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KG Balakrishnan Chief Justice Of India

K.G. Balakrishnan Chief Justice Of India

Sri K. G. Balakrisnan has gained a position in the history of Kerala as the first Malayali to be posted to the highest chair in the Indian legal system (The Hon. Chief Justice of India) by an order signed by the Hon. President of India on 21st December 2006. Sri. Balakrishnan is expected to assume charge of the new chair on 14th January 2007.

At present (when the order is released) he is available at his house “Vazhakkala” Kakkanad at Kochi. Sri K. G. Balakrishnan is busy with answering calls and receiving well wishers who pay visit at his home to congratulate him for being elated to the post of supreme status. There are people from the media as well with tricky questions, answers to which may be misinterpreted by the world. The messages conveyed to the public may just be the opposite of what was actually intended!

Sri Balakrishnan is not afraid of such questions as an experienced lawyer he is used to such circumstances. The smile in his face does not fade hearing a difficult question. He knows what he is saying and who he himself is. Justice Balakrishnan’s replies to tricky questions appeared in the media early morning next day, were enough to make any one impressed however cynical he was.


Sr. K. G. Balakrisnan second of the eight siblings of Gopinathan and Sarada couple had, was a brilliant student from the beginning. His father, late Sri.Gopinathan started his official career in High Court as a copyist and retired in the post of head clerk. It was the vision and hard work of the humble father which made all his children reach in high positions. Sri. Gopinathan died in the year 2002. Balakrishnan’s mother Smt. Sarada is fortunate enough to see her son rising to highest rung of the ladder.

Sri. Balakrishnan is married to Smt. Nirmala of Chamakkala family in Kaduthuruthi. The couple has three children, Prdeep, Sony and Rany. Following the foot prints of their dear father all of them reached in law profession. One of his sons in law, Sri. Sreenijan is also an advocate.


Sri.Balakrishnan’s father wished to see him becoming a doctor. But destiny carried him to another field, so that he could treat the evils of the society instead of ailments of individuals. As Sri Balakrishnan’s father had frequent transfers as an employee, the family also had to shift base accordingly. His primary education was done at places like Vaikom, Kaduthuruthi and Thalayolaparambu. Pre University course was done at the St.Thomas School, Pala. College education was done at Government Law College at Ernakulam. Both graduation (LLB) and post graduation (LLM)were done at this college itself. It is with first rank Balakrisnan took the LLM degree.


In 1968 soon after getting the degree Balakrishnan joined as the junior to P.J.Varkey who was a well known advocate then. The post graduation was done along with practice. In 1972 Balakrishnan joined as additional Munsif at Paravur at the age twenty seven. This it self is a record because he was the first to become a Munsif at this young age. In 1973 Balakrishnan got promotion as Munsif and served in Kasargod, Fort Kochi, Varkala and Muvattupuzha in this cadre. Balakrishnan had a short spell of service as Munsif Magistrate in the Lakshadweep also.

In1982 he was sub Judge at Alappuzha and next year went on deputation as Deputy Registrar at High Court Kochi, while serving there as Deputy Registrar on 1984 he resigned the job to become an advocate in the High Court. Balakrishnan practiced as a lawyer, while working as advocate he was appointed High Court Judge on June 29th 1985. Thus he became the first man to become High Court Judge at the age of forty.

Noted Judgments

There are many remarkable Judgments for his credit, the important one may be that which banned the “bandh” a phenomenon frequent in India where political parties, as a mark of protest towards government plicies ban public from traveling and doing their work.

When the “Bandh” was banned the strange and barbaric form of protest got, its name changed to “hartal” and continue to torture public.

One of the Judgment, a very significant one was about the mid day meal program in schools Justice Balakrshnan in a joint Judgment with Justice Kripal made mid day meal program in school statutory. This order has brought relief to millions of poor children who had to discontinue their studies due to poverty and hunger. The order of restricting the processions and rallies in public places also was a very noted one showing how much this Judge cares the poor un organized people who were repeatedly tortured by muscle men sponsored by political parties.

Soon Justice Balakrishnan is going to take charge as the Chief Justice of India. People of India are very anxious to see him on that powerful chair. They nurture high expectations from this humble but strong willed man. Let us pray to god almighty to give him enough opportunities to fulfill their aspirations.

Wish you good luck Justice Balakrishnan!

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