remain as such, and sewerage can stink where it is. Why can’t the people drink water from wells and leave the idea of piped water as just a pipe dream. They never know these are irrelevant and it is only the Marxian ideology that matters. All others sheer solid waste.

How happy and contented was I at the opposition benches, simply kicking away development projects with both legs. ADB with one “smart city with the other”.

As Chief Minister the Youth wing also is of no use. Once how effective it was in harassing these ADB officials. Just a nod was enough. How thrilling those days were!..sighing . how youth power can be harnessed in extracting loans from these stooges is also a problem. Perhaps a good thrashing may do the job!

Those ignoramuses say “projects whatever they be, should be self financed and viable”.

The word “self financing” itself causes allergy to real comrades. They don’t know that we are fighting a battle here against all self financed institutions because no one should be independent. If people are independent why there should be a Government at all. Let these independent people go to America.

An ideal Government should be a dole giver if people do not queue up for doles what else can a responsible Government do. Fight these independent beings with tooth and nail, make their life hard either by heavy taxes or by unleashing the youth and labor power. Annihilate them. Make this land a paradise of parasites! Inquilab Zindabad!


Navaneeth said...

thank you for stopping by and takin time to read:)

Jiby said...

it hurt to read this post. but what you write is the bitter truth.

our politics today is a reflection of the stagnation, apathy and complacence the entire kerala society is going through. there are enuf solutions... but it will involve lessening the importance of the govt and curb on wasteful public expenditure, more involvement of citizens in the day to day running of infrastructure and greater individual enterprise...but that will also put an end to kayyittuvaaral by politicians.

where people waste away vultures like ADB get to feast. i will stop already feeling depressed reading ur post and writing this comment. keep more such good articles coming.